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Fanboy & Chum Chum (2009 - 2014)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Wiz Boy/Pick a Nose (4.4)4.4I'm Man-Arctica!/No Toy Story (4.4)4.4
02The Janitor Strikes Back/Dollar Day (4.6)4.6Game Boy/Crib Notes (5.2)5.2
03Trading Day/The Hard Sell (4.3)4.3Schoolhouse Lock/Back from the Future (5.4)5.4
04Digital Pet Cemetery/Fanboy Stinks (5.9)5.9Tooth or Scare/The Big Bopper (5.6)5.6
05I, Fanbot/Berry Sick (4.4)4.4Present Not Accounted For/The Sword in the Throne (5.4)5.4
06Chimp Chomp Chumps/Precious Pig (5.5)5.5Brain Freeze (6.3)6.3
07Fangboy/Monster in the Mist (6.4)6.4Slime Day/Boog Zapper (6.2)6.2
08Brain Drain/Fanboyfriend (5.8)5.8Risky Brizness/Kids in the Hall (5.5)5.5
09Chicken Pox/Moppy Dearest (5)5.0Field Trip of Horrors/Frosty Mart Dream Vacation (4.5)4.5
10Norse-ing Around/The Janitor's Apprentice (5.6)5.6There Will Be Shrieks (5.9)5.9
11Excuse Me/Night Morning (5.7)5.7Igloo of Irritation/HypnotOZed (4.1)4.1
12Marsha, Marsha, Marsha/Secret Shopper (5.8)5.8Robo-mance/Rattleskunkupine! (5.5)5.5
13Prank Master/Little Glop of Horrors (6)6.0Bubble Trouble/Lucky Chums (3.5)3.5
14Total Recall/Refill Madness (4.6)4.6The Last Strawberry Fun Finger/Power Out (5.4)5.4
15The Frosty Bus/The Tell-Tale Toy (5.6)5.6Dental Illness/Champ of Chomp (5.5)5.5
16Cold War/Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble (3.9)3.9Get You Next Time/Lice Lice Baby (4.6)4.6
17Sigmund the Sorcerer/Fanboy A'hoy! (5.8)5.8A Very Brrr-y Icemas (5.9)5.9
18Fan vs. Wild/The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy (5.2)5.2Funny Face/Put That Cookie Down! (4.6)4.6
19Separation Anxiety/Strings Attached (5.8)5.8Two Tickets to Paladise/The Winners (6.1)6.1
20Book Report of the Dead/Stan-Arctica (5.8)5.8Hex Games/Speed Eraser (5.1)5.1
21Man-Arctica the Ride/Fanbidextrous (4.9)4.9Heroes vs. Villains/Face-Eating Aliens from Planet X (4.5)4.5
22Saving Private Chum Chum/Jingle Fever (5.6)5.6The Cold Rush/Camp-Arctica (4.9)4.9
23Eyes on the Prize/Battle of the Stands (4.7)4.7Normal Day/Buddy Up (4.1)4.1
24Lord of the Rings/The Incredible Chulk (5.1)5.1Freezy Freaks/Microphonies (4.4)4.4
25Norse Code/The Great Bicycle Mystery (4.8)4.8Super Chums (5)5.0
26A Bopwork Orange/Freeze Tag (5.5)5.5Secret Club/Attack of the Clones (5.2)5.2


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E07Fangboy/Monster in the Mist6.420
1S02E06Brain Freeze6.315
1S02E07Slime Day/Boog Zapper6.215
1S02E11Igloo of Irritation/HypnotOZed4.116
1S01E16Cold War/Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble3.923
1S02E13Bubble Trouble/Lucky Chums3.517
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