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Code Black (2015 - 2018)

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01Pilot (8.7)8.7Second Year (8.7)8.7Third Year (9.1)9.1
02We Plug Holes (8.5)8.5Life and Limb (9.2)9.2Better Angels (8.3)8.3
03Pre-Existing Conditions (9.2)9.2Corporeal Form (8.1)8.1La Familia (9.1)9.1
04Sometimes It's a Zebra (9)9.0Demons and Angels (9.4)9.4The Same as Air (8.8)8.8
05Doctors with Borders (9.4)9.4Landslide (8.9)8.9Cabin Pressure (9.1)9.1
06In Extremis (9.3)9.3Hero Complex (9.6)9.6Hell's Heart (9.3)9.3
07Buen Árbol (8.6)8.6What Lies Beneath (8.8)8.8Step Up (8.5)8.5
08You Are the Heart (8.7)8.71.0 Bodies (8.5)8.5Home Stays Home (8.5)8.5
09The Son Rises (9.5)9.5Sleight of Hand (9)9.0Only Human (9.5)9.5
10Cardiac Support (9.5)9.5Ave Maria (9.5)9.5Change of Heart (8.3)8.3
11Black Tag (9.5)9.5Exodus (9.3)9.3One of Our Own (9.4)9.4
12The Fog of War (9.2)9.2One in a Million (9)9.0As Night Comes and I'm Breathing (9.4)9.4
13First Date (9.3)9.3Unfinished Business (9.7)9.7The Business of Saving Lives (9.7)9.7
14The Fifth Stage (9.4)9.4Vertigo (8.8)8.8
15Diagnosis of Exclusion (9.6)9.6The Devil's Workshop (9.6)9.6
16Hail Mary (8.6)8.6Fallen Angels (9.7)9.7
17Love Hurts (8.6)8.6
18Blood Sport (8.9)8.9


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E13Unfinished Business9.71223
1S02E16Fallen Angels9.71131
1S03E13The Business of Saving Lives9.7422
1S03E02Better Angels8.3510
1S03E10Change of Heart8.3344
1S02E03Corporeal Form8.1996
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