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According to Jim (2001 - 2009)

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01Pilot (6.3)6.3The Importance of Being Jim (6.4)6.4The Errand (6.4)6.4A Hole in One (7.3)7.3Foul Ball (6.1)6.1The Punch (6.7)6.7Jim Almighty (6.1)6.1The Blankie (6.3)6.3
02No Nookie (6.3)6.3Cars & Chicks (6.5)6.5The Packer Ball (5.9)5.9The Effort (6.1)6.1The Tale of the Tape: Part 1 (6.3)6.3The Flannelsexual (6.9)6.9The Hot Wife (6)6.0The New Best Friend (6.2)6.2
03The Cat Came Back (6.1)6.1The Baby Monitor (6.3)6.3We Have a Bingo (6.9)6.9The Grill (6.8)6.8The Tale of the Tape: Part 2 (6.1)6.1Guinea Pygmalion (6.4)6.4Safety Last (6)6.0Jami McFame (6.5)6.5
04Anniversary (6.4)6.4Pizza Boy (6)6.0Getting to Know You (6.3)6.3The Garage Door (6.3)6.3Charity Begins at Hef's (6.1)6.1Hoosier Daddy (6.2)6.2The Perfect Fight (5.6)5.6Andy's Proposal (5.9)5.9
05Unruly Spirits (6.4)6.4The Closet (6.2)6.2The Lemonade Stand (6.6)6.6Dress to Kill Me (6.2)6.2The Race (6.3)6.3Good Grief (6.4)6.4Cheryl Goes to Florida (6.6)6.6Two for the Money (6.1)6.1
06Crush (6.2)6.2Punch and Ruby (6.4)6.4ABCs and 123s (6.4)6.4Father-Daughter Dance (6.2)6.2Anec-Dont's (6.3)6.3All the Rage (6.5)6.5Ruby's First Date (6.5)6.5Cabin Boys (6)6.0
07Cheryl's Old Flame (6)6.0The Bachelor (6.7)6.7Dana Dates Jim (6.3)6.3Plot Twist (5.8)5.8The Chick Whisperer (6.9)6.9Cheryl Gone Wild (6.2)6.2Period Peace (6.1)6.1The Ego Boost (6.2)6.2
08The Turkey Bowl (6.3)6.3Father Disfigure (7)7.0Scary Movie (6.3)6.3The Hunters (6.3)6.3James & the Annoying Peach (6.2)6.2Deliverance (6.5)6.5The Rendezvous (5.8)5.8The Yoga Bear (6.2)6.2
09Andy's Girlfriend (6.1)6.1Thanksgiving Confidential (6.2)6.2Imaginary Friend (6.8)6.8Poking the Bear (6.2)6.2The Dream (6.8)6.8Dino-Mite (6.9)6.9Goodwill Hunting (6)6.0Kyle's Crush (6.3)6.3
10An According to Jiminy Christmas (6.2)6.2The Christmas Party (6.6)6.6Paintball (6.2)6.2Stalking Santa (6.2)6.2Lean on Me (6.1)6.1Separate Ways (6.3)6.3All Dolled Up (6)6.0The Meaningful Gift (6.6)6.6
11Bad Word (6.3)6.3The Brother-in-Law (6.2)6.2The Empty Gesture (6.5)6.5Sympathy from the Devlins (6)6.0The Gift of Maggie (6.4)6.4In Case of Jimergency (6.9)6.9Pregnancy Brain (6.1)6.1The Daddy Way (6.6)6.6
12Model Behavior (6)6.0Moral Dilemma (6.1)6.1Rules of Engagement (6.3)6.3The Nanny-Cam (6.1)6.1Sex Ed Fred (6.4)6.4Coach Jim (6.9)6.9The Gift Certificate (6.2)6.2Physical Therapy (7.2)7.2
13The Money (6.1)6.1You Gotta Love Somebody: Part 1 (6.4)6.4Secret Santa (6.2)6.2The Jealous Husband (6.4)6.4Renewing Vows (6.2)6.2The At-Bat (6.7)6.7I Drink Your Milkshake (6.5)6.5The Cooler One (6.6)6.6
14Blow-Up (5.7)5.7You Gotta Love Somebody: Part 2 (6.6)6.6House for Sale (6.7)6.7A Crying Shame (6.2)6.2The Stick (6.3)6.3What Lies Beneath (6.8)6.8The Chaperone (6.2)6.2Happy Jim (6)6.0
15Racquetball (6.1)6.1The Smell of Success (6.1)6.1Dana Dates the Reverend (6.6)6.6Guess Who's Cooking Your Dinner? (6.2)6.2Mr. Right (6.4)6.4The Grill II (6.7)6.7The Six-Week Curse (6.2)6.2King of the Nerds (6.6)6.6
16Under Pressure (6.1)6.1Slumber Party (6.3)6.3The Best Man (6)6.0The Wedding Dress (6.4)6.4Get Your Freak On (5.7)5.7Devlin in Disguise (6.8)6.8The Cheater (6.1)6.1I Hate the High Road (6.2)6.2
17Date Night (5.6)5.6The Ring (6.5)6.5Cheryl Sings (6)6.0The Mustache (6.3)6.3The Grumpy Guy (6.2)6.2Any Man of Mine (6.5)6.5No Bedrest for the Wicked (6.1)6.1Diamonds Are a Ghoul's Best Friend (6.3)6.3
18Birthday Boys (5.8)5.8Wonder Woman (6.1)6.1When You Wish to Be a Star: Part 1 (5.9)5.9Shall We Dance? (6.2)6.2Polite Jim (5.9)5.9Jim's Birthday (6.9)6.9The Devil Went Down to Oak Park (6)6.0Heaven Opposed to Hell (6.3)6.3
19The Receipt (6.4)6.4The Pass (6.4)6.4When You Wish to Be a Star: Part 2 (5.8)5.8Take My Wife, Please (6.1)6.1Daddy Dearest (6.3)6.3
20Old Friends (6.1)6.1Dana Gets Fired (6.4)6.4No Crime, But Punishment (6.2)6.2Spelling Bee (6.3)6.3The Thin Green Line (6.5)6.5
21Cheryl's Day Off (6.3)6.3Bo Diddley (6.3)6.3The Baby (6.2)6.2Kentucky Fried Beltzman (6.6)6.6Jim's Best Friend (6)6.0
22No Surprises (6.4)6.4Deal with the Devlins (6.3)6.3Who's the Boss? (6.2)6.2The Clock (6.3)6.3Belaboring the Point (6)6.0
23The Helmet (6.5)6.5The Truck (6.1)6.1The Competition (6.2)6.2
24No Harm, No Fowl (6.2)6.2The Toilet (6.3)6.3The Bachelorette Party (6.7)6.7
25About a Girl (6.3)6.3Trashed (6.1)6.1Geronimo Jim (6.1)6.1
26Mom's Boyfriend (6.5)6.5The Marriage Bank (6.1)6.1The Scrapbook (6)6.0
27Vegas, Baby: Part 1 (5.9)5.9Everyone Gets Dumped (6.2)6.2Wedding Bell Blues (6.8)6.8
28Vegas, Baby: Part 2 (6.1)6.1The Swimming Pool (6.2)6.2
29A Vast Difference (5.9)5.9


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S04E01A Hole in One7.3103
1S08E12Physical Therapy7.283
1S02E08Father Disfigure7.088
1S07E04The Perfect Fight5.662
1S01E17Date Night5.692
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