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Eye on Entertainment (2005 - )

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012005 Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party (9.4)9.42007 NAMM Show (9.6)9.62008 NAMM Show (9.2)9.2Interview with Composer Mark Barnes (9.2)9.22010 NAMM Show (8.2)8.2Interview with OCD Expert Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz (9.1)9.1Interview with Ti West and THE INNKEEPERS Stars for More Horror (9.1)9.1Director Jared Masters Unveils New Teaser for SLINK (9.4)9.4
02Interview with Actor James Cromwell (9.4)9.4Interview with Actor Jon Voight (9.6)9.62008 Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party (9.2)9.22009 NAMM Show (9.2)9.2Interview with Filmmaker Kellie Madison (9.1)9.1'Dysfunktion' Stars Guest on EOE Amazon DVD (9.1)9.1Eye on Entertainment Covers NAMM 2013 (9.4)9.4
03Interview with David Carradine (9.4)9.4Interview with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (9.6)9.6Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2008 (9.2)9.22009 Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party (9.2)9.22010 Academy Awards Oscar Red Carpet Roll-Out (8.4)8.4Interview with Filmmaker Ace Jordan (9.1)9.1MoreHorror Interview with 'Nobody Gets Out Alive' Filmmakers (9.1)9.1Eye on Entertainment Covers 2013 Night of 100 Stars (9.4)9.4
04Interview with Singer Lainie Kazan (9.4)9.42007 Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party (9.6)9.6Performance by J. Noize and the Merch Boys (9.2)9.2Interview with Harvey Lowry and Todd Tucker of Drac Studios (9.2)9.22010 Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party (8.2)8.2Interview with Acting Instructor Bob Conrad (9.1)9.1Eye on Entertainment Covers NAMM 2012 (9.1)9.1Legendary Award-winning Actor/Musician Aki Aleong - Part 1 (9.4)9.4
05Interview with Producer Pierre Andre Senizergues (9.6)9.62008 Los Angeles Film Festival (9.2)9.2Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2009 (9.2)9.2Interview with Filmmaker Creep Creepersin (8.2)8.22011 NAMM Show (9.1)9.1MoreHorror Interview with Screenwriter Rob Tobin (9.1)9.1Legendary Award-winning Actor/Musician Aki Aleong - Part 2 (9.4)9.4
06Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2007 (9.6)9.6Interview with Award-winning Actor Ken Howard (9.2)9.2Interview with Producer & International Star Domiziano Arcangeli (8.2)8.22011 Oscar Food & Beverage Sneak Peek (9.1)9.1Shepherd Clark of 'The House of Show' on EOE (9.1)9.1Filmmaker Mark Savage Discusses New Films (9.4)9.4Interviews at FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2014 (10)10.0
072007 Newport Beach Film Festival (9.6)9.6Eli Manning's Giant ESPY Party (9.2)9.2Interview with Actress Rachel Zeskind (8.2)8.22011 Academy Awards Oscar Red Carpet Roll-Out (9.1)9.1MoreHorror Interview with Screenwriter Jonathan Weichsel (9.1)9.1Domiziano Arcangeli Discusses EOTM Awards Nominations on EOE (9)9.0
08Interview with Guitar Player Leslie Stoddard (9.2)9.22010 LA WebFest (8.2)8.22011 Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party (9.2)9.2Domiziano Arcangeli Talks Wrath of Crows at Film-4-Life Event (8.6)8.6
