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Forensic Files (1996 - 2011)

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00The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping: Investigation Reopened (7.8)7.8
01The Disappearance of Helle Crafts (7.6)7.6The Common Thread (7.5)7.5Without a Trace (7.2)7.2Invisible Intruder (7.7)7.7Badge of Deceit (7.2)7.2Missing in Time (7)7.0The Cheater (7.3)7.3Dessert Served Cold (6.7)6.7Road Rage (6.9)6.9Trial by Fire (6.9)6.9Naughty or Nyce (6.6)6.6Sharper Image (7.7)7.7Frozen Assets (6.8)6.8Purebread Murder (7.5)7.5Payback (7.1)7.1Eight Men Out (7.3)7.3
02The Magic Bullet (7.5)7.5The Dirty Deed (7)7.0Knot for Everyone (7)7.0The Killing Room (7.1)7.1Dew Process (7.3)7.3Missing Pearl (6.8)6.8Forever Hold Your Peace (7.4)7.4The Music Case (7)7.0Hunter or Hunted? (6.7)6.7Marked for Life (7.4)7.4Going for Broke (6.6)6.6Insulated Evidence (6.9)6.9House Hunting (7)7.0Hear No Evil (6.9)6.9See No Evil (6.9)6.9The J.F.K. Assassination: Investigation Reopened (7.5)7.5
03The House That Roared (6.6)6.6Killer Fog (6.9)6.9The Talking Skull (7.4)7.4Ultimate Betrayal (6.9)6.9A Woman Scorned (6.9)6.9Man's Best Friend? (7)7.0Reel Danger (7)7.0Paintball (7.3)7.3In Harm's Way (6.6)6.6Plastic Puzzle (7.2)7.2Just Desserts (6.9)6.9Cold Hearted (6.8)6.8Shoot to Thrill (7.1)7.1Hell's Kitchen (6.7)6.7The Buddhist Monk Murders (7.5)7.5
04The Footpath Murders (7.6)7.6Sex, Lies and DNA (7.3)7.3Foreign Body (7.1)7.1Cement the Case (6.8)6.8A Voice from Beyond (7.7)7.7Hand Delivered (6.8)6.8A Bite Out of Crime (6.3)6.3Sign Here (6.9)6.9No Corpus Delicti (6.9)6.9Up in Smoke (6.7)6.7Sunday's Wake (7)7.0Wheel of Misfortune (7.1)7.1Political Thriller (7.4)7.4Three's a Crowd (7.2)7.2
05Planted Evidence (6.5)6.5Bitter Potion (7.5)7.5Deadly Delivery (7)7.0Innocence Lost (7.1)7.1Burning Ambition (6.9)6.9Death Play (6.9)6.9The Alibi (7.1)7.1Shadow of a Doubt (7.1)7.1News at 11 (6.8)6.8Soiled Plan (6.8)6.8Shattered Dreams (7.1)7.1Quite a Spectacle (6.8)6.8Double Cross (7.5)7.5A Squire's Riches (7.2)7.2
06Southside Strangler (7.3)7.3The Blood Trail (7.3)7.3Similar Circumstances (7.3)7.3'Til Death Do Us Part (7.4)7.4Memories (7.2)7.2Fire Dot Com (7.2)7.2Palm Print Conviction (6.8)6.8Tourist Trap (7.3)7.3Burning Desire (6.5)6.5Headquarters (6.6)6.6Dockter Visit (7.4)7.4Transaction Failed (7)7.0Dancing with the Devil (6.9)6.9Home of the Brave (7.1)7.1
07Legionnaires' Disease (6.9)6.9Fatal Fungus (7)7.0Grave Evidence (6.8)6.8Ties That Bind (7.5)7.5Trail of Truth (7.2)7.2Mistaken for Dead (7.5)7.5Purr-Fect Match (7.1)7.1Once Bitten (7.2)7.2Cloak of Deceit (7.2)7.2One for the Road (6.9)6.9Murder She Wrote (6.9)6.9The Day the Music Died (7.8)7.8Last Dance (6.8)6.8Freeze Framed (7.5)7.5
08The Wilson Murder (6.7)6.7Charred Remains (7.4)7.4Deadly Formula (7.1)7.1Body of Evidence (7.5)7.5Material Evidence (7.3)7.3Frozen Evidence (6.7)6.7Bio-Attack (6.9)6.9All Wet (6.9)6.9Bad Medicine (6.8)6.8Army of Evidence (7)7.0Concrete Alibi (7.3)7.3Sole Survivor (7.2)7.2Constructive Criticism (6.7)6.7Touch of Evil (6.9)6.9
09Deadly Neighborhoods (6.4)6.4Something's Fishy (7.7)7.7Beaten by a Hair (7.3)7.3Accident or Murder? (7.3)7.3'Kill'igraphy (7.4)7.4Soft Touch (6.6)6.6A Shot in the Dark (6.4)6.4Shot of Vengeance (7.1)7.1Stick 'em Up (7.3)7.3Shear Luck (6.9)6.9Key Evidence (7)7.0Insignificant Others (6.8)6.8Home Evasion (7.3)7.3Textbook Murder (7)7.0
