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Alexa & Katie (2018 - 2020)

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01Bad Hair Day (7.7)7.7Second First Day (8.7)8.71st Day of Junior Year (8.3)8.3Last First Day (7.9)7.9
02Wigs (8.3)8.3ChoreCats (8.6)8.6Stupid Binder (8.3)8.3Rules for Better Barista-ing (8.1)8.1
03Basketball (8.3)8.3#GWENCAS (8.6)8.6Always Something There to Remind Me (8.2)8.2The Girls Who Cried Yelp (8)8.0
04Ungroundable (8.5)8.5Tryouts and Latte Doubts (8.7)8.7Unconsciously Coupling (8.1)8.1Choose Your Own Adventure (8.2)8.2
05The Play: Part 1 (8.4)8.4PB Without J (8.8)8.8All I Want for Christmas Is You (8.1)8.1Speaking of Cancer (8.7)8.7
06Picture Day (8.3)8.3Shop 'Til You Cry (8.7)8.7Writer-Director-Nervous Wreck (7.8)7.8The Smoke Show (8)8.0
07The Play: Part 2 (8.5)8.5Katie's Beautiful Mind (8.8)8.8It's Just... Weird (8.1)8.1Last Dance (8.4)8.4
08Support Group (8.6)8.6The Ghost of Cancer Past (9.1)9.1Panic! At the Putt Putt (8.5)8.5This Feels Right (9)9.0
09Winter Luau (8.4)8.4New Year's... Whoops (9)9.0
10Thanksgiving (8.5)8.5Sweet Sixteen (9.2)9.2
11Secret Sleepover (8.4)8.4
12Winter Formal: Part 1 (8.6)8.6
13Winter Formal: Part 2 (8.8)8.8


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E10Sweet Sixteen9.273
1S02E08The Ghost of Cancer Past9.166
1S02E09New Year's... Whoops9.064
1S04E01Last First Day7.935
1S03E06Writer-Director-Nervous Wreck7.840
1S01E01Bad Hair Day7.7116
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