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Dark Matter (2015 - 2017)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Pilot - Part 1 (7.5)7.5Welcome to Your New Home (8)8.0Being Better Is So Much Harder (7.9)7.9
02Pilot - Part 2 (7.4)7.4Kill Them All (8.4)8.4It Doesn't Have to Be Like This (7.9)7.9
03Episode #1.3 (7.5)7.5I've Seen the Other Side of You (7.6)7.6Welcome to the Revolution (7.3)7.3
04Episode #1.4 (7.7)7.7We Were Family (7.9)7.9All the Time in the World (8.7)8.7
05Episode #1.5 (7.4)7.4We Voted Not to Space You (8.1)8.1Give It Up, Princess (7.7)7.7
06Episode #1.6 (7.7)7.7We Should Have Seen This Coming (7.5)7.5One Last Card to Play (7.7)7.7
07Episode #1.7 (8.1)8.1She's One of Them Now (7.9)7.9Wish I Could Believe You (7.7)7.7
08Episode #1.8 (7.8)7.8Stuff to Steal, People to Kill (8.1)8.1Hot Chocolate (8)8.0
09Episode #1.9 (7.7)7.7Going Out Fighting (8.1)8.1Isn't That a Paradox? (8.7)8.7
10Episode #1.10 (8)8.0Take the Shot (7.8)7.8Built, Not Born (8.2)8.2
11Episode #1.11 (8.3)8.3Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the Chance (8.1)8.1The Dwarf Star Conspiracy (8.2)8.2
12Episode #1.12 (8.1)8.1Sometimes in Life You Don't Get to Choose (8.7)8.7My Final Gift to You (8.5)8.5
13Episode #1.13 (8.5)8.5But First, We Save the Galaxy (8.5)8.5Nowhere to Go (8.5)8.5


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E12Sometimes in Life You Don't Get to Choose8.7604
1S03E09Isn't That a Paradox?8.7563
1S03E04All the Time in the World8.7649
1S01E02Pilot - Part 27.41005
1S01E05Episode #1.57.4780
1S03E03Welcome to the Revolution7.3469
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