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Blue (2012 - )

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01Mom (7.8)7.8See and Be Seen (7.9)7.9Call Me Francine (8.6)8.6
02Son (7.9)7.9What Kind of a Name is Blue? (8.5)8.5Planets Colliding (8.1)8.1
03You Rule (7.6)7.6It's Just a Crutch (8.1)8.1A History of Anxiety (7.8)7.8
04Long Day, Blue? (7.7)7.7Everything Is a Test (8.1)8.1Make Me Feel Good (8.6)8.6
05You're Good (8)8.0How Do You Do? (8.1)8.1
06Jack the Ripper (7.6)7.6Glue and Lubricant (7.6)7.6
07Paying for Sex (7.7)7.7Wow, Wow, Wow (7.6)7.6
08A Decent Girl (7.6)7.6On My Own (7.9)7.9
09That's My Drug (7.5)7.5The Truth Hurts (7.9)7.9
10Star Student (7.5)7.5A Man's Permission (7.9)7.9
11You Lie to Me Too (7.8)7.8Make Yourself at Home (7.8)7.8
12Give an Old Man a Break (7.5)7.5Old Habits Die Hard (7.8)7.8
13Doubling the Equation (7.7)7.7
14Are You Clean? (7.1)7.1
15In the Running (7.9)7.9
16Hard Time (7.7)7.7
17The Details (7.7)7.7
18You're Not a Freak, Are You? (7.8)7.8
19Getting to the Point (7.5)7.5
20I'm Not a Stalker (7.1)7.1
21Savages (7.4)7.4
22Role Play (7.8)7.8
23Winning With (7.5)7.5
24A Straight Answer (7.6)7.6
25Choices Add Up (8)8.0
26Where Were You? (8.2)8.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E04Make Me Feel Good8.614
1S03E01Call Me Francine8.616
1S02E02What Kind of a Name is Blue?8.518
1S02E20I'm Not a Stalker7.113
1S02E14Are You Clean?7.112
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