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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (2012 - )

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01Larry Eats a Pancake (8.2)8.2I'm Going to Change Your Life Forever (7.8)7.8Comedy, Sex and the Blue Numbers (8.2)8.2A Little Hyper-Aware (7.6)7.6You Look Amazing in the Wind (7.9)7.9I'll Go If I Don't Have to Talk (8.4)8.4Just Tell Him You're the President (8.4)8.4Jim Gaffigan: Stick Around for the Pope (7.5)7.5Kristen Wiig - The Volvo-ness (7.3)7.3Zach Galifianakis: From the Third Reich to You (7.6)7.6Eddie Murphy: I Just Wanted To Kill (8.2)8.2
02Mad Man in a Death Machine (7.9)7.9I Like Kettlecorn (7.8)7.8How Would You Kill Superman? (7.4)7.4Two Polish Airline Pilots (7.7)7.7I'm Wondering What It's Like to Date Me (6.6)6.6Always Do the Banana Joke First (7.7)7.7If You See This on a Toilet Seat, Don't Sit Down (7.6)7.6Margaret Cho: You Can Go Cho Again (7.2)7.2Norm MacDonald: A Rusty Car in the Rain (7.8)7.8Dave Chappelle: Nobody Says, "I Wish I Had a Camera" (7.4)7.4Seth Rogen: We Have The Meats (7.5)7.5
03A Monkey and a Lava Lamp (7.4)7.4No Lipsticks for Nuns (7.5)7.5Comedy Is a Concealed Weapon (7.8)7.8Opera Pimp (7.1)7.1Smoking Past the Band (7.7)7.7We Love Breathing What You're Burning, Baby (7.5)7.5Stroked Out on a Hot Machine (6.5)6.5Judd Apatow: Escape from Syosset (7.1)7.1Cedric the Entertainer: Dictators, Comics and Preachers (7)7.0Ellen DeGeneres: You Said It Wasn't Funny (7.5)7.5Ricky Gervais: China Maybe? Part 1 (8.1)8.1
04Just a Lazy Shiftless Bastard (7.7)7.7You'll Never Play the Copa (7.7)7.7So You're Mellow and Tense? (6.3)6.3It's Like Pushing a Building Off a Cliff (7.2)7.2Happy Thanksgiving, Miranda (4)4.0The Comedy Team of Smug and Arrogant (7.4)7.4It's Great That Garry Shandling Is Still Alive (8.2)8.2J.B. Smoove (7.1)7.1Lewis Black: At What Point Am I Out From Under? (6.8)6.8Tracy Morgan: Lasagna With Six Different Cheeses (6.6)6.6Ricky Gervais: China Maybe? Part 2 (8.2)8.2
05A Taste of Hell from on High (6.9)6.9Really?! (7)7.0Feces Are My Purview (7.5)7.5The Sound of Virginity (7.8)7.8I Wasn't Told About This... (7.1)7.1That's the Whole Point of Apartheid, Jerry (7.5)7.5I Don't Think That's Bestiality (7.3)7.3Lorne Michaels: Everybody Likes to See the Monkeys (6.7)6.7Christoph Waltz: Champagne, Cigars, and Pancake Batter (6.4)6.4Brian Regan: Are There Left Handed Spoons? (7.1)7.1Matthew Broderick: These People That Do This Stuff. They Stink. (7.6)7.6
06Unusable on the Internet (7.4)7.4Kids Need Bullying (7.9)7.9The Over-Cheer (7.5)7.5I'm Going to Take a Percocet and Let That One Go (6.7)6.7Cut Up and Bloody But Looking Good (7.5)7.5Mr. Ferrell, for the Last Time, We're Going to Ask You to Put the Cigar Out (7.7)7.7John Oliver: What Kind of Human Animal Would Do This? (8)8.0Bob Einstein: It's Not So Funny When It's Your Mother (7.5)7.5Dana Carvey: Na.. Ga.. Do.. It (7.6)7.6Jamie Foxx: You Got To Get The Alligator Sweat (7.9)7.9
07You Don't Want to Offend a Cannibal (6.3)6.3The Last Days of Howard Stern (6.9)6.9Jimmy Fallon: The Unsinkable Legend: Part 1 (7.1)7.1Hasan Minhaj: Nobody Cries At A Joke (6.4)6.4Sebastian Maniscalco: My Wife Didn't Know The Extent Of It (6.6)6.6
08I Hear Downton Abbey Is Pretty Good... (7)7.0Jimmy Fallon: The Unsinkable Legend: Part 2 (7.3)7.3Neal Brennan: Red Bottom Shoes Equals Fantastic Babies (6.9)6.9Martin Short: A Dream World Of Residuals (7.7)7.7
09I Want Sandwiches, I Want Chicken (8.4)8.4I'm Dying, Jerry (6.3)6.3John Mulaney: A Hooker in the Rain (7.3)7.3Mario Joyner: He Should Have Been Done That (7)7.0
10It's Bubbly Time, Jerry (8.8)8.8Kate McKinnon: A Brain In A Jar (7.6)7.6Melissa VillaseƱor (6.6)6.6
11Alec Baldwin: Gyrating, Naked Twister (7.9)7.9Bridget Everett: Still Hot To The Touch (6.7)6.7
12Jerry Lewis: Heere's Jerry! (7.8)7.8Barry Marder: Big Lots and BevMo! (6.5)6.5


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E10It's Bubbly Time, Jerry8.8582
1S06E01I'll Go If I Don't Have to Talk8.4389
1S07E01Just Tell Him You're the President8.4511
1S03E04So You're Mellow and Tense?6.3244
1S01E07You Don't Want to Offend a Cannibal6.3255
1S05E04Happy Thanksgiving, Miranda4.0552
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