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Falcon Crest (1981 - 1990)

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01In His Father's House (7.3)7.3The Challenge (7.4)7.4Cimmerean Dawn (7.6)7.6Requiem (7.5)7.5The Phoenix (7.2)7.2Aftershocks (7.8)7.8Opening Moves (7.1)7.1Changing Times (6.9)6.9The Price of Freedom (5.8)5.8
02A Time for Saboteurs (6.6)6.6The Arrival (7.2)7.2Penumbra (7.2)7.2Father's Day (7.4)7.4Unfinished Business (6.9)6.9Living Nightmare (6.7)6.7Obsession, Possession (6.5)6.5Farewell My Lovelies (6)6.0Charley (5.7)5.7
03The Tangled Vines (6.8)6.8Troubled Waters (6.8)6.8Conspiracy (7.4)7.4Strangers (7.3)7.3Blood Brothers (6.5)6.5The Stranger Within (6.2)6.2Redemption (5.9)5.9Dust to Dust (5.3)5.3Flesh & Blood (5.2)5.2
04The Harvest (6.9)6.9Murder One (7)7.0Partners (7.4)7.4The Outcasts (7.3)7.3Echoes (7.1)7.1Fatal Attraction (6.7)6.7The Big Bang (5.6)5.6Jeopardy (5.5)5.5Payback (5.1)5.1
05Tony Comes Home (6.9)6.9The Exposé (6.9)6.9Judge and Jury (7.4)7.4Shadows (7.4)7.4Ingress & Egress (6.5)6.5Perilous Charm (6.5)6.5Dead End (5.7)5.7Tuscany Venus (5.2)5.2Soul Sacrifice (4.7)4.7
06Kindred Spirits (6.7)6.7Home Away from Home (7)7.0The Wages of Sin (7.2)7.2Lord of the Valley (7.4)7.4Sharps & Flats (6.9)6.9Flash Point (6.4)6.4New Faces (5.7)5.7Liars Anonymous (5.7)5.7God of the Grape (5)5.0
07The Extortionist (7.1)7.1The Namesake (6.8)6.8The Last Laugh (7.3)7.3The Intruder (7.4)7.4Changing Partners (6.7)6.7Double Jeopardy (6.5)6.5Sweet Revenge (6)6.0Life with Father (5.3)5.3Doctor Dollars (4.8)4.8
08Lord of the Manor (7.1)7.1Choices (6.5)6.5Solitary Confinements (7.5)7.5Pain and Pleasure (7.3)7.3Storm Warnings (7.1)7.1Nepotism (8)8.0Manhunt (6.8)6.8Solomon's Choice (5.5)5.5Luck Wave (4.5)4.5
09Dark Journey (6.1)6.1The Vigil (6.9)6.9Chameleon Charades (7.1)7.1The Trump Card (7.3)7.3The Naked Truth (6.4)6.4Slow Seduction (8.1)8.1Hunter's Moon (5.9)5.9Suspicion (5.4)5.4Merry Christmas, Charley (5.1)5.1
10Victims (6.9)6.9Confrontations (6.8)6.8Double Dealing (7.2)7.2Tarentella (7.2)7.2Inconceivable Affairs (6.8)6.8Maggie (7.7)7.7Lovers and Friends (5.7)5.7There Goes the Bride (4.9)4.9Danny (4.8)4.8
11For Love or Money (7)7.0United We Stand... (7)7.0The Betrayal (7.4)7.4Going Once, Going Twice (7.4)7.4Strange Bedfellows (6.9)6.9Hot Spots (7)7.0Across the Bridge (5.1)5.1True Confessions (5.4)5.4Time Bomb (4.8)4.8
12Family Reunion (7.7)7.7...Divided We Fall (7.4)7.4Coup d'Etat (7.5)7.5The Triumvirate (7.2)7.2False Hope (7.2)7.2False Front (7.8)7.8Twist and Shout (5.1)5.1And Baby Makes Three (5.6)5.6Madness Descending (4.6)4.6
13The Candidate (7.2)7.2Pas De Deux (7.1)7.1No Trespassing (7.3)7.3Winner Take All (7.2)7.2Fair Game (7.3)7.3Missed Connections (6.3)6.3Rescue Me (6.7)6.7Dinner at Eight (5.5)5.5Four Women (4.7)4.7