10Insect Clues (6.7)6.7Sealed with a Kiss (7.1)7.1Crime Seen (7.3)7.3Core Evidence (6.8)6.8Nursery Crimes (6.6)6.6Church Disappearance (7.2)7.2Without a Prayer (6.9)6.9Dinner and a Movie (7.1)7.1Head Games (6.8)6.8Tagging a Suspect (7.4)7.4The Gambler (6.8)6.8Catch 22 (6.9)6.9Window Watcher (7.2)7.2Filtered Out (7)7.0
11Outbreak (6.9)6.9Postal Mortem (7.1)7.1Speck of Evidence (7.2)7.2Haunting Vision (7.9)7.9Lasting Impression (6.9)6.9Photo Finish (7.3)7.3A Clutch of Witnesses (6.8)6.8A Wrong Foot (7.1)7.1Making the Collar (6.9)6.9Strong Impressions (7.3)7.3Weakest Link (6.7)6.7A Cinderella Story (7)7.0Stranger in the Night (7.5)7.5Water Logged (7.9)7.9
12The List Murders (8.4)8.4Micro-Clues (7.3)7.3Broken Bond (7)7.0With Every Breath (7)7.0Foundation of Lies (7.2)7.2Whodunit (7)7.0A Vow of Silence (6.8)6.8Order Up (6.7)6.7The Financial Downfall (7.2)7.2Cereal Killer (7.5)7.5Capitol Crimes (7.3)7.3Screen Pass (7)7.0Kidnapping (7.3)7.3Social Circle (7.7)7.7
13Raw Terror (7)7.0Deadly Parasites (7)7.0Out of the Ashes (7.5)7.5Slippery Motives (7)7.0Unholy Vows (6.7)6.7Horse Play (7.2)7.2When the Dust Settled (6.6)6.6A Daughter's Journey (7.8)7.8Crash Course (6.9)6.9Undertaken (6.9)6.9Pressed for Crime (6.8)6.8Sands of Crime (7.5)7.5Low Maintenance (7)7.0
14Broken Promises (7.4)7.4Treads and Threads (7.2)7.2Elephant Tracks (6.8)6.8A Welcome Intrusion (7.1)7.1Over a Barrel (6.7)6.7A Leg Up on Crime (7.5)7.5Dark Waters (6.7)6.7Finger Pane (6.8)6.8Calculated Coincidence (7.2)7.2Fate Date (7.5)7.5
15Time Will Tell (7.3)7.3Killer's 'Cattle' Log (7.5)7.5Who's Your Daddy (6.7)6.7Within Arm's Reach (7)7.0Pinned by the Evidence (7)7.0Tight-fitting Genes (7.1)7.1Nice Threads (7.2)7.2Good as Gold (7)7.0Sworded Scheme (7.4)7.4Trail of a Killer (7.4)7.4
16Second Shot at Love (7.2)7.2Skin of Her Teeth (7.6)7.6Within a Hair (6.9)6.9Private Thoughts (6.8)6.8Cries Unheard (6.7)6.7Deadly Valentine (6.9)6.9Grave Danger (7.8)7.8Freedom Fighter (7.4)7.4Unmasked (7.1)7.1Gone Ballistic (7.1)7.1
17Journey to Justice (6.7)6.7Line of Fire (6.8)6.8Chief Evidence (6.9)6.9Brotherhoods (6.6)6.6Buried Treasure (6.7)6.7Picture This (6.8)6.8Internal Affair (6.8)6.8Dog Day Afternoon (6.9)6.9Fashion Police (7.1)7.1Seeing Red (7.1)7.1
18Video Diary (6.8)6.8Bad Blood (7.9)7.9A Bitter Pill to Swallow (7.2)7.2Hair of the Dog (6.5)6.5Badge of Betrayal (7.7)7.7Oily in the Morning (6.9)6.9A Case of the Flue (7)7.0Shattered Innocence (6.8)6.8Church Dis-Service (7.1)7.1Auto-Motive (6.6)6.6
19Deadly Knowledge (7.1)7.1Pure Evil (7.6)7.6Breaking the Mold (7.3)7.3Breaking News (7)7.0Deadly Matrimony (7.5)7.5Gold Rush (7.4)7.4No Safe Place (7)7.0All Butt Certain (7.8)7.8Seedy Intentions (7.8)7.8Skeleton Key (6.7)6.7
20Root of All Evil (7)7.0Telltale Tracks (7.1)7.1All the World's a Stage (7)7.0Muddy Waters (7)7.0Four on the Floor (7.4)7.4Live Wire (7.3)7.3Jean Pool (7)7.0DNA Dragnet (7.3)7.3Funeral Services (6.6)6.6
21Where the Blood Drops (6.4)6.4Ghost in the Machine (6.5)6.5The Big Chill (6.7)6.7Point of Origin (7.6)7.6Writer's Block (6.7)6.7Vanished (7.4)7.4Traffic Violations (7)7.0Smiley Face (7.5)7.5Expert Witness (6.7)6.7
