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CSI: Miami (2002 - 2012)

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01Golden Parachute (7.3)7.3Blood Brothers (7.6)7.6Lost Son (7.7)7.7From the Grave (7.2)7.2Rio (7.3)7.3Dangerous Son (7.6)7.6Resurrection (7.9)7.9Out of Time (8)8.0Fallen (8)8.0Countermeasures (7.6)7.6
02Losing Face (7.5)7.5Dead Zone (7.2)7.2Pro Per (7.2)7.2Blood in the Water (7.2)7.2Going Under (7.3)7.3Cyber-Lebrity (7.5)7.5Won't Get Fueled Again (7.5)7.5Hostile Takeover (7.6)7.6Sudden Death (7.3)7.3Stiff (7.4)7.4
03Wet Foot/Dry Foot (7.1)7.1Hard Time (7.5)7.5Under the Influence (7.2)7.2Prey (6.7)6.7Death Pool 100 (7.4)7.4Inside Out (7.6)7.6And How Does That Make You Kill? (7.7)7.7Bolt Action (7.1)7.1See No Evil (7.5)7.5Blown Away (7.5)7.5
04Just One Kiss (7.2)7.2Death Grip (7.3)7.3Murder in a Flash (6.9)6.948 Hours to Life (6.8)6.8If Looks Could Kill (7)7.0Bang, Bang, Your Debt (7.8)7.8Raging Cannibal (7.4)7.4In Plane Sight (7.2)7.2Manhunt (7.3)7.3Look Who's Taunting (7.6)7.6
05Ashes to Ashes (7)7.0The Best Defense (7.1)7.1Legal (7.1)7.1Three-Way (7.3)7.3Death Eminent (7.3)7.3Deep Freeze (7.3)7.3Bombshell (7.7)7.7Bad Seed (7.6)7.6Sleepless in Miami (7.5)7.5Killer Regrets (7.3)7.3
06Broken (7.3)7.3Hurricane Anthony (7.2)7.2Hell Night (7.1)7.1Under Suspicion (7.6)7.6Curse of the Coffin (7.6)7.6Sunblock (7.2)7.2Wrecking Crew (7.6)7.6Dude, Where's My Groom? (7.3)7.3Reality Kills (6.9)6.9By the Book (7.2)7.2
07Breathless (7.2)7.2Grand Prix (6.7)6.7Crime Wave (7.6)7.6Felony Flight (6.8)6.8High Octane (7.1)7.1Chain Reaction (7.5)7.5Cheating Death (7.6)7.6Bone Voyage (7.7)7.7On the Hook (7.2)7.2Sinner Takes All (7.2)7.2
08Slaughterhouse (7.6)7.6Big Brother (7.2)7.2Speed Kills (7)7.0Nailed (7.6)7.6Darkroom (7.4)7.4Permanent Vacation (7.4)7.4Gone Baby Gone (7.9)7.9Point of Impact (7.3)7.3Happy Birthday (7.1)7.1Dead Ringer (7.5)7.5
09Kill Zone (7.5)7.5Bait (7)7.0Pirated (6.9)6.9Urban Hellraisers (7)7.0Going, Going, Gone (7.2)7.2Stand Your Ground (7.7)7.7Power Trip (7.6)7.6Kill Clause (7.5)7.5Blood Sugar (7)7.0A Few Dead Men (7.4)7.4
10A Horrible Mind (7)7.0Extreme (7)7.0After the Fall (7.1)7.1Shattered (7.2)7.2Come as You Are (7)7.0CSI: My Nanny (7.4)7.4The DeLuca Motel (7.9)7.9Count Me Out (7.3)7.3Match Made in Hell (7.4)7.4Long Gone (7.3)7.3
11Camp Fear (7.2)7.2Complications (7)7.0Addiction (7)7.0Payback (7.1)7.1Backstabbers (7.3)7.3Guerillas in the Mist (7.1)7.1Tipping Point (7.5)7.5Delko for the Defense (7.6)7.6F-T-F (7.3)7.3Crowned (7.3)7.3
12Entrance Wound (6.9)6.9Witness to Murder (7.5)7.5Shootout (7.1)7.1The Score (7)7.0Internal Affairs (7.5)7.5Miami Confidential (7.4)7.4Head Case (7.5)7.5Show Stopper (7.4)7.4Wheels Up (7)7.0Friendly Fire (7.3)7.3