14House of Cards (7.3)7.3Above Suspicion (7)7.0Sport of Kings (7.4)7.4Suitable for Framing (7.6)7.6Conundrum (6.4)6.4Dark Passion (7.1)7.1Hornet's Nest (5.8)5.8Uneasy Allies (5.7)5.7Brotherly Love (4.8)4.8
15Heir Apparent (7.2)7.2Broken Promises (7.1)7.1Queen's Gambit (7.4)7.4Vicious Circle (7.3)7.3Checkmate (6.4)6.4When the Bough Breaks (6.5)6.5The Uncertainty Principle (6.4)6.4The Vigil (5.2)5.2Finding Lauren (4.8)4.8
16The Good, the Bad, and the Profane (7.4)7.4Deliberate Disclosure (7)7.0Bitter Harvest (7.3)7.3Insult and Injury (7.3)7.3Collision Course (6.8)6.8The Cradle Will Fall (6.2)6.2A Madness Most Discreet (6.4)6.4Missing Links (5.8)5.8Walking Money (5.1)5.1
17Penultimate Questions (7.5)7.5Love, Honor and Obey (6.7)6.7Power Play (7.2)7.2Acid Tests (7.2)7.2Shattered Dreams (6.7)6.7Topspin (6.4)6.4Stormy Weather (7)7.0Resurrection (5.7)5.7Vigil (5)5.0
18Ultimate Answers (7.2)7.2Separate Hearts (7)7.0Changing Times (7.3)7.3The Showdown (7.1)7.1Gambit Exposed (6.9)6.9A Piece of Work (6.3)6.3Legacies (5.6)5.6Enquiring Minds (6.2)6.2Dark Streets (5)5.0
19The Odyssey (6.6)6.6The Aftermath (7.6)7.6Retribution (7.5)7.5Finders and Losers (6.9)6.9Dance of Deception (6.5)6.5Wheels Within Wheels (7.1)7.1Grand Delusions (6.6)6.6Crimes of the Past (4.9)4.9
20Ultimatums (7)7.0Tests of Faith (7.6)7.6Forsaking All Others (7.2)7.2Flesh and Blood (6.7)6.7Hat Trick (6.4)6.4Channing vs. Channing (6.2)6.2Ties That Bind (5.5)5.5The Return (4.8)4.8
21Maelstrom (7.1)7.1Little Boy Blue (7.9)7.9Recriminations (7.2)7.2Law and Ardor (6.8)6.8Battle Lines (6.5)6.5False Faces (6.5)6.5The Last Laugh (5.5)5.5Danny's Song (5.5)5.5
22Climax (7.5)7.5The Gathering Storm (7.5)7.5House Divided (7.3)7.3Hidden Meanings (7.1)7.1Nowhere to Run (6.5)6.5Dirty Tricks (5.8)5.8Decline and Fall (5.8)5.8Home Again (7.4)7.4
23Final Countdown (7.2)7.2The Trial (7.2)7.2In Absentia (7.1)7.1Cold Hands (6.3)6.3Flying Blind (6.9)6.9
24Love's Triumph (7.5)7.5Justice for All (7)7.0Unholy Alliances (6.5)6.5Body and Soul (6.2)6.2The Key to Angela (7.1)7.1
25Win, Place, and Show (7.3)7.3Devil's Harvest (7.5)7.5Dangerous Ground (7.1)7.1Loose Cannons (6.2)6.2King's Gambit (7)7.0
26For Better, for Worse (7.8)7.8The Decline... (7.3)7.3Cease and Desist (6.9)6.9The Great Karlotti (6.4)6.4Telling Tales (6)6.0
27The Avenger (7.7)7.7...And the Fall (7.5)7.5Consumed (6.9)6.9Chain Reaction (6.5)6.5As Tears Go By (6.3)6.3
28Ashes to Ashes (7.7)7.7Cold Comfort (7.4)7.4Captive Hearts (7.2)7.2Desperation (7.3)7.3Last Dance (7.4)7.4
29Confessions (7.4)7.4The Cataclysm (7.3)7.3
30The Avenging Angel (7.9)7.9


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S06E09Slow Seduction8.120
1S03E21Little Boy Blue7.922
1S09E13Four Women4.715
1S09E12Madness Descending4.613
1S09E08Luck Wave4.512
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