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Best of the Worst (2013 - )

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00Our DVD and Blu-ray Collection (7.1)7.1
01Russian Terminator, Ninja Vengeance, and Never Too Young to Die (8.1)8.1Robo-C.H.I.C., Alien Seed, and Yor: The Hunter from the Future (7.6)7.6Alienator, Alien from the Deep, and Hands of Steel (8.2)8.2Wheel of the Worst #10 (8)8.0Plinketto #3 (7.7)7.7Plinketto #5 (8.2)8.2Cybernator, Panther Squad, and Project Metalbeast (7.8)7.8Wicked World (7.8)7.8Our VHS Collection (7.4)7.4
02The New Gladiators, Exterminator 2, and Aftermath (7.6)7.6Wheel of the Worst #4 (7.9)7.9Blood Debts, the Tomb, and Undefeatable (8.2)8.2Order of the Black Eagle, Wired to Kill, and Raiders of Atlantis (7.9)7.9Carnosaur 2, the Skateboard Kid 2, and Future Zone (7.5)7.5The Black Spine Edition (8.5)8.5Wheel of the Worst #18 (8.3)8.3Black Spine Junka 2 (7.5)7.5
03The Killer Eye, They Bite, and Xtro (7.8)7.8Supergirl, Captain America (1990), and Roger Corman's Fantastic Four (8.5)8.5Wheel of the Worst #8 (7.7)7.7Plinketto #1 (7.8)7.8Biohazard, Slaughter High, and Kill Point (8.3)8.3Hologram Man, Faust, and Blood Street (8.4)8.4Spookies, Action USA, and Alien Private Eye (8.2)8.2Showdown, Robot in the Family, and Bloodz vs. Wolvez (8.5)8.5
04Deadly Prey, Hard Ticket to Hawaii, and Miami Connection (8.7)8.7Ninja Movies (8.6)8.6Lady Terminator, Lost in Dinosaur World, and Low Blow (8.2)8.2Wheel of the Worst #11 (8.2)8.2Wheel of the Worst #14 (8)8.0Plinketto #6 (7.9)7.9Twister's Revenge (7.1)7.1Bad Movie Scavenger Hunt (7.7)7.7
05The Wheel of the Worst (8.4)8.4Wheel of the Worst #5 (8.5)8.5Wheel of the Worst #9 (7.9)7.9Pocket Ninjas, Cyclone, and Dangerous Men (7.9)7.9Bigfoot vs D.B. Cooper, Black Cougar, and Raw Force (8.6)8.6Kill Squad, Ryan's Babe, and Demonwarp (8.9)8.9Wheel of the Worst #19 (7.8)7.8Wheel of the Worst #21 (7.7)7.7
06The Vindicator, Cyber Tracker, Robot Jox, and R.O.T.O.R. (7.8)7.8Ghetto Blaster, Terror in Beverly Hills, and Killing American Style (8.4)8.4Future War, the Jar, and White Fire (8.2)8.2Wheel of the Worst #12 (7.8)7.8Hollywood Cop (8.1)8.1Wheel of the Worst #17 (7.8)7.8Black Spine Edition #3 (8.2)8.2Diamond Cobra vs. The White Fox (7.4)7.4
07Playing Dangerous, Shapeshifter, and Thunderpants (7.8)7.8High Voltage, Death Spa, and Space Mutiny (8.2)8.2Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, Killer Workout and Mystics in Bali (7.8)7.8Plinketto #2 (7.7)7.7Wheel of the Worst #15 (8.1)8.1Night of the Lepus, Zombie 3, and Silk (8.6)8.6Hawk Jones, Winterbeast, and ROAR (8.1)8.1Twin Dragon Encounter, American Rickshaw, and Infested (8.2)8.2
08Wheel of the Worst #2 (8)8.0Shakma, Python II, and Beaks: The Movie (8.2)8.2The Photon Effect, How I Saved the President, and Double Down (9.3)9.3Parole Violators, Future Force and Geteven (8.3)8.3The Sweeper, Empire of the Dark, and Mad Foxes (8.2)8.2Lycan Colony (8.2)8.2Plinketto #8 (7.6)7.6Shock Em Dead, Hollow Gate, and The Satan Killer (7.5)7.5
09V-World Matrix, the Amazing Bulk, and???? (8.5)8.5Wheel of the Worst #6 (8.7)8.7A Very Cannon Christmas (8.8)8.8Scary or Die, Chopping Mall, the Exorcist II: The Heretic (8.1)8.1The Last Vampire on Earth (8.5)8.5Carnivore, HauntedWeen, and Black Roses (8.3)8.3Petey Wheatstraw (8)8.0Ben and Arthur (8.2)8.2
10Bloody Birthday, Crazy Fat Ethel II, and Psycho from Texas (8.3)8.3Theodore Rex, Carnosaur, Tammy and the T-Rex (8.5)8.5Wheel of the Worst #13 (7.6)7.6Plinketto #4 (8)8.0Black Spine Edition #2 (7.5)7.5The Instructor, Through Doohan's Eye, and Twisted Pair (8.3)8.3Christmas 2020 (7.5)7.5
11Night Beast, Trick or Treat, and Skull Forest (8)8.0The Item, the Crawlers, and Blood Lock (7.9)7.9RepliGATOR, Johnson Family Christmas Dinner, and Alligator (7.7)7.7Halloween Spooktacular (8.6)8.6Plinketto #7 (8.7)8.7Wheel of the Worst #20 (7.8)7.8
12Wheel of the Worst #3 (8.1)8.1Wheel of the Worst #7 (8.2)8.2Suburban Sasquatch (9)9.0Christmas or Cats (8.2)8.2Jack-O, Rock n' Roll Nightmare, and Shark Exorcist (8)8.0
13Playing Dangerous 2, the Exterminator, and the Deadliest Prey (8.1)8.1The Star Wars Holiday Special (8.9)8.9Wheel of the Worst #16 (9.3)9.3A Very Scary Christmas (7.6)7.6
14Elves, Santa Claus, and Christmas Vacation 2 (8.6)8.6The Star Wars Holiday Special (FOR REAL) (8.7)8.7Merry Kick-mas! (8)8.0


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E08The Photon Effect, How I Saved the President, and Double Down9.3119
1S05E13Wheel of the Worst #169.372
1S05E12Suburban Sasquatch9.056
1S08E06Diamond Cobra vs. The White Fox7.426
1S07E04Twister's Revenge7.126
1SUnknoE00Our DVD and Blu-ray Collection7.112
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