13Bunk (7)7.0Blood Moon (6.7)6.7Cop Killer (6.9)6.9Silencer (7.1)7.1Throwing Heat (7.2)7.2Raising Caine (7.6)7.6And They're Offed (7.5)7.5Die by the Sword (7.2)7.2Last Stand (7.7)7.7Terminal Velocity (7.3)7.3
14Forced Entry (7.1)7.1Slow Burn (7.1)7.1One Night Stand (6.8)6.8Fade Out (7)7.0No Man's Land (7.6)7.6You May Now Kill the Bride (7.1)7.1Smoke Gets in Your CSIs (8.2)8.2In the Wind (7.9)7.9Stoned Cold (7.6)7.6Last Straw (7.2)7.2
15Dead Woman Walking (7.5)7.5Stalkerazzi (7)7.0Identity (7.5)7.5Skeletons (7.3)7.3Man Down (7.6)7.6Ambush (8.1)8.1Presumed Guilty (7.6)7.6Miami, We Have a Problem (7.4)7.4Blood Lust (7.6)7.6No Good Deed (7.2)7.2
16Evidence of Things Unseen (6.7)6.7Invasion (6.9)6.9Nothing to Lose (7.3)7.3Deviant (7)7.0Broken Home (7.3)7.3All In (8)8.0Sink or Swim (7.8)7.8L.A. (7.5)7.5Hunting Ground (7.5)7.5Rest in Pieces (7.5)7.5
17Simple Man (7.1)7.1Money for Nothing (7.2)7.2Money Plane (6.9)6.9Collision (7.2)7.2A Grizzly Murder (7.2)7.2To Kill a Predator (7.2)7.2Divorce Party (7.6)7.6Getting Axed (7.2)7.2Special Delivery (7.2)7.2At Risk (7.3)7.3
18Dispo Day (7.6)7.6Wannabe (7.3)7.3Game Over (7.1)7.1Double Jeopardy (7.3)7.3Triple Threat (7.7)7.7Tunnel Vision (7.2)7.2Flight Risk (7.4)7.4Dishonor (7.3)7.3About Face (7.8)7.8Law & Disorder (7.6)7.6
19Double Cap (6.7)6.7Deadline (6.8)6.8Sex & Taxes (7.1)7.1Driven (7.1)7.1Bloodline (7.2)7.2Rock and a Hard Place (7.6)7.6Target Specific (7.8)7.8Spring Breakdown (7.4)7.4Caged (7.2)7.2Habeas Corpse (8)8.0
20Grave Young Men (7)7.0The Oath (6.8)6.8Killer Date (7.4)7.4Free Fall (7.2)7.2Rush (7.1)7.1Down to the Wire (7.9)7.9Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing (7.7)7.7Backfire (6.9)6.9Paint It Black (7.6)7.6
21Spring Break (7.2)7.2Not Landing (7)7.0Recoil (7.4)7.4Dead Air (6.9)6.9Just Murdered (7.3)7.3Going Ballistic (8.2)8.2Chip/Tuck (7.7)7.7Meltdown (7.4)7.4G.O. (7.4)7.4
22Tinder Box (7.3)7.3Rap Sheet (6.7)6.7Vengeance (7.5)7.5Open Water (6.6)6.6Burned (7.3)7.3Dead on Arrival (7.5)7.5Mommie Deadest (7.8)7.8Mayday (7.8)7.8
23Freaks and Tweaks (7.1)7.1MIA/NYC Nonstop (7.7)7.7Whacked (7.2)7.2Shock (7.2)7.2Kill Switch (7.2)7.2Collateral Damage (7.6)7.6Time Bomb (8.1)8.1
24Body Count (7.5)7.5Innocent (7.1)7.110-7 (7.6)7.6Rampage (7.8)7.8Born to Kill (7.5)7.5Dissolved (7.9)7.9All Fall Down (8.4)8.4
25One of Our Own (7.7)7.7Seeing Red (7.8)7.8


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S08E24All Fall Down8.4270
1S06E21Going Ballistic8.2285
1S07E14Smoke Gets in Your CSIs8.2236
1S02E07Grand Prix6.7299
1S02E13Blood Moon6.7254
1S04E22Open Water6.6247
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