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Drop Dead Diva (2009 - 2014)

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01Pilot (7.7)7.7Would I Lie to You? (7.6)7.6Hit and Run (7.5)7.5Welcome Back (7.6)7.6Back from the Dead (8.4)8.4Truth & Consequences (7.9)7.9
02The 'F' Word (7.8)7.8Back from the Dead (7.9)7.9False Alarm (7.5)7.5Home (7.5)7.5The Real Jane (8.1)8.1Soulmates? (7.8)7.8
03Do Over (7.5)7.5The Long Road to Napa (7.8)7.8Dream Big (7.7)7.7Freak Show (7.4)7.4Surrogates (7.7)7.7First Date (7.8)7.8
04The Chinese Wall (7.6)7.6Home Away from Home (7.6)7.6The Wedding (7.6)7.6Winning Ugly (7.9)7.9Cheaters (7.8)7.8Life & Death (7.7)7.7
05Lost and Found (7.8)7.8Senti-Mental Journey (7.8)7.8Prom (7.6)7.6Happily Ever After (7.7)7.7Secret Lives (7.8)7.8Cheers & Jeers (7.2)7.2
06Second Chances (7.9)7.9Begin Again (7.8)7.8Closure (7.6)7.6Rigged (7.8)7.8Fool for Love (7.6)7.6Desperate Housewife (7.9)7.9
07The Magic Bullet (7.7)7.7A Mother's Secret (7.7)7.7Mother's Day (7.7)7.7Crushed (8)8.0Missed Congeniality (7.2)7.2Sister Act (7.6)7.6
08Crazy (7.7)7.7Queen of Mean (7.9)7.9He Said, She Said (7.6)7.6Road Trip (8)8.050 Shades of Grayson (7.7)7.7Identity Crisis (7.6)7.6
09The Dress (8)8.0Last Year's Model (7.8)7.8You Bet Your Life (7.6)7.6Ashes to Ashes (7.7)7.7Trust Me (7.6)7.6Hope and Glory (6.7)6.7
10Make Me a Match (7.7)7.7Will & Grayson (8.1)8.1Toxic (7.6)7.6Lady Parts (7.5)7.5The Kiss (6.5)6.5No Return (7.2)7.2
11What If? (8)8.0Good Grief (7.8)7.8Ah, Men (7.7)7.7Family Matters (7.8)7.8One Shot (7.8)7.8Afterlife (8)8.0
12Dead Model Walking (7.8)7.8Bad Girls (7.8)7.8Bride-a-Palooza (7.8)7.8Pick's & Pakes (7.8)7.8Guess Who's Coming (7.5)7.5Hero (7.5)7.5
13Grayson's Anatomy (8.2)8.2Freeze the Day (8.1)8.1Change of Heart (8.3)8.3Jane's Getting Married (7.8)7.8Jane's Secret Revealed (8.2)8.2It Had to Be You (7)7.0


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S05E01Back from the Dead8.4137
1S03E13Change of Heart8.3158
1S05E13Jane's Secret Revealed8.293
1S06E13It Had to Be You7.0111
1S06E09Hope and Glory6.775
1S05E10The Kiss6.582
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