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America Undercover (1983 - )

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Show RatingShow Title
00When Women Kill (8)8.0
01Abortion: Desperate Choices (7)7.0
02Autopsy 9: Dead Awakening (7.8)7.8Southern Justice: The Murder of Medgar Evers (8.3)8.3
03Persona Non Grata (6.5)6.5
04Acts of Violence (7)7.0
05Looking for Fidel (6.9)6.9
06Teen Killers: A Second Chance? (7.3)7.3
07Autopsy: Confessions of a Medical Examiner (8.2)8.2
08Autopsy 2: Voices from the Dead (8.4)8.4
09Left of the Dial (6.5)6.5
10Panic: A Film About Coping (7.7)7.7
11The Iceman Tapes: Conversations with a Killer (7.6)7.6
12Why Am I Gay?: Stories of Coming Out in America (6.7)6.7
13Bellevue: Inside Out (8.2)8.2
14Multiple Personality Disorder: The Search for Deadly Memories (7.2)7.2
15Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War (7.7)7.7
16By Satan Possessed: The Search for the Devil (6)6.0
17Asylum (7.6)7.6
18High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell (7.9)7.9
19Taxicab Confessions (6.7)6.7
20Mob Stories (7.1)7.1
21Drunk & Deadly: A Day on America's Highways (7.8)7.8
22Autopsy 8: Dead Giveaway (8.1)8.1
23Autopsy 5: Dead Men Do Tell Tales (8.6)8.6
24Autopsy 4: The Dead Speak (8.2)8.2
25Autopsy: Sex, Lies and Murder (8)8.0
26Autopsy 7: Dead Man Talking (7.8)7.8
27Dead Men Talking: An Autopsy Special (7)7.0
28The Best of Autopsy (8.2)8.2
29Autopsy 6: Secrets of the Dead (8.4)8.4
30Why Did Johnny Kill? (6.9)6.9
31Lock-Up: The Prisoners of Rikers Island (7.8)7.8


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1SUnknoE23Autopsy 5: Dead Men Do Tell Tales8.611
1SUnknoE08Autopsy 2: Voices from the Dead8.4135
1SUnknoE29Autopsy 6: Secrets of the Dead8.40
1SUnknoE03Persona Non Grata6.5368
1SUnknoE09Left of the Dial6.5167
1SUnknoE16By Satan Possessed: The Search for the Devil6.00
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