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Banshee Origins (2013 - 2016)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Olek Drops a Dime (7.5)7.5Hotwire (8.1)8.1Getting to Know You (8.4)8.4Comfort (7.7)7.7
02A Thief, Not a Killer (7.6)7.6Allenwood Part 1 (8.2)8.2Takeover (8.3)8.3Aeschylus (8.1)8.1
03Carrie at the Gate (7)7.0Interrogation Part 1 (8.6)8.6Always Be Prepared (8.2)8.2Promise (7.7)7.7
04Looking for My Exit (7.3)7.3Interrogation Part 2 (8.4)8.4Busy Night (7.6)7.6Cronus (8.4)8.4
05Sugar's Release (7.8)7.8Interrogation Part 3 (8.4)8.4Bugs and Thugs (8.3)8.3Hope (7.8)7.8
06The Forge (7.6)7.6The Phone Call (7.9)7.9Already Dead (7.6)7.6Escape (7.9)7.9
07Siobhan Interrupted (7.6)7.6The Diner (8.1)8.1Off Duty (7.6)7.6Drown (7.9)7.9
08Kings and Pawns (7.6)7.6The Person You Were Meant to Be (7.9)7.9Birthday (8)8.0Epilogue (8.2)8.2
09Checking In (8.1)8.1Allenwood Part 2 (8.1)8.1
10Carrie and Deva (8)8.0Brothers (8.1)8.1
11The Women (8.2)8.2The Priest (7.9)7.9
12Passed Over (7.7)7.7The Field (8)8.0
13The Real Lucas Hood (8)8.0


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E03Interrogation Part 18.647
1S03E01Getting to Know You8.439
1S02E05Interrogation Part 38.444
1S01E01Olek Drops a Dime7.574
1S01E04Looking for My Exit7.355
1S01E03Carrie at the Gate7.058
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