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Destination Truth (2007 - )

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00Sea Monster/Bat Demon (6.5)6.5
01Ri/Iguanodon (7.4)7.4Yeti (7.4)7.4Haunted Forest/Alux (7.6)7.6Poltergeists of Pompeii/Nandi Beast (7.6)7.6Vietnam's Bigfoot (7.6)7.6
02Haunted Village/Naga (7.5)7.5Haunted Island & Devil Worm (7.3)7.3Island of the Dolls/Lusca (8)8.0Spirits of Angkor Wat/Canadian Lake Monster (6.8)6.8Return to the Haunted Forest/Belize Goblin (7)7.0
03Ropen/Chupacabra (7.4)7.4Wild Man & Swamp Dinosaur (7.1)7.1King Tut's Curse/Swamp Ape (7.3)7.3Ghosts of Haboro/Mngwa (7.4)7.4Ghosts of Cannibal Village/Kapre (7.5)7.5
04Bigfoot/Nahuelito (6.5)6.5Tarasque/Popobawa (7.3)7.3Ghosts of Chernobyl/Sal'awa (7.6)7.6Ghost Fleet/Japanese River Monster (7.1)7.1Alien Invaders/Swedish Lake Monster (7.2)7.2
05Mamlambo/Tokoloshe (7.5)7.5Flying Dinosaur & Sloth Monster (7.2)7.2Alien Monsters/Lake Van Monster (7.7)7.7Siberian Snowman (7.3)7.3Spirits of Tikal/Creature From the Black Lagoon (7.2)7.2
06El Lobizon/El Pombero (7.5)7.5Giant Anaconda (7.6)7.6Chullachaqui/Bermuda Triangle (7.7)7.7Ghosts of Menengai Crater/Kalanoro (6.9)6.9Vampire Monsters/Island of the Damned (7.6)7.6
07The Yowie & Haunted Mosque (7.9)7.9Haunted Lost City/Thunderbird (7.1)7.1Haunted Island Ruins/Moroccan Succubus (6.2)6.2Hanging Coffins/Kazakh Monster (7.6)7.6
08Orang Pendek & Worm Monster (7.7)7.7Werewolf/Arica Monster (7.7)7.7Guam Zombies/Fangalobolo (7)7.0
09Haunted Cave & Burrunjor (7.6)7.6The Bhutan Yeti (7.5)7.5Live from Ireland: The Search for the Banshee Ghost (7.7)7.7
10Ahool & Pinatubo (7.2)7.2Ghosts of Masada/The Leprechaun (7.6)7.6Haunted Island Prison/Ucumar (6.8)6.8
11Aswang & Haunted Forest (8.2)8.2Ghosts of the Great Wall/Israeli Mermaid (7.6)7.6Sandstorm Spirits/Cerro Azul Monster (6.8)6.8
12Issie & Icelandic Elves (7.4)7.4The Jersey Devil/The Yeren (6.6)6.6Jungle Temple Ghosts/Namibian Night Stalker (7.2)7.2
13Ninki Nanka & Kikiyaon (7.1)7.1Haunted Mining Town/The Taniwha (7.4)7.4Thai Tree People/Aiya Napa Monster (6.7)6.7
14Ghost of Petra/The Lizard Man (7.2)7.2Ghosts of Antarctica (7.6)7.6
15Spirits of Easter Island/The Moa (7.6)7.6


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E11Aswang & Haunted Forest8.229
1S03E02Island of the Dolls/Lusca8.035
1S02E07The Yowie & Haunted Mosque7.922
1SUnknoE00Sea Monster/Bat Demon6.50
1S04E07Haunted Island Ruins/Moroccan Succubus6.220
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