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F Is for Family (2015 - )

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01The Bleedin' in Sweden (7.5)7.5Heavy Sledding (8.2)8.2Are You Ready for the Summer? (7.7)7.7Father Confessor (8)8.0
02Saturday Bloody Saturday (7.8)7.8A Girl Named Sue (7.7)7.7Paul Lynde to Block (7.8)7.8Nothing is Impossible (7.8)7.8
03The Trough (7.8)7.8The Liar's Club (8)8.0The Stinger (7.7)7.7Bring Me a Tooth (7.9)7.9
04'F' Is for Halloween (7.8)7.8Night Shift (7.8)7.8Mr. Murphy's Wild Ride (7.8)7.8The "B" Word (8.1)8.1
05Bill Murphy's Day Off (8.3)8.3Breaking Bill (7.8)7.8Battle of the Sexes (7.7)7.7Just Breathe (7.8)7.8
06O Holy Moly Night (8.4)8.4This Is Not Good (8.2)8.2Punch Drunk (7.9)7.9Come to Papa (8.2)8.2
07Fight Night (8.2)8.2Summer Vacation (8.1)8.1R is for Rosie (7.5)7.5
08F Is for Fixing It (8)8.0It's In His Blood (8.2)8.2Murphy and Son (8.3)8.3
09Pray Away (8.3)8.3Frank the Father (8.3)8.3Land Ho! (8)8.0
10Landing the Plane (8.8)8.8Bill Murphy's Night Off (8.4)8.4Baby, Baby, Baby (8.6)8.6


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E10Landing the Plane8.8498
1S04E10Baby, Baby, Baby8.6305
1S01E06O Holy Moly Night8.4691
1S02E02A Girl Named Sue7.7478
1S04E07R is for Rosie7.5322
1S01E01The Bleedin' in Sweden7.5962
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