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Farouk Omar (2012 - 2012)

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Show RatingShow Title
01During His Youth (9)9.0
02Islam Begins (9.1)9.1
03Abu Lahab (9.1)9.1
04Family Affairs (9.2)9.2
05Torture Begins (9.2)9.2
06Bilal Gains Freedom (9.2)9.2
07Hijrah to Abissinia (9.2)9.2
08Omar embraces Islam (9.5)9.5
09Boycott Against Muslims (9)9.0
10Hijrah to Yathrib (9.4)9.4
11Battle of Badr (9.4)9.4
12Prisoners of the Battle of Badr (9.2)9.2
13Battle of Uhud & Khandaq (9.3)9.3
14Treaty of Hudaybiyah (9.2)9.2
15Abu Baseer (9.2)9.2
16Khalid & Amr embrace Islam (9.3)9.3
17Death of The Prophet (9.5)9.5
18Abu Bakr becomes caliph (9.3)9.3
19Rise of Sajah (9)9.0
20Battle Against Musailimah (9.2)9.2
21Battle Against Persians (9.3)9.3
22Omar Becomes the Second Caliph (9.6)9.6
23Battle of Yarmuk (9.4)9.4
24Battle in Syria (9.1)9.1
25Omar and His Subjects (9.1)9.1
26Conquest of Damascus (9.4)9.4
27Battle of Qadisiya (9.4)9.4
28Battle of Madain (9.6)9.6
29Famine Year (9.1)9.1
30Last Days of Omar (9.4)9.4
31Plague, conquest of Egypt and death of Umar: Part 2 (9.5)9.5


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E22Omar Becomes the Second Caliph9.637
1S01E28Battle of Madain9.637
1S01E31Plague, conquest of Egypt and death of Umar: Part 29.538
1S01E01During His Youth9.087
1S01E19Rise of Sajah9.035
1S01E09Boycott Against Muslims9.038
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