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Conan: The Adventurer (1992 - 1993)

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01The Night of the Fiery Tears (7.5)7.5Curse of Axh'oon (7.8)7.8
02Blood Brother (7.6)7.6The Red Brotherhood (7.6)7.6
03Star of Shadizar (7.7)7.7Return to Tarantia (8.2)8.2
04Greywolf of Xanthus (7.5)7.5Birth of Wrath-amon (8.4)8.4
05Shadow Walkers (7.2)7.2In Days of Old (7.3)7.3
06Conan the Gladiator (7.4)7.4Tribal Warfare (8.1)8.1
07The Heart of Rakkir (8.1)8.1Labors of Conan (7.4)7.4
08The Claw of Heaven (7.5)7.5Thunder & Lightning (7.6)7.6
09Windfang's Eyrie (7.8)7.8Earthbound (8.2)8.2
10Men of Stone (7.5)7.5The Queen of Stygia (7.8)7.8
11The Serpent Riders of Set (7.3)7.3The Crevasse of Winds (7.9)7.9
12The Terrible Torrinon (7.6)7.6Bones of Damballa (7.6)7.6
13Seven Against Stygia (7.5)7.5The Master Thief of Shadizar (7.5)7.5
14The Vengeance of Jhebbal Sag (7.9)7.9
15Dregs-amon the Great (7.7)7.7
16An Evil Wind in Kusan (7.3)7.3
17Conan of the Kosaki (7.6)7.6
18The Treachery of Emperors (7.2)7.2
19Dragon's Breath (7.7)7.7
20A Needle in a Haystack (7.5)7.5
21Torrinon Returns (8)8.0
22The Stealer of Souls (7.6)7.6
23The Amulet of Vathelos (7.9)7.9
24Hanuman the Ape God (7.4)7.4
25Nature of the Beast (7.7)7.7
26Final Hours of Conan (7.6)7.6
27Isle of the Naiads (8.2)8.2
28Blood of My Blood (7.9)7.9
29Amra the Lion (8.1)8.1
30City of the Burning Skull (7.8)7.8
31Down to the Dregs (7.9)7.9
32The Wolfmother (7.4)7.4
33The Last Dagger of Manir (7.5)7.5
34Cornucopia of Grondar (7.6)7.6
35When Tolls the Bell of Night (8)8.0
36The Frost Giant's Daughter (7.8)7.8
37Son of Atlantis (7.8)7.8
38Thorns of Midnight (7.9)7.9
39Turn About Is Foul Play (7.8)7.8
40Sword, Sai & Shuriken (7.2)7.2
41Full Moon Rising (7.7)7.7
42The Sword of Destiny (7.3)7.3
43The Book of Skelos (8)8.0
44The Vale of Amazons (7.7)7.7
45Conn Rides Again (8.1)8.1
46Escape of Ram-amon (7.8)7.8
47The Star Metal Monster (8)8.0
48Once & Future Conan (8.8)8.8
49Into the Abyss (7.8)7.8
50A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 1 (8.8)8.8
51A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 2 (8.8)8.8
52A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 3 (8.5)8.5


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E51A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 28.813
1S02E50A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 18.813
1S02E48Once & Future Conan8.812
1S02E40Sword, Sai & Shuriken7.212
1S02E18The Treachery of Emperors7.212
1S01E05Shadow Walkers7.221
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