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All Saints (1998 - 2009)

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01Body and Soul (8.6)8.6Truth and Consequences: Part 1 (8.8)8.8Valley of the Shadow: Part 1 (9.6)9.6The Heat Is On (9.3)9.3Opening Night (8)8.0Trust (8.3)8.3One Day at a Time (8.9)8.9Till Death Do Us Part (8.3)8.3Out of the Ashes (9.5)9.5
02Everybody's Human (8.3)8.3Truth and Consequences: Part 2 (9.4)9.4Valley of the Shadow: Part 2 (9.5)9.5What Katie Did Next (9)9.0The Show Must Go On (8.6)8.6Heroic Measures (8.8)8.8Opening Up (9.1)9.1Outside Looking In (9.2)9.2
03Gut Feeling (8.4)8.4Aftershocks (8.9)8.9Bending and Breaking (9.1)9.1Happy Birthday (8.8)8.8In the Lap of the Gods (9)9.0Destiny's Child (8.6)8.6Sins of the Mothers (8.7)8.7Thresholds (8.8)8.8
04A Question of Strength (8.5)8.5The Longest Day (9.2)9.2Eye of the Beholder (8.7)8.7Bend Till You Break (9)9.0Slings and Arrows (8.6)8.6Broken English (9.2)9.2Begging for It (8.8)8.8Smoke and Mirrors (7.6)7.6
05Night Shift (8.5)8.5If These Walls Could Talk (8.8)8.8First Do No Harm (8.8)8.8A Matter of Choice (9)9.0
06Give and Take (8.6)8.6Getting to Know You (8.7)8.7After the Ball (8.9)8.9Mixed Messages (8.6)8.6Potential (9.6)9.6Facing the Music (9.3)9.3
07Combat Zone (8.9)8.9Dependence Day (7.7)7.7Command and Control (8.7)8.7Separation Pains (9.2)9.2
08Think Positive (8.6)8.6Bloodlines (8.8)8.8A Fraction Too Much Friction (8.9)8.9All Choked Up (8)8.0The Last Supper (8.8)8.8Fractured (9.2)9.2The Mercy Seat (8.8)8.8
09Forget Me Not (8.7)8.7More Things in Heaven and Earth (8.6)8.6A Fine Balance (9)9.0Flaws in the Glass (9.9)9.9Only the Good Die Young (8.5)8.5Deceptions (8.8)8.8Funny Games (8.8)8.8Shadows of the Heart (9)9.0The Blink of an Eye (8.7)8.7Danger Zone (7.8)7.8
10A Little Magic (9.2)9.2Pushed to the Limit (8.6)8.6In the Blood (8.9)8.9Vale (8.4)8.4A Place in the Heart (9.8)9.8Just Desserts (9.2)9.2
11Terminal Speed (8.4)8.4Friends and Lovers (9.1)9.1Hearts and Minds (8.8)8.8Night Terrors (9.6)9.6Brave New World (9.3)9.3Brothers in Arms (9)9.0
12Heart to Heart (9.2)9.2Judgement Day (9)9.0Food for Thought (8.7)8.7No Respite (8.8)8.8Fanning the Flames (9.3)9.3Wait and See (8.8)8.8
13The Hard Yards (9)9.0Roll the Dice (9.2)9.2Blessed Release (8.2)8.2Lost Boys (9.5)9.5Ground Zero (8.2)8.2Getting to Know You (9.2)9.2
14Goodnight Sweetheart (9.3)9.3My Mother, Myself (8.9)8.9Rush to Judgement (8.9)8.9You Do Me Wrong (9)9.0Innocent Until (9.2)9.2
15Crimes of the Heart (9)9.0Get a Life (9.4)9.4Judge Not... (8.9)8.9Overload (8.4)8.4An Apple a Day (9.2)9.2Seeing the Light (7.2)7.2
16Nothing But the Truth (8.8)8.8An Irish Lullaby (9.6)9.6...Lest Ye Be Judged (9)9.0In Control (8.6)8.6The Way of It (9.2)9.2
17Babes in the Woods (8.9)8.9Head to Head (8.8)8.8Duty of Care (8.9)8.9Best Intentions (8.8)8.8Into the Fire (9.2)9.2Double Lives (9.2)9.2
18Sounds of Silence (8.8)8.8Desperate Remedies (9)9.0Beyond All Praise (8.9)8.9Bed of Roses (9)9.0One for the Road (8.8)8.8
19A Hard Day's Night (9)9.0The Human Touch (9)9.0Out of Nowhere (9)9.0Shame (9.2)9.2
20Revelations (8.9)8.9Disaster Plan (8.5)8.5Frozen in Time (8.7)8.7Close to Home (9)9.0White Noise (9.2)9.2No Place Like Home (8.4)8.4
