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Descendants: Wicked World (2015 - )

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Show RatingShow Title
01Evie's Explosion of Taste (8.3)8.3Slumber Party (8.1)8.1
02Mal's Digi-Image Problem (7.9)7.9Odd Mal Out (8.3)8.3
03Audrey's New Do? New Don't! (7.6)7.6Pair of Sneakers (8.4)8.4
04Careful What You Wish For (7.9)7.9Wild Rehearsal (8.1)8.1
05Voodoo? You Do (7.9)7.9Chemical Reaction (7.9)7.9
06Lamp Sweet Lamp (8.3)8.3Talking Heads (8.4)8.4
07Genie Chic (8)8.0Steal Away (8.2)8.2
08Puffed Deliciousness (8)8.0Evil Among Us (8.1)8.1
09Good Is the New Bad (7.7)7.7Options Are Shrinking (7.3)7.3
10Spirit Day (7.7)7.7Party Crasher (6.8)6.8
11I'm Your Girl (7.3)7.3Mal-lone (7.9)7.9
12Mash It Up (7.7)7.7Trapped (8.1)8.1
13All Hail the New Q.N.L.B. (8.1)8.1Face to Face (7.8)7.8
14Mad for Tea (8.2)8.2United We Stand (8.2)8.2
15Carpet Jacked (8.5)8.5Jewel-bilee (7.5)7.5
16The Night Is Young (8.2)8.2
17Neon Lights Out (8.2)8.2
18Hooked on Ben (8.4)8.4
19Wish Granted (7.7)7.7
20Neon Lights Ball (8.2)8.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E15Carpet Jacked8.519
1S02E06Talking Heads8.417
1S02E03Pair of Sneakers8.419
1S01E11I'm Your Girl7.328
1S02E09Options Are Shrinking7.312
1S02E10Party Crasher6.813
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