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Baywatch (1989 - 2001)

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00Summerfest Special (4.6)4.6
01In Deep (6.5)6.5Nightmare Bay: Part 1 (5.8)5.8River of No Return: Part 1 (5.7)5.7Race Against Time: Part 1 (5.8)5.8Livin' on the Fault Line: Part 1 (5.9)5.9Trapped Beneath the Sea: Part 1 (6.4)6.4Shark Fever (5.5)5.5Rookie Summer (5.6)5.6Crash: Part 1 (5.2)5.2Aloha Baywatch (6)6.0Soul Survivor (5.5)5.5
02Heat Wave (6.2)6.2Nightmare Bay: Part 2 (5.5)5.5River of No Return: Part 2 (6.1)6.1Race Against Time: Part 2 (5.8)5.8Livin' on the Fault Line: Part 2 (6)6.0Trapped Beneath the Sea: Part 2 (6.3)6.3The Contest (5.5)5.5Next Generation (5.5)5.5Crash: Part 2 (5.2)5.2Mahalo Hawaii (5.9)5.9A Knife in the Heart (5.3)5.3
03Second Wave (6.3)6.3The One That Got Away (5.7)5.7Tequila Bay (5.5)5.5Lover's Cove (6.4)6.4Aftershock (5.7)5.7Hot Stuff (6.4)6.4Liquid Assets (5.6)5.6The Choice (5)5.0Sharks, Lies and Videotape (5.8)5.8Weak Link (5.5)5.5Bad Boyz (5.9)5.9
04Message in a Bottle (6)6.0Money, Honey (5.9)5.9Rookie of the Year (6.2)6.2Blindside (6.2)6.2Baja Run (5.7)5.7Surf's Up (6)6.0Windswept (5.5)5.5Memorial Day (5.2)5.2Dolphin Quest (5)5.0Shark Island (5.8)5.8Dangerous Games (5.3)5.3
05The Sky Is Falling (6.2)6.2The Fabulous Buchannon Boys (5.7)5.7Pier Pressure (5.7)5.7Sky Rider (6.1)6.1Air Buchannon (6.3)6.3To Everything There Is a Season (5.8)5.8Scorcher (5.3)5.3Charlie (6.3)6.3The Natural (6.2)6.2Strike Team (5.5)5.5Stone Cold (5)5.0
06The Drowning Pool (6.2)6.2Point of Attack (5.5)5.5Showdown at Malibu Beach High (5.5)5.5Tentacles: Part 1 (5.8)5.8Short Sighted (6.3)6.3Leap of Faith (5.9)5.9Beachblast (5.5)5.5Lifeguard Confidential (5.1)5.1Drop Zone (5.7)5.7Sunday in Kaua'i (5.9)5.9Broken Promises (5.4)5.4
07Rookie School (6.1)6.1Sandcastles (5.7)5.7Point Doom (5.8)5.8Tentacles: Part 2 (5.7)5.7Someone to Baywatch Over You (5.8)5.8Face of Fear (6.2)6.2Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (5.7)5.7Out of the Blue (5.6)5.6Hot Summer Night (5.3)5.3Risk to Death (5.6)5.6Dream Girl (5)5.0
08Cruise Ship (6.1)6.1Thin or Die (5.8)5.8Princess of Tides (6)6.0Submersion (6.2)6.2K-Gas the Groove Yard of Solid Gold (5.7)5.7Hit and Run (6.1)6.1Let the Games Begin (5.9)5.9Eel Nino (5.7)5.7Swept Away (5.6)5.6Father of the Groom (5.5)5.5The Cage (5.1)5.1
09The Cretin of the Shallows (6)6.0The Trophy: Part 1 (6.3)6.3Masquerade (5.5)5.5Ironman Buchannon (6.2)6.2Red Wind (6.1)6.1Home Is Where the Heat Is (5.9)5.9Buried (6.2)6.2Homecoming (1997) (5.8)5.8The Swimmer (5.1)5.1The Hunt (5.7)5.7Ben (5.4)5.4
10Shelter Me (6.3)6.3The Trophy: Part 2 (5.8)5.8Lifeguards Can't Jump (5.4)5.4Tower of Power (5.4)5.4I Spike (5.5)5.5Sweet Dreams (5.4)5.4Search & Rescue (5.8)5.8Missing (5.3)5.3Friends Forever (5.1)5.1Gold from the Deep (5.4)5.4Ties That Bind (5.2)5.2
11The Reunion (5.6)5.6If Looks Could Kill (6.2)6.2Dead of Summer (6.3)6.3The Child Inside (5.9)5.9Silent Night, Baywatch Night: Part 1 (6.2)6.2The Incident (5.9)5.9Heal the Bay (5.7)5.7Hijacked (5.5)5.5The Edge (5.5)5.5Bent (5.3)5.3Black Widow (5.1)5.1
