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Chowder (2007 - 2010)

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01The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin/Chowder's Girlfriend (6.9)6.9The Arborians (5.9)5.9Hands on a Big Mixer (6.9)6.9
02Burple Nurples/Shnitzel Makes a Deposit (7.7)7.7Panini for President/Chowder's Babysitter (6.9)6.9The Spookiest House in Marzipan (6.3)6.3
03Grubble Gum/The Cinnamini Monster (7)7.0The Fire Breather/The Flying Flinger Lingons (5.3)5.3The Poultry Geist (6.6)6.6
04The Sing Beans/Certifrycation Class (7.2)7.2The Garage Sale (5.7)5.7The Blast Raz (5.8)5.8
05The Wrong Address/The Wrong Customer (7.4)7.4Hey Hey It's Knishmas (7.5)7.5The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker (5.7)5.7
06Mahjongg Night/Stinky Love (6.6)6.6Chowder's Catering Company/The Catch Phrase (5.6)5.6The Apprentice Scouts (5.7)5.7
07The Thrice Cream Man/The Flibber-Flabber Diet (6.9)6.9The Hot Date/The Shopping Spree (6.6)6.6A Little Bit of Pizzazz! (5.9)5.9
08Gazpacho Stands Up/A Taste of Marzipan (7.3)7.3The Party Cruise/Won-Ton Bombs (6.5)6.5The Birthday Suits (5.8)5.8
09The Puckerberry Overlords/The Elemelons (6.7)6.7Won Ton Bombs (6.2)6.2The Heist (6)6.0
10Sniffleball/Mung on the Rocks (6.7)6.7The Big Hat Biddies/The Deadly Maze (6.8)6.8The Prank (6.2)6.2
11The Heavy Sleeper/The Moldy Touch (6.4)6.4The B.L.T.'s/The Trouble with Truffles (6.2)6.2Old Man Thyme (5.5)5.5
12At Your Service/Chowder and Mr. Fugu (6.8)6.8The Dinner Theater (6.2)6.2Chowder's Magazine (6)6.0
13The Vacation/The Sleep Eater (6)6.0Kid Shnitzel (5.8)5.8Weekend at Shnitzel's (5.8)5.8
14The Bruised Bluenana/Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel (6.3)6.3Gazpacho Fights Back (5.2)5.2Taste Buds (5.8)5.8
15The Thousand Pound Cake/The Rat Sandwich (6.3)6.3Big Ball (6.7)6.7Gazpacho! (6.3)6.3
16Chowder Loses His Hat/Brain Grub (6.4)6.4The Brain Freeze (6.1)6.1The Toots (6.4)6.4
17Shnitzel Quits (7.1)7.1The Snail Car (6.3)6.3Chowder Grows Up (7.7)7.7
18The Broken Part/The Meach Harvest (6.3)6.3The Lollistops (6.2)6.2
19Banned from the Stand/Creme Puff Hands (6)6.0Endive's Dirty Secret/Big Food (5.9)5.9
20The Apprentice Games (6.4)6.4Paint the Town/The Blackout (6.1)6.1
21The Dice Cycle/The Chain Recipe (6.1)6.1
22The Garden/Sheboodles! (6.4)6.4
23Gazpacho Moves In (5.4)5.4
24My Big Fat Stinky Wedding (5.9)5.9
25Apprentice Appreciation Day (6.1)6.1
26The Grape Worm (5.7)5.7
27A Faire to Remember (6.2)6.2
28Tofu Town Showdown (6.4)6.4


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E02Burple Nurples/Shnitzel Makes a Deposit7.771
1S03E17Chowder Grows Up7.772
1S02E05Hey Hey It's Knishmas7.563
1S02E23Gazpacho Moves In5.433
1S02E03The Fire Breather/The Flying Flinger Lingons5.330
1S02E14Gazpacho Fights Back5.233
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