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3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (1976 - )

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01Don't Go, Mother (6.6)6.6
02Marco, Genovese Boy (6.6)6.6
03Sunday in the Port Town (4.6)4.6
04I Hate You, Dad (6.4)6.4
05Buddy Emilio (7.6)7.6
06Marco's Payday (7.2)7.2
07Small Ocean on the Roof (5.1)5.1
08Merry Peppino's Band (6.9)6.9
09Sorry, Dad (6.6)6.6
10Mother's Buenos Aires (7.2)7.2
11Mother's Letter (4.7)4.7
12Day of the Flight of the Hot-Air Balloon (6.7)6.7
13Goodbye, Fiolina (6.6)6.6
14Marco's Decision (7.1)7.1
15Sail on, Folgore (7.5)7.5
16A Little Cook (6.6)6.6
17Neptune's Revel (6.2)6.2
18Rio Immigrant Ship (6.4)6.4
19Shining Stars of the Southern Cross (5.8)5.8
20Night of the Big Storm (6.3)6.3
21The La Plata Is the River of Silver (4)4.0
22Town Where Mother Is (4.4)4.4
23Another Mother (7.5)7.5
24Fiolina Waiting (4.2)4.2
25Peppino's Band Is a Hit (6.8)6.8
26To the Pampa (3.8)3.8
27Fiolina's Tears (6.3)6.3
28The Barbossa Ranch (6.4)6.4
29Snow Falls (6.9)6.9
30Old Gaucho Carlos (8.1)8.1
31A Long Night (6.8)6.8
32We Said Goodbye (4.3)4.3
33No Mother (6.9)6.9
34I Need to Go Back to Genova (5.8)5.8
35Mother's Dear Writing (4.8)4.8
36Farewell, Bahia Blanca (6.4)6.4
37Endless Journey (7.4)7.4
38It's Also Hard for Mother (4)4.0
39Rosy Daybreak in Rosario (6.2)6.2
40A Shining Italian Star (7.2)7.2
41If I Could Go Home with Mother... (7.5)7.5
42New Friend Pablo (4.1)4.1
43Somewhere in This Town (7.7)7.7
44I Want to Save Fuana (6.4)6.4
45Far to the North (7.7)7.7
46Trip by Cow-Drawn Carriage (6.3)6.3
47Mother Is at the Foot of That Mountain (7.7)7.7
48Don't Die, My Burro (7)7.0
49Mother's Calling (7.2)7.2
50Run, Marco! (6.2)6.2
51Finally to Mother (7.1)7.1
52Back to Genova with Mother (5.9)5.9


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E30Old Gaucho Carlos8.112
1S01E43Somewhere in This Town7.712
1S01E47Mother Is at the Foot of That Mountain7.713
1S01E21The La Plata Is the River of Silver4.012
1S01E38It's Also Hard for Mother4.012
1S01E26To the Pampa3.812
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