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ADHDtv: With Lew Marklin (2007 - )

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Show RatingShow Title
01At the Estate (9.9)9.9Iowan Caucus: Hello Mister Obama! (9.7)9.7Lewie Does Christina De Rosa (8.8)8.8
02Lewie and Geeno Do Radio: Part 1 (9.5)9.5Lewie Marklin's 'Big News' (9.8)9.8Lewie Does Lou Gossett (9.2)9.2
03Lewie and Geeno Do Radio: Part 2 (9.9)9.91 Year Birthday Show (9.8)9.8Lewie Does Georgia (9.1)9.1
04Lewie and Geeno Do Post Easter (9.9)9.9Stroke Man (9.9)9.9Out at the Geffen Playhouse (9)9.0
05Footloose Lenny (9.9)9.9Featuring Alexa Demara (9)9.0Crazy People of Summer (9)9.0
06Meet Chrissy (10)10.0Stroke Man and the Soul Brotha (10)10.0June Gloom (9)9.0
07Lewie and Geeno Do KJEE (9.9)9.9Democratic Battle (10)10.0Brad J's X-Games Summer Sum Up (9.3)9.3
08Santa Barbara Starr (9.9)9.9The Mullets in Outer Space (9.7)9.7Drew Rides the Red Carpet (9.3)9.3
09Lewie and Geeno Do 4th of July (9.9)9.9Lewie's in the Big House (9.9)9.9
10All Star Break (9.9)9.9Free at Last (9.9)9.9
11Lewie and Geeno Gone Wild and Crazy (9.9)9.9Pustule News (9.9)9.9
12Casa De Lew (9.8)9.8Ubiquitous Taco (9.9)9.9
13A Little Vino for Geeno (9.6)9.6The Lewie N Drew Show (9.5)9.5
14Lewie and Geeno's Summerz-End (9.4)9.4Who the Hell Is Sarah Palin? (9.4)9.4
15Totally Whacked News (9.9)9.9America the Spoiled (9.5)9.5
16Stupid People Do Stupid Stuff (9.6)9.6Sarah Palin/Pump Sisters and the Reverend Ham Bone (9.9)9.9
17Lewie and Geeno Do Boston (9.7)9.7Lewie and Crew Do Studio (10)10.0
18Introducing Nicole, Laurie and Bard-J (9.8)9.8Obama Ball 90210 (9.5)9.5
19An LMS X-Mas Special (9.4)9.4Lewie Does Helter Skelter (9.6)9.6
20A Lew Marklin Show New Year (9.5)9.5Sammie of the 90210 (10)10.0
21On with the Show (9.9)9.9Lewie and Lori Do I Fly Hollywood (9.9)9.9


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E20Sammie of the 9021010.015
1S02E06Stroke Man and the Soul Brotha10.016
1S02E07Democratic Battle10.016
1S02E05Featuring Alexa Demara9.026
1S03E06June Gloom9.018
1S03E01Lewie Does Christina De Rosa8.825
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