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Banacek (1972 - 1974)

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00Detour to Nowhere (7.8)7.8
01Let's Hear It for a Living Legend (7.5)7.5No Stone Unturned (7.7)7.7
02Project Phoenix (7.6)7.6If Max Is So Smart, Why Doesn't He Tell Us Where He Is? (7.8)7.8
03No Sign of the Cross (7.6)7.6The Three Million Dollar Piracy (7.9)7.9
04A Million the Hard Way (7.5)7.5The Vanishing Chalice (7.6)7.6
05To Steal a King (7.6)7.6Horse of a Slightly Different Color (8)8.0
06Ten Thousand Dollars a Page (7.6)7.6Rocket to Oblivion (7.5)7.5
07The Greatest Collection of Them All (7.7)7.7Fly Me- If You Can Find Me (8)8.0
08The Two Million Clams of Cap'n Jack (7.3)7.3Now You See Me, Now You Don't (7.4)7.4


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E5Horse of a Slightly Different Color8.079
1S02E7Fly Me- If You Can Find Me8.086
1S02E3The Three Million Dollar Piracy7.988
1S02E6Rocket to Oblivion7.580
1S02E8Now You See Me, Now You Don't7.473
1S01E8The Two Million Clams of Cap'n Jack7.383
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