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American Monster (2016 - )

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01Home Video Hit (7.6)7.6The Green Monster (8.4)8.4Stages of Grief (7.5)7.5Falling Down (8.6)8.6Brothers in Arms (7.9)7.9Everyone's Favorite Uncle (8.8)8.8
02Appalachian Horror Film (8)8.0Family Snapshot (7.9)7.9Remote Control (7.6)7.6Two Families (8.2)8.2Flesh and Blood (8.2)8.2Fred Lee (8.4)8.4
03Wave to Daddy (7.6)7.6Alabama Murder Mystery (7.6)7.6Backyard Daddy (7.1)7.1Twice Shy (8.3)8.3Once a Princess (7.9)7.9Out of his shell (7.4)7.4
04Sing for the Camera (7.5)7.5Anything for You (7.9)7.9A Mother's Work (7.4)7.4Life of the Party (7.7)7.7Body Type (7.8)7.8
05Shooting Phoenix (7.6)7.6The Last Broadcast (6.8)6.8Band of Brothers (8.1)8.1Looks Can Kill (8.2)8.2Staten Island Love Story (6.5)6.5It was all of them (7.7)7.7
06Right Before Your Eyes (8.1)8.1Push Record (7.6)7.6Watch Your Back (7.8)7.8In Sickness and Health (7.9)7.9My Body (8)8.0
07Stand by Your Man (7)7.0The Last Valentine (7.5)7.5Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (7.6)7.6Have You Seen This Woman? (7.9)7.9
08Live by the Sword (8.3)8.3Into the Swamp (7.5)7.5An Open Relationship (8.2)8.2Who Am I? (8.1)8.1
09The Craigslist Killer (8.5)8.5Don't Forget Me (7.8)7.8Edge of Reason (7.5)7.5By God, That's Enough (8.2)8.2
10The Wrong Man (8)8.0Off-Camera (8.4)8.4Double Cross (8)8.0Stay With Me (7.9)7.9
11Take Me to the River (8.1)8.1Momma's Girl (7.5)7.5
12Just Out of Frame (8.1)8.1
13Too Good to be True (8.2)8.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S06E01Everyone's Favorite Uncle8.80
1S04E01Falling Down8.616
1S02E09The Craigslist Killer8.517
1S02E07Stand by Your Man7.013
1S02E05The Last Broadcast6.819
1S05E05Staten Island Love Story6.513
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