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As Told by Ginger (2000 - 2009)

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Show RatingShow Title
00Butterflies Are Free (8.1)8.1
01Ginger the Juvey (7.1)7.1Wicked Game (7.3)7.3No Hope for Courtney (7.5)7.5
02Carl and Maude (7.5)7.5The Easter Ham (6.7)6.7
03Stealing First (7.2)7.2Driven to Extremes (7.2)7.2
04Sleep on It (7.4)7.4About Face (6.8)6.8
05Of Lice and Friends (7.3)7.3Never Can Say Goodbye (6.7)6.7Fair to Cloudy (7)7.0
06Dare I, Darren? (7)7.0Gym Class Confidential (7)7.0Heat Lightning (8.1)8.1
07Hello Stranger (8.1)8.1Fast Reputation (7)7.0Stuff'll Kill Ya (7.6)7.6
08Cry Wolf (7.2)7.2Nurses Strike (7.1)7.1Ten Chairs (7.2)7.2
09The Right Stuff (7.2)7.2Trouble in Gal Pal Land (6.7)6.7
10Kiss and Make-Up (7.4)7.4Sibling Revile-ry (7)7.0
11The 'A' Ticket (7.4)7.4Losing Nana Bishop (7.2)7.2
12Come Back Little Seal Girl (8.3)8.3Tgif (6.3)6.3Detention (7.3)7.3
13I Spy a Witch (7.1)7.1Lunatic Lake (7.3)7.3
14Blizzard Conditions (7.5)7.5April Fools (6.3)6.3A Lesson in Tightropes (8.5)8.5
15Deja Who? (7.1)7.1Ms. Foutley's Boys (6.2)6.2The Wedding Frame (8.2)8.2
16The Even Steven Holiday Special (7.6)7.6Love with a Proper Transfer Student (7)7.0
17Piece of My Heart (7.1)7.1Family Therapy (7.2)7.2
18Season of Caprice (8)8.0Dodie's Big Break (7.5)7.5
19Battle of the Bands (7)7.0
20New Girl in Town (7.4)7.4
21Mommie Nearest (7.2)7.2
22Ginger's Solo (7.2)7.2
23And She Was Gone (8.6)8.6
24Next Question (6.7)6.7
25Far from Home (7.9)7.9


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E23And She Was Gone8.645
1S03E14A Lesson in Tightropes8.527
1S01E12Come Back Little Seal Girl8.333
1S02E14April Fools6.322
1S02E15Ms. Foutley's Boys6.220
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