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Black and White Love (2017 - 2018)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Black and White Love (9)9.0
02Black and White (9.4)9.4
03If it Was Me (Ben Olsaydim) (9.4)9.4
04I Realized That (Anladim Ki) (9.3)9.3
05Without Realizing (9.4)9.4
06If you love (9.5)9.5
07The Sound of my Heart (9.4)9.4
08You Loved (9.2)9.2
09The issue is love (9.2)9.2
10Sometimes Facts (9.3)9.3
11Episode #1.11 (9.2)9.2
12Episode #1.12 (9.3)9.3
13I Have a Feeling (içimden Bir Ses) (9.5)9.5
14Because Love (Çünkü Sevda) (9.6)9.6
15What I Could Not Say (Söyleyemediklerim) (9.5)9.5
16Because I Love (Sevdigim için) (9.5)9.5
17Seni Seviyorum Çünkü (9.6)9.6
18For my loved ones (9.6)9.6
19Do not leave my hands (9.4)9.4
20I Promised Myself (9.5)9.5
21This Tale does not End (9.5)9.5
22I loved so much (Çok Sevdim) (9.5)9.5
23Do not leave us (9.5)9.5
24I Won't Give Up On Us (9.5)9.5
25Just us (Sedece Biz) (9.4)9.4
26For Us (Bizim için) (9.3)9.3
27Believe me (Güven Bana) (9.3)9.3
28It doesn't end like this (Böyle Bitmez) (9.3)9.3
29Stay with me (Bana Kal De) (9.3)9.3
30My Truth (Benim Gerçegim) (9.3)9.3
31Our Way (Bizim Yolumuz) (9.1)9.1
32Final (9.4)9.4


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E18For my loved ones9.686
1S01E17Seni Seviyorum Çünkü9.693
1S01E14Because Love (Çünkü Sevda)9.689
1S01E09The issue is love9.2115
1S01E31Our Way (Bizim Yolumuz)9.143
1S01E01Black and White Love9.0185
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