09Interview with Singing Teacher Leanne Summers (9.2)9.2Interview with Filmmaker Ford Austin (8.2)8.2Interview with Cast of 'Rule of Three' (9.1)9.1MoreHorror Covers 'House of Flesh Mannequins' DVD Signing Event (9.1)9.1Diane Chambers of 'Sharknado' from Asylum Films (9.9)9.9
102008 San Diego Asian Film Festival (9.2)9.2Ace Jordan/Taylor Graham/Melinda Bennett of 'Kill Devil Hill' (9.1)9.1MoreHorror Interview with Julie Rose (9.6)9.6
11EOE Covers Creepersin Has Risen from the Grave (9)9.0MoreHorror Presents Ron Overton & Joe Lewis of 'Billy Schultz' (9.2)9.2
12Funny Bone of the 80's at the Television Academy of Arts & Sciences (9.2)9.2Interview with Actress Kari Nissena of 'Callous' (8.4)8.4Interview with Craig 'Burnie' Burns (9.1)9.1MoreHorror Presents Gregory Blair, Bill Oberst Jr. and Roxy Shih of 'Deadly Revisions' (9.2)9.2
13Diversity Awards 2005 (9.4)9.4Tucker Smallwood at the Rogue Machine Theatre Benefit (9.2)9.2Interview with Filmmaker David Stay (8.2)8.2Interview with John DiFusco at Beyond Baroque (9.1)9.1MoreHorror Interview with Rob Tobin by Stan Goodrich (8.7)8.7
14Singer Kris Searle Performs at Time Warner Cable Studio (9.2)9.2Interview with Actor Hector Luis Bustamante (8.2)8.2Interview with Tucker Smallwood of 'The Sunset Limited' (9.1)9.1EOE Covers '2012 Night of 100 Stars' Oscar Party (8.8)8.8
15Terry Dexter Sings on EOE (9.2)9.22009 Daytime EMMY Awards (8)8.0Interview with Filmmaker Timothy Tau (9.1)9.1MoreHorror Interview at 'Quantum Cops' Premiere at Web Series Unplugged (8.7)8.7
16Mickey Rooney Honored at Thalians Ball (9.2)9.2Interview with Cast of 'The Devil Within' (8.2)8.2Kelvin Han Yee and Margarita Pidgeon at 2011 LAAPFF (8.9)8.9MoreHorror Interview with Eric Shapiro and Richmond Riedel of 'The Devoted' (8.8)8.8
17Interview with Death Row Records Executive John Payne (9.2)9.22010 Los Angeles Film Festival (8.2)8.2EOE Interview with Beth Lapides of '100% Happy 88% of the Time' (9.1)9.1Eye on Entertainment Covers 2012 Newport Beach Film Festival (8.4)8.4
18Loft Ensemble Rehearsal of Award-winning Play 'Tracers' (8.2)8.2Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2011 (9.1)9.1Eye on Entertainment Covers 2012 LAAPFF (8.4)8.4
192010 U.S. Open of Surfing (8.2)8.2Interview with Filmmaker Thom Michael Mulligan (9.1)9.1Domiziano Arcangeli of Waiting for Dracula (9.9)9.9
20Interview with Producer Michael Emanuel (8.4)8.4Creep Creepersin Discusses Martial Arts/Comedy "Another Superhero Movie" on EOE (9)9.0Stephen McGovern Is AP/Stunt Coordinator on Shadow of the Monarch (8.4)8.4Miss WIND International Film Festival 2017 Interviews on Red Carpet (8.2)8.2
21Interview with Filmmaker Matthew William Dean of Blood Trail (9.1)9.1Stan Goodrich Plays Scientist in Shadow of the Monarch (9.4)9.4
222010 Callous Launch Party at Busby's East (8.5)8.5Interview with Filmmaker and Actor Anthony De Longis of Blood Trail (9.1)9.1Actor Lejon Stewart Guests on Eye on Entertainment (8.5)8.5Behind the Scenes of Nemesis 5 (10)10.0
23Interview with Filmmaker and Actor Joey Lanai (8.1)8.1Interview with Producer Jonathan Heap (9.1)9.1Interview with Award-winning Director Randy Kent (9.4)9.4
24Interview with Cast of 'Enemy Mind' (7.8)7.8Interview with Filmmaker Marc Wasserman (9.1)9.1Gregory Blair Debuts Deadly Revisions (9.4)9.4Dawna on the Red Carpet at the 2017 WIND International Film Festival (8.1)8.1
