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Behind the Music (1997 - 2014)

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000Motley Crüe - Remastered (9)9.0
001Milli Vanilli (8.2)8.2Madonna (5.9)5.9Peter Frampton (6.6)6.6Pat Benatar (7.1)7.1Aerosmith (7.1)7.1George Michael (7.5)7.5Lil Wayne (5.9)5.9Motorhead - Remastered (8)8.0
002M.C. Hammer (6.9)6.9Woodstock (7.9)7.9Styx (6.6)6.6REO Speedwagon (5.6)5.6Cyndi Lauper (7)7.0Ratt (7.8)7.8Pink (7.3)7.3Missy Elliott (7)7.0Deep Purple - Remastered (7.8)7.8
003Boy George (7.1)7.1Twisted Sister (6.5)6.5TLC: The Final Chapter (7.4)7.4Pantera (8.4)8.4Carrie Underwood (7)7.0
004Fleetwood Mac (7.1)7.1Ice-T (8.3)8.3Guns N' Roses (8.2)8.2Backstreet Boys (5.4)5.4Bret Michaels (3.8)3.8Courtney Love (7.5)7.5Nicole Scherzinger (7.2)7.2
005Nowhere to Hide (4.6)4.6Blondie (7.5)7.5Blind Melon (6.7)6.7
006Shania Twain (7)7.0Goo Goo Dolls (6.2)6.2Cat Stevens (7.1)7.1Judas Priest (7.2)7.2Enrique Iglesias (6.4)6.4
007Lynyrd Skynyrd (7.6)7.6Stevie Nicks (5.5)5.5Bad Company (6)6.0
008John Mellencamp (5.4)5.4Chicago (7.6)7.6Aaliyah: The Life and Death (8.3)8.3
009Billy Joel (7.9)7.9Metallica (7.9)7.9
010Lionel Richie (5.2)5.2Badfinger (6.7)6.7Lindsey Buckingham (6)6.0
011Andy Gibb (6.7)6.7Rick Springfield (6.3)6.3Thin Lizzy (7.8)7.8
012Jim Croce (6)6.0Snoop Dogg (8.1)8.1
013The Carpenters (6.4)6.4R.E.M. (7.7)7.7Dr. Dre (8.3)8.3Creed (5.9)5.9Sublime (7.5)7.5
014Sonny Bono (5.5)5.5Mötley Crüe (8)8.0John Lennon: The Last Years (8.1)8.1The Cult (6.3)6.3
015The Mamas & the Papas (6.2)6.2David Cassidy (6.5)6.5Alanis Morissette (6.6)6.6Hall & Oates (6.4)6.4
016Meat Loaf (6.9)6.9Bette Midler (8.4)8.4Genesis (7.3)7.3
017Gladys Knight (5.5)5.5Leif Garrett (5.8)5.8Grease (5.6)5.6Anthrax (7.3)7.3
018Heart (7.3)7.3Huey Lewis & the News (7.1)7.1
019The Day the Music Died (7.9)7.9Journey (7.6)7.6
020Rick James (7.1)7.1Depeche Mode (8.1)8.1Doobie Brothers (6.7)6.7
021Grand Funk Railroad (7.8)7.8
022Selena (7.6)7.6Iggy Pop (8)8.0
023Jefferson Airplane (5.7)5.7Vanilla Ice (7.3)7.3Run-D.M.C. (6.4)6.4
024Duran Duran (6.5)6.5Tina Turner (8.4)8.4Billy Idol (6.8)6.8
025Ozzy Osbourne (8.3)8.3Cher (6.5)6.5Megadeth (8.8)8.8
026Ted Nugent (5.5)5.5TLC (7.6)7.6
027Oasis (7.3)7.3
028Studio 54 (7.6)7.6Alice Cooper (7.4)7.4No Doubt (6.5)6.5
029Keith Moon (7.1)7.1The Black Crowes (5.3)5.31984 (6.5)6.5
030Bonnie Raitt (6.5)6.5Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (8.6)8.6The Police (7.7)7.7
031Culture Club Reunion (6)6.01992 (7.9)7.9
032Robbie Robertson (5.6)5.6The Red Hot Chili Peppers (7.2)7.2The Go-Gos (7.4)7.4
033Def Leppard (7.6)7.6The Notorious B.I.G. (8.3)8.3
034Donna Summer (7.1)7.1AC/DC (7.1)7.1
035Lenny Kravitz (5.9)5.9Bon Jovi (7.9)7.9
036'Weird Al' Yankovic (6.6)6.6The Monkees (7.4)7.4
037Poison (6.4)6.4
038Quiet Riot (7)7.0Public Enemy (7.8)7.8
040The Bangles (6.8)6.8


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1SUnknoE000Motley Crüe - Remastered9.00
1S02E030Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers8.60
1S02E010Lionel Richie5.20
1S01E005Nowhere to Hide4.60
1S11E004Bret Michaels3.80
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