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As Time Goes By (1992 - 2005)

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01You Must Remember This (8.2)8.2White Hunter (8.1)8.1We'll Always Have Paris (8.2)8.2A House Full of Women (8.1)8.1The Country Set (7.9)7.9The Stalker (7.9)7.9Pardon? (8.4)8.4A Deeply Personal Problem (7.9)7.9Time to Settle Down (7.7)7.7Reunion Special: Part 1 (8.8)8.8
02Getting to Know You - Again (8)8.0A Weekend Away (8)8.0Rocky's Wedding Day (8.2)8.2Rewrites (7.9)7.9Lionel's Ex-Wife (8.3)8.3The Psychotherapist (7.7)7.7An Old Flame (7.7)7.7Animal Magnetism (7.9)7.9Wedding Plans (7.8)7.8Reunion Special: Part 2 (8.5)8.5
03The Copper Kettle (8.4)8.4Visiting Rocky (8.5)8.5Living Together, But Where? (7.9)7.9Getting Rid of Gwen (8.3)8.3Lionel's New Hobby (8)8.0The Dinner Party (7.8)7.8The New Neighbours (8)8.0The Bathroom (7.6)7.6The Wedding (8.3)8.3
04Surprise, Surprise (8.2)8.2Why? (8.1)8.1Covering Up (8)8.0The Affair (8.2)8.2Avoiding the Country Set (8.1)8.1What's Wrong with Mrs Bale? (8.1)8.1The Bypass (7.8)7.8Surprising News (7.7)7.7What Now? (7.9)7.9
05Relationships (8.2)8.2Misunderstandings (8.3)8.3Moving In (8)8.0Welcome News (8.3)8.3Broadcast Plan (7.9)7.9Alistair's Engagement (8.1)8.1Too Old... or Too Nosy (7.7)7.7Future Imperfect (7.5)7.5You Must Remember This.... (7.9)7.9
06The Picnic (8.1)8.1The Cruise (8.1)8.1Branching Out (7.9)7.9The Anniversary Party (8.3)8.3At Death's Door (8)8.0The House Next Door (8.1)8.1The Old Folks' Party (8)8.0Going Online (8.1)8.1
07The Book Signing (8.3)8.3The Mini-Series (8.1)8.1Wedding Preparations (8.2)8.2Showered with Gifts (8.2)8.2A Surprise for Jean (8.4)8.4The Proposal (8)8.0
08A Trip to Los Angeles (7.9)7.9Wedding Day Nerves (8.3)8.3
09Dealing with Sally (8.1)8.1Judith's New Romance (8.1)8.1
10Problems, Problems (7.8)7.8Improvements (8)8.0


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S10E01Reunion Special: Part 18.884
1S10E02Reunion Special: Part 28.585
1S02E03Visiting Rocky8.585
1S06E02The Psychotherapist7.771
1S08E03The Bathroom7.669
1S08E05Future Imperfect7.563
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