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Dickinson (2019 - )

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01Because I Could Not Stop (8)8.0Before I Got My Eye Put Out (8.5)8.5
02I Have Never Seen 'Volcanoes' (8.3)8.3Fame Is a Fickle Food (8.3)8.3
03Wild Nights (8.4)8.4The Only Ghost I Ever Saw (8.7)8.7
04Alone, I Cannot Be (8.2)8.2The Daisy Follows Soft the Sun (8.6)8.6
05I Am Afraid to Own a Body (8.4)8.4
06A Brief But Patient Illness (8.5)8.5
07We Lose - Because We Win (8.6)8.6
08There's a Certain Slant of Light (8.5)8.5
09'Faith' Is a Fine Invention (8.8)8.8
10I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain (8.8)8.8


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E09'Faith' Is a Fine Invention8.8259
1S01E10I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain8.8257
1S02E03The Only Ghost I Ever Saw8.786
1S02E02Fame Is a Fickle Food8.3101
1S01E04Alone, I Cannot Be8.2292
1S01E01Because I Could Not Stop8.0459
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