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Finding Carter (2014 - 2015)

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Show RatingShow Title
01Pilot (8.2)8.2Love the Way You Lie (8.4)8.4
02The Birds (7.9)7.9Shut Up and Drive (6.5)6.5
03Drive (7.9)7.9We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (6.4)6.4
04Now You See Me (8)8.0Pretty When You Cry (6.7)6.7
05The Heat (8.2)8.2Wake Up Call (6.3)6.3
06The Fugitive (7.8)7.8Stay with Me (6.7)6.7
07Throw Momma from the Train (8.6)8.6Something to Talk About (6.5)6.5
08Half Baked (6.8)6.8Riptide (7)7.0
09Do the Right Thing (6.7)6.7I Knew You Were Trouble (6.6)6.6
10Love Story (8.3)8.3Rumour Has It (6.3)6.3
11The Long Goodbye (8.3)8.3Wrecking Ball (6.7)6.7
12One Hour Photo (8.4)8.4I'm Not the Only One (6.9)6.9
13Native Son (6.5)6.5
14Anywhere But Here (6)6.0
15Rabbit, Run (5.9)5.9
16The Sound and the Fury (5.8)5.8
17The Consequences of Longing (6)6.0
18She's Come Undone (5.9)5.9
19Never Let Me Go (5.9)5.9
20The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (5.9)5.9
21The Death of the Heart (6.3)6.3
22The Corrections (6.1)6.1
23The Sheltering Sky (5.9)5.9
24Atonement (7.1)7.1


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E07Throw Momma from the Train8.6108
1S01E12One Hour Photo8.4118
1S02E01Love the Way You Lie8.4107
1S02E18She's Come Undone5.958
1S02E19Never Let Me Go5.958
1S02E16The Sound and the Fury5.859
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