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Breadwinners (2014 - 2016)

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01Thug Loaf/Mine All Mine (3.1)3.1Adventures in Big Baby Bun Sitting/Crumbskull (2.6)2.6
02Stank Breath/Frog Day Afternoon (3)3.0Chest Hair Club/Bros Night Out (2.4)2.4
03Employee of the Month/Brocrastination (3.4)3.4Bad to the Duck Bone/Rodeo Ducks (2.4)2.4
04Rocket Trouble/The Brave and the Mold (2.9)2.9Viking Ducks/Birthday Bread (2.7)2.7
05Lost at Pond/From Bad to Nurse (3.2)3.2Wolf Head Bread/Rock N' Roar (1)1.0
06Love Loaf/Beach Day of Horror (2.2)2.2Movie Ducks/Don't Feed the Duckosaurs (2.6)2.6
07Quazy for Vanessa/Tunnel of Fear (4.1)4.1Wrath of the Pizza Lord/Shrunken Ducks (1)1.0
08Driver's Breaducation/Food Fight Club (4)4.0Trash Bandit/Eat at Pumpers (1)1.0
09Diner Ducks/Switcheroo (4)4.0A Crustmas Story (3.4)3.4
10Introducktions/Fowl Feud (2.4)2.4Flock Collecting/Bye Bye Booty (2)2.0
11Insane in the Crane Game/Buhdeuce Goes Berserks (2.9)2.9Bread Foot/My Fair Frog (2)2.0
12Lil Loafie/Oonski the Grateful (3.2)3.2Roboloafie/Bad Zituation (2.4)2.4
13TNT-Midi/Poltergoose (3.3)3.3Sneeze the Day/Tooth Fairy Ducks (1.1)1.1
14Night of the Living Bread (3.5)3.5Slumber Party of Horror/Quack to the Future (2.8)2.8
15Pizzawinners/Yeasterday (3.5)3.5Graining Day/Breadator (2.9)2.9
16Space Ducks/Kettastrophe (2.5)2.5Buhdouble Trouble/Unlucky Duckies (2.3)2.3
17Pondgea's Got Talent/Raging Mole (2.7)2.7Substitute Breadwinner/Taloney Baloney (1.9)1.9
18Robot Arms/PB & J (3.4)3.4Rambamwho?/Nightmare on Swamp Pad Lane (3.2)3.2
19Big Screen Buhdeuce/Weekend at Furfle's (3.3)3.3The Princess Frog Bride/Super Duck vs Muscle Bread (2.8)2.8
20Birds of a Feather (3.5)3.5Great White Shark Bread/Freaky Finger Bread (3.6)3.6


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E07Quazy for Vanessa/Tunnel of Fear4.153
1S01E08Driver's Breaducation/Food Fight Club4.050
1S01E09Diner Ducks/Switcheroo4.047
1S02E07Wrath of the Pizza Lord/Shrunken Ducks1.00
1S02E08Trash Bandit/Eat at Pumpers1.00
1S02E05Wolf Head Bread/Rock N' Roar1.00
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