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Date a Live (2013 - )

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01April 10 (8.3)8.3Daily Life (8.4)8.4The Seventh Spirit (8.7)8.7
02Another Close Encounter (8.4)8.4Children of the Storm (8.4)8.4Can You Find Me? (9.2)9.2
03For the Sky and the Sword (8.7)8.7Two Wishes (8.3)8.3You're Natsumi (8.8)8.8
04Unhappy Rain (8.1)8.1Manifestation (8.4)8.4Transformation (8.6)8.6
05The Freezing Ground (8.1)8.1Diva (8.3)8.3Despair Comes Crashing Down (8.8)8.8
06Hot Springs of Love (8.3)8.3Girls Music (8.2)8.2Crossroads (8.9)8.9
07The Visitors (8.7)8.7The Army-Destroying Songstress (8.1)8.1The Power Given (8.7)8.7
08Triple Frenzy (8.8)8.8The Promise to Keep (8.1)8.1Demon King of Descending Darkness (9)9.0
09Raging Nightmare (8.7)8.7The Truth About Miku (8.3)8.3Tengu City, Five Years Ago (8.7)8.7
10Spirit of Fire (8.6)8.6Inversion (8.7)8.7Another World, Another Girl (8.7)8.7
11Countdown (8.5)8.5OVA: Kurumi Star Festival/Encore (8.9)8.9Angel of the Starry Night (9.2)9.2
12Things You Can't Give Up (8.5)8.5Make Shido Itsuka Swoon (8.4)8.4
13OVA: Date to Date (8)8.0


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E11Angel of the Starry Night9.222
1S03E02Can You Find Me?9.224
1S03E08Demon King of Descending Darkness9.019
1S01E05The Freezing Ground8.128
1S02E08The Promise to Keep8.118
1S01E13OVA: Date to Date8.026
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