12Armored Car (6)6.0Reunion (5.6)5.6A Matter of Life and Death (5.7)5.7Second Time Around (5.7)5.7Silent Night, Baywatch Night: Part 2 (6.1)6.1Beauty and the Beast (5.5)5.5Bachelor of the Month (5.6)5.6No Way Out (5.1)5.1The Big Blue (5.2)5.2Path of Least Resistance (5.7)5.7The Ex-Files (5.2)5.2
13Home Cort (5.9)5.9War of Nerves (5.6)5.6Island of Romance (6.1)6.1The Red Knights (5.9)5.9Rubber Ducky (5.4)5.4Desperate Encounter (4.7)4.7Chance of a Lifetime (6.1)6.1Countdown (5.2)5.2Come Fly with Me (5.4)5.4Liquid Visions (5.4)5.4The Stalker (5.4)5.4
14We Need a Vacation (5.9)5.9Big Monday (5.8)5.8Strangers Among Us (5.7)5.7Coronado del Soul: Part 1 (6.1)6.1Homecoming (6)6.0Baywatch Angels (5)5.0Talk Show (5.7)5.7Surf City (5.2)5.2Boys Will Be Boys (5.1)5.1Lines in the Sand (5.6)5.6Father Faust (5.3)5.3
15Muddy Waters (6.4)6.4Sea of Flames (5.8)5.8Vacation: Part 1 (6.1)6.1Coronado del Soul: Part 2 (5.8)5.8Seize the Day (6.1)6.1Bash at the Beach (6.3)6.3Life Guardian (5.6)5.6To the Max (5.1)5.1Baywatch Grand Prix (5.2)5.2The Hero (5.7)5.7A Good Man in a Storm (4.9)4.9
16Snake Eyes (6)6.0Now Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale (4.7)4.7Vacation: Part 2 (5.9)5.9Mirror, Mirror (6)6.0A Little Help (5.6)5.6Freefall (5.4)5.4Matters of the Heart (5.8)5.8Night of the Dolphin (4.9)4.9Baywatch Down Under: Part 1 (4.9)4.9Thunder Tide (5.7)5.7My Father, the Hero (5.4)5.4
17Eclipse (6.3)6.3The Chamber (5.9)5.9The Tower (5.9)5.9The Falcon Manifesto (6)6.0Father's Day (5.4)5.4Sail Away (6.2)6.2Rendezvous (5.4)5.4Full Throttle (5.2)5.2Baywatch Down Under: Part 2 (5.1)5.1Breath of Life (5.5)5.5Boiling Point (6.1)6.1
18Shark Derby (7.1)7.1Shark's Cove (5.8)5.8Stakeout at Surfrider Beach (5.9)5.9Rescue Bay (6.1)6.1Fire with Fire (5.7)5.7Lost and Found (5.4)5.4Hot Water (5.2)5.2Quarantine (5.8)5.8Water Dance (4.8)4.8Big Island Heat (5.3)5.3The Return of Jessie (5.6)5.6
19The Big Race (6.1)6.1The Lost Treasure of Tower 12 (5.7)5.7Shattered: Part 1 (5.9)5.9Western Exposure (5.5)5.5Deep Trouble (5.4)5.4Forbidden Paradise: Part 1 (6)6.0Trial by Fire (5.7)5.7Diabolique (4.7)4.7Double Jeopardy (5.1)5.1Maui Xterra (5.3)5.3Trapped (5.2)5.2
20Old Friends (6)6.0The Big Spill (5.7)5.7Shattered: Part 2 (5.9)5.9The Life You Save (5.6)5.6Promised Land (6)6.0Forbidden Paradise: Part 2 (5.6)5.6Baywatch at Sea World (5.5)5.5Bon Voyage (5.3)5.3Wave Rage (5.2)5.2Baywatch O'Hana (5.3)5.3Dead Reckoning (5.5)5.5
21The End? (6.5)6.5Game of Chance (6)6.0Kicks (5.6)5.6Trading Places (5.5)5.5The Runaways (5.7)5.7Last Wave (5.6)5.6Golden Girls (5.4)5.4White Thunder at Glacier Bay: Part 1 (6.2)6.2Galaxy Girls (5.3)5.3Last Rescue (5.2)5.2Makapu'u Lighthouse (5.2)5.2
22Summer of '85 (5.8)5.8Fatal Exchange (5.5)5.5Guys & Dolls (5.7)5.7Wet 'n' Wild (6.2)6.2Go for the Gold (5.5)5.5Nevermore (5.2)5.2White Thunder at Glacier Bay: Part 2 (5.5)5.5Castles in the Sand (5.7)5.7The Killing Machine (6)6.0Rescue Me (5.9)5.9


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E18Shark Derby7.1165
1S01E21The End?6.5131
1S01E01In Deep6.5204
1S06E13Desperate Encounter4.7119
1S03E00Summerfest Special4.658
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