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Damages (2007 - 2012)

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01Pilot (8.5)8.5I Lied, Too. (8.3)8.3Your Secrets Are Safe (8.3)8.3There's Only One Way to Try a Case (7.9)7.9You Want to End This Once and for All? (8.6)8.6
02Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker (8.1)8.1Burn It, Shred It, I Don't Care. (8)8.0The Dog Is Happier Without Her (8)8.0I've Done Way Too Much for This Girl (8)8.0Have You Met the Eel Yet? (8.5)8.5
03And My Paralyzing Fear of Death (8.1)8.1I Knew You Were a Pig (8)8.0Flight's at 11:08 (7.9)7.9I'd Prefer My Old Office (8)8.0Failure Is Failure (8.5)8.5
04Tastes Like a Ho-Ho (8.2)8.2Hey! Mr. Pibb! (8.4)8.4Don't Throw That at the Chicken (8)8.0Next One's on Me, Blondie (7.9)7.9I Love You, Mommy (8.2)8.2
05A Regular Earl Anthony (8)8.0I Agree, It Wasn't Funny (8.2)8.2It's Not My Birthday (7.9)7.9We'll Just Have to Find Another Way to Cut the Balls Off of This Thing (8)8.0There's Something Wrong with Me (8)8.0
06She Spat at Me (8.2)8.2A Pretty Girl in a Leotard (8.4)8.4Don't Forget to Thank Mr. Zedeck (8.1)8.1Add That Little Hopper to Your Stew (7.8)7.8I Need to Win (8.3)8.3
07We Are Not Animals (8.2)8.2New York Sucks (8.3)8.3You Haven't Replaced Me (8)8.0I'm Worried About My Dog (7.9)7.9The Storm's Moving In (8.3)8.3
08Blame the Victim (8.1)8.1They Had to Tweeze That Out of My Kidney (8.4)8.4I Look Like Frankenstein (8.1)8.1The War Will Go on Forever (8.2)8.2I'm Afraid of What I'll Find (8.4)8.4
09Do You Regret What We Did? (8.3)8.3You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant (8)8.0Drive It Through Hardcore (8)8.0There's a Whole Slew of Ladies with Bad Things to Say About the Taliban (7.9)7.9I Like Your Chair (8.6)8.6
10Sort of Like a Family (8.5)8.5Uh Oh, Out Come the Skeletons (8.4)8.4Tell Me I'm Not Racist (8)8.0Failure is Lonely (8.4)8.4But You Don't Do That Anymore (8.8)8.8
11I Hate These People (8.8)8.8London. Of Course (8.4)8.4All That Crap About Your Family (8.4)8.4
12There's No 'We' Anymore (8.7)8.7Look What He Dug Up This Time (8.5)8.5You Were His Little Monkey (8.5)8.5
13Because I Know Patty (8.9)8.9Trust Me (8.8)8.8The Next One's Gonna Go in Your Throat (8.7)8.7


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E13Because I Know Patty8.9426
1S05E10But You Don't Do That Anymore8.8290
1S01E11I Hate These People8.8377
1S03E05It's Not My Birthday7.9248
1S04E01There's Only One Way to Try a Case7.9274
1S04E06Add That Little Hopper to Your Stew7.8198
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