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Brain Games (2011 - )

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01Watch This! (8.2)8.2Focus Pocus (7.6)7.6In Living Color (7.3)7.3Common Sense (7.4)7.4Meet the Brain (7.2)7.2Male Brain vs. Female Brain (5.9)5.9
02Pay Attention! (8.4)8.4It's About Time (8)8.0Laws of Attraction (7)7.0Left vs. Right (7.1)7.1The God Brain (6.7)6.7Ted Danson: Fact or Fiction (5.4)5.4
03Remember This! (7.7)7.7Motion Commotion (7.5)7.5Trust Me (6.8)6.8Morality (7.6)7.6Brains Behaving Badly (7.6)7.6Drew Brees: Performance (6.7)6.7
04Don't Be Afraid (7.7)7.7Battle of the Ages (7.3)7.3Money (6.8)6.8Life of the Brain (6.9)6.9Kids vs. Adults (5.8)5.8
05Power of Persuasion (7.2)7.2Stress Test (7.1)7.1Paranormal (5.7)5.7Super Senses (6.4)6.4Jack Black: Music (6.3)6.3
06What You Don't Know (7.5)7.5What's Going On? (6.8)6.8Memory (7.2)7.2The Survivor Brain (7.4)7.4Mark Cuban: Power and Money (5.7)5.7
07Battle of the Sexes (7.3)7.3Retrain Your Brain (7.1)7.1Misconceptions (6.7)6.7Rebel Wilson: Love and Attraction (6.6)6.6
08Seeing Is Believing (7.5)7.5Mind Your Body (6.9)6.9Peer Pressure (7.8)7.8Tiffany Haddish: Movie Magic (6.7)6.7
09You Decide (7)7.0In It to Win It (6.8)6.8Logic (7.7)7.7
10Use It or Lose It (7.4)7.4Follow the Leader (7.1)7.1Faces (6.9)6.9
11Illusion Confusion (7.3)7.3Addiction (7.6)7.6Sleep (7.1)7.1
12Liar, Liar (7.5)7.5Compassion (7.5)7.5Imagination (7.1)7.1
13Language (7.6)7.6Positive Thinking (7.2)7.2
14Risk (7.5)7.5Perspective (7.7)7.7
15Battle of the Sexes II (6.2)6.2Scams (7.7)7.7
16Superstitions (6.8)6.8Animal vs. Human (7.7)7.7
17Food (7.2)7.2
18Anger (6.7)6.7
19Patterns (6.9)6.9
20Intuition (6.8)6.8
98Mind vs. Body (7.7)7.7
99Brain Trust (7.1)7.1


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E02Pay Attention!8.4104
1S01E01Watch This!8.2119
1S02E02It's About Time8.071
1S06E06Mark Cuban: Power and Money5.712
1S06E02Ted Danson: Fact or Fiction5.413
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