21Smooth Operator (8.7)8.7Forget-Me-Knots (8.8)8.8Girl of the Moment (9.2)9.2Presumption of Guilt (8.4)8.4Pecking Order (9.2)9.2Test of Faith (7.7)7.7
22Truth or Dare (8.9)8.9Shoot the Messenger (8.8)8.8Dead on Time (9.6)9.6A Rock and a Hard Place (8.4)8.4
23Possession (8.8)8.8In with the New (8.9)8.9Blood, Sweat & Tears (9.4)9.4The Things We Do for Love (8.6)8.6Consequences (9.2)9.2
24The Price You Pay (9.1)9.1Second Chance (8.9)8.9Twentieth Century Blues (8.9)8.9First Steps (8.6)8.6Suspicious Minds (8.4)8.4Love Me, Love Me Not (8.8)8.8Truth Hurts (9.6)9.6In Trust (9.4)9.4
25A Mother's Love (9.2)9.2Endgame (8.8)8.8Into the Unknown (9)9.0Now You See Me (9)9.0
26Touch and Go (9.1)9.1Behind Closed Curtains (8.8)8.8Promise of Things to Come (9)9.0A Second Look (8.4)8.4Falling from Grace (9.2)9.2Moving On (9.2)9.2
27Yesterday's News (9)9.0Lesser of Two Evils (8.6)8.6What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? (9)9.0Frozen Moments (8.6)8.6
28Family Feud (9.2)9.2A Whole Lot to Lose (8.6)8.6The Cost of Living (9.2)9.2An Itch to Scratch (8.6)8.6Tell-Tale Hearts (9.6)9.6
29Little White Lies (8.8)8.8Just Like a Woman (8.6)8.6One for the Road (9)9.0
30Best Laid Plans (8.8)8.8Three's a Crowd (8.9)8.9Another Place, Another Time (9.2)9.2Too Close for Comfort (8.4)8.4Safe Haven (8.8)8.8
31Parting Friends (8.9)8.9Time Bombs (8.8)8.8Bosom of the Family (9.2)9.2Don't Look Back (8.6)8.6
32Cards on the Table (9.2)9.2Memories by Moonlight (8.9)8.9Duty Bound (9.2)9.2Wild Justice (8.8)8.8
33Boys Will Be Boys (8.8)8.8True Love and the Blues (9)9.0Tender Loving Care (9.2)9.2Life as We Know It (9)9.0Bedtime Stories (8.7)8.7Dead Girl Walking (8.8)8.8
34Live Now, Pay Later (9.2)9.2Knowing Me, Knowing You (8.9)8.9Ghosts (9.2)9.2Contact (9.6)9.6Damned If You Do (9.3)9.3
35Out of Control (9.1)9.1When Duty Calls (9)9.0More Than Life (9.3)9.3Out on a Limb (7.2)7.2
36Mirror Mirror on the Wall (9.2)9.2The Ties That Bind (9)9.0The Best Laid Plans (9.2)9.2Safety Net (8.6)8.6Yet Another Reality Check (9.4)9.4
37The Price of Love (8.7)8.7Lost and Found (8.9)8.9Lottery of Life (8.8)8.8Look Before You Leap (9)9.0Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 2 (9.8)9.8
38Happy Death Day (7.7)7.7The Stuff of Dreams (9)9.0Fate Dances with Lady Luck (9.4)9.4Hear Me, Touch Me, Heal Me (9.2)9.2The Last Resort (9)9.0
39Moment of Truth (8.9)8.9Outside the Square (8.9)8.9Me, Myself and I (9)9.0Down to Earth (9.2)9.2
40Hard Rain (9.1)9.1Everyone Loves a Winner (8.9)8.9Heart and Soul (9.2)9.2Consuming Passions (9.2)9.2Judgement Day (9.6)9.6
41Christmas Spice (9.7)9.7Blood and Water (9)9.0Stolen Moments (9.3)9.3Musical Beds (8.2)8.2The Right Thing? (8.6)8.6In Sickness and in Health (8.2)8.2
42Life Class (8.8)8.8Loser Pays (8.4)8.4
43Ghosts of Christmas Past (8.8)8.8Never Forget (9.2)9.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S05E09Flaws in the Glass9.946
1S07E10A Place in the Heart9.857
1S12E37Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 29.853
1S10E04Smoke and Mirrors7.60
1S12E15Seeing the Light7.20
1S07E35Out on a Limb7.20
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