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BBC2 Playhouse (1973 - 1983)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Sizwe Bansi Is Dead (6.4)6.4The Breakthrough (5.7)5.7The Mind Beyond: Meriel, the Ghost Girl (7.1)7.1School Play (7.4)7.4Caught on a Train (7.8)7.8Mrs. Reinhardt (6.5)6.5
02The Joke (5.6)5.6Mrs. Acland's Ghosts (5.9)5.9The Mind Beyond: Double Echo (5.9)5.9Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (6.7)6.7Fatal Spring (5.6)5.6
03The Cafeteria (5.8)5.8Diane (7.2)7.2The Brylcreem Boys (7.6)7.6
04The Mind Beyond: The Daedalus Equations (4.4)4.4The Grudge Fight (7.2)7.2
05The Mind Beyond: Stones (5.9)5.9Grown-Ups (7.7)7.7
06The Mind Beyond: The Man with the Power (4.2)4.2My Dear Palestrina (6.2)6.2
07Speed King (7.9)7.9
09Fothergill (6.4)6.4Aubrey (5.1)5.1
13Journal of Bridget Hitler (6)6.0
14How Many Miles to Babylon? (6.3)6.3
15In Hiding (5.8)5.8
16A Pocketful of Dreams (4)4.0
19Unity (6.4)6.4
25You're All Right, How Am I? (7.2)7.2
28Going Gently (8)8.0
30Come Into the Garden, Maud (6.5)6.5
31A Song at Twilight (7.4)7.4


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S07E28Going Gently8.053
1S06E07Speed King7.90
1S07E01Caught on a Train7.8338
1S04E04The Mind Beyond: The Daedalus Equations4.40
1S04E06The Mind Beyond: The Man with the Power4.20
1S08E16A Pocketful of Dreams4.00
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