25Interview with Drummer Eric Seats (8.1)8.1Interview with Producer & Actress Cindy Baer (9.1)9.1Audition for Majestic Visions Productions (8.4)8.4WIND International Film Festival 2017 Special (6.6)6.6
26Interview with Writer/Filmmaker Matt Dean (7.8)7.8Val Tasso and David Bianchi of 'Dysfunktion' (9)9.0Pole Dancing for Feature Film Roberto at OC Pole Fitness (9.3)9.3
27Interview with Actor Kevin Sorbo (7.8)7.8Interview with Timothy Tau and Joshua Murphy of 'Quantum Cops' (9.1)9.1Award-winning Actor Micaal Stevens Guests on EOE (8.4)8.4
282010 Comic-Con (7.8)7.8Interview with Jerry Moore of 'Monster Madhouse' (9.1)9.1Filmmaker Todd Braley Guests on EOE (8.5)8.5
29Virus X Party for 2010 Shriekfest Film Festival (8.4)8.4Timothy Tau, Feodor Chin and Joshua Murphy of "Quantum Cops" (5)5.0Dark Ronin Films CEO Shannon Lanier Guests on EOE (8.3)8.3
30Interview with Dahmer vs. Gacy Stars at 2010 SoCal Film Festival (7.8)7.8Interview with CEO of Empire Films Domiziano Arcangeli (9.1)9.1'Dark Ronin' Producer Suzanne Stephens Breitenbach on EOE (8.4)8.4
31Interview with Cast of 'Golden Boy' (7.8)7.8Interview with Actress & Producer Kari Nissena (9.1)9.1J. Kristopher of Tragedy of a Mother and Son (8.4)8.4
32Interview with Alyssa and Athena Lobit of 'The Things We Carry' (7.8)7.8Sharon Doyle and Joao Vincent Lewis Guest on EOE (9.1)9.1Filmmaker Romane Simon of Then the Night Comes Guests on EOE (9.3)9.3
332010 ScaryorDie.com Awards Event (8.4)8.4Interview with Filmmaker Max Bartoli of ATLANTIS DOWN (9.3)9.3Director Mark Savage of Circus of Dread Guests on EOE (9.4)9.4
34Interview with Cast of 'Target Practice' (7.8)7.8Interview with R.A. Mihailoff (9.1)9.1
35Interview with Cast of 'Mental Scars 2' (7.2)7.2Interview with Musician Renah Wolzinger (9.1)9.1
36Cast of 'Monster Killers Club' (8.2)8.2Eye on Entertainment Interview with Great Mother Fumie Lee (9.1)9.1
37Interview with John Stark and John Di Fusco of 'Nightsong for the Boatman' (8.1)8.12011 Shriekfest Film Festival (9.1)9.1
382010 'Two Minutes to Save Lives' API Event (8.1)8.1Interview with Award-winning Actress Sally Kirkland (9.1)9.1
392010 Laemmle Theatre Showing of 'Nude Nuns with Big Guns' (8)8.02011 Shockfest Film Festival for MoreHorror.com (9.1)9.1
40Interview with Bob King and Chris Mulkey of Lisa Schahet's (818) (8.1)8.1Clint Howard at Shockfest 2011 for MoreHorror.com (9.2)9.2
41Interview with Filmmaker Frederick Friedel (8.3)8.3Scream for a Cause Charity Event (9.1)9.1
422010 Cape Soiree Red Carpet Event (8.1)8.1EOE Interview with Actor & Writer Gregory Blair (9.1)9.1
43December 2010 BleedFest Film Festival (8.3)8.3
442011 American Film Market (8.1)8.1


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S13E22Behind the Scenes of Nemesis 510.00
1S10E06Interviews at FANtastic Horror Film Festival 201410.00
1S08E19Domiziano Arcangeli of Waiting for Dracula9.914
1S06E35Interview with Cast of 'Mental Scars 2'7.20
1S13E25WIND International Film Festival 2017 Special6.60
1S07E29Timothy Tau, Feodor Chin and Joshua Murphy of "Quantum Cops"5.0795
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