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Dance Academy (2010 - 2013)

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01Learning to Fly (8)8.0In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated (9.3)9.3Glue (8.9)8.9
02Week Zero (7.8)7.8Dream Life (8.9)8.9New Rules (8.3)8.3
03Behind Barres (7.9)7.9Faux Pas De Deux (8.8)8.8Second Chances (8)8.0
04Minefield (8.2)8.2Legends (8.4)8.4Short Cut Clause (8.6)8.6
05Real Men Don't Dance (8.2)8.2Showcase (9)9.0Negative Patterns (8.7)8.7
06Perfection (8.7)8.7Like No One's Watching (8.8)8.8Fake It Until You Make It (8.8)8.8
07Crush Test Dummies (8.3)8.3A Choreographed Life (8.9)8.9Graceland (8.7)8.7
08Growing Pains (8)8.0Connectivity (8.6)8.6Travelling Light (8.4)8.4
09Heartbeat (8.4)8.4The Break (8.5)8.5Don't Let Me Down Gently (8.4)8.4
10Through the Looking Glass (8.1)8.1Good Life (8.7)8.7N'Fektd (8.1)8.1
11One Perfect Day (8.1)8.1Self Sabotage (8.6)8.6Start of an Era (8.6)8.6
12Pressure (8.2)8.2Breaking Pointe (8.5)8.5The Perfect Storm (8.1)8.1
13Family (8.4)8.4Backstab (8.6)8.6Not for Nothing (9.2)9.2
14Turning Pointes (8.1)8.1Rescue Mission (8.7)8.7
15My Life en Pointe (8.4)8.4Moving On (8.7)8.7
16Free Falling (8.5)8.5Origins (8.7)8.7
17A Midsummer's Night's Dream (8.3)8.3Love and War (8)8.0
18Betty Bunheads (8.4)8.4Catch Me If I Fall (8.6)8.6
19Fairest and Best (8.6)8.6The Naturals (8.4)8.4
20Ballet Fever (8.7)8.7Tick, Question Mark, Cross (8.5)8.5
21Fear of Missing Out (8.6)8.6Ladder Theory (8.7)8.7
22Flight or Fight Response (8.1)8.1Win or Lose (8.7)8.7
23Best Friends Forever (8.6)8.6Love It or Fight It (8.3)8.3
24Heatwave (8.4)8.4The Prix De Fonteyn (9.4)9.4
25The Deep End (8.7)8.7The Second (9.2)9.2
26Learning to Fly: Part 2 (8.6)8.6The Red Shoes (9.2)9.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E24The Prix De Fonteyn9.462
1S02E01In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated9.345
1S03E13Not for Nothing9.226
1S03E03Second Chances8.024
1S01E03Behind Barres7.942
1S01E02Week Zero7.848
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