22Punch Line (7)7.0A Leg to Stand On (6.8)6.8Bound for Jail (7.1)7.1Seeds for Doubt (6.9)6.9A Clean Getaway (6.7)6.7A Novel Idea (7.3)7.3Brotherly Love (7)7.0Dirty Laundry (7)7.0
23Sibling Rivalry (6.9)6.9Partners in Crime (6.4)6.4Sphere of Influence (6.9)6.9Saving Face (7.1)7.1Prints Among Thieves (7)7.0Chief Suspect (7.4)7.4Disrobed (7.3)7.3Drowning Sorrows (6.8)6.8
24Pastoral Care (6.6)6.6The Metal Business (6.8)6.8Nailed (6.7)6.7Northern Exposure (7)7.0Unholy Alliance (7)7.0Water Hazard (6.8)6.8Driven to Silence (7.1)7.1As-Fault (6.7)6.7
25Bagging a Killer (7.2)7.2Dressed to Kill (7.3)7.3Sign of the Zodiac (7.6)7.6Silk Stalkings (7)7.0Signed, Sealed, and Delivered (7.4)7.4Shell Game (7.2)7.2Printed Proof (7.2)7.2Family Ties (7.9)7.9
26Sip of Sins (7.4)7.4Double Trouble (6.6)6.6Frozen in Time (6.9)6.9Letter Perfect (6.9)6.9Fishing for the Truth (7.5)7.5Cop Out (7.6)7.6Ring Him Up (7.6)7.6About Face (6.9)6.9Trouble Brewing (6.8)6.8
27Cats, Flies and Snapshots (6.6)6.6Cold Storage (6.7)6.7True Lies (6.9)6.9For Love or Money (7.4)7.4Summer Obsession (7.1)7.1Killer Impression (7.2)7.2In the Bag (7.3)7.3Holy Terror (6.6)6.6
28Naked Justice (6.7)6.7Scout's Honor (6.6)6.6Bed of Deceit (6.9)6.9South of the Border (7.3)7.3Elemental Clue (6.4)6.4If I Were You (7.3)7.3Yes in Deed (6.6)6.6Needle in a Haystack (6.9)6.9
29Treading Not So Lightly (7.3)7.3A Touching Recollection (7)7.0Smoke in Your Eyes (6.7)6.7The Stake-Out (6.9)6.9Moss, Not Grass (6.7)6.7As the Tide Turns (6.9)6.9Guarded Secrets (6.9)6.9Room with a View (7)7.0
30Shopping Spree (7.1)7.1Tooth or Consequences (6.9)6.9Flower Power (7)7.0Walking Terror (7.3)7.3Material Witness (7)7.0A Tight Leash (7.1)7.1Smoking Out a Killer (7)7.0Dollars and Sense (6.6)6.6
31A Bag of Evidence (6.7)6.7Past Lives (7)7.0Garden of Evil (7.3)7.3Muffled Cries (7.2)7.2Hair Line (7.4)7.4
32Sleight of Hand (6.6)6.6Over and Out (6.8)6.8Sunday School Ambush (7.4)7.4Critical Maneuver (6.6)6.6All That Glitters Is Gold (7.5)7.5
33The Sniffing Revenge (6.3)6.3Death by a Salesman (6.7)6.7Penchant for Poison (6.7)6.7Skirting the Evidence (6.9)6.9Deadly Rebellion (7)7.0
34Fire Proof (7.1)7.1Web of Seduction (7)7.0Bump in the Night (7.1)7.1Small Town Terror (7)7.0Sign of the Crime (6.7)6.7
35Scratching the Surface (6.4)6.4Grounds for Indictment (6.6)6.6Sole Searching (6.5)6.5Fresh Heir (7.1)7.1Covet Thy Neighbor (6.7)6.7
36All Charged Up (6.6)6.6Duelling Confessions (7.3)7.3Murder on the Menu (7.4)7.4Ticker Tape (6.8)6.8Writing on the Wall (7.1)7.1
37X Marks the Spot (7.4)7.4Traces of Truth (6.9)6.9Hot on the Trail (7.6)7.6Step by Step (7.3)7.3Hundreds of Reasons (6.8)6.8
38House Call (6.8)6.8Honor Thy Father (6.8)6.8High 'n' Dry (7.5)7.5Blanket of Evidence (7.1)7.1Cold Feet (7)7.0
39Marathon Man (6.3)6.3Hack Attack (7.1)7.1To the Viktor (7.1)7.1Fired-Up (6.7)6.7Separation Anxiety (7.1)7.1
40The Sniper's Trail (6.7)6.7Deadly Curve (6.6)6.6Wired for Disaster (7.5)7.5Two in a Million (7.6)7.6Office Visit (7)7.0
41Plastic Fire (6.5)6.5Visibility Zero (6.8)6.8Wood-be Killer (7.3)7.3Bitter Brew (7.2)7.2Palm Saturday (7.3)7.3
42Last Will (7.6)7.6Flashover (6.5)6.5Enemy Within (7.1)7.1Message in a Bottle (6.9)6.9Shoe-in for Murder (7.4)7.4
43Family Interrupted (7.8)7.8
44Runaway Love (7.3)7.3
45Watchful Eye (7.4)7.4
46Waste Mis-Management (7.3)7.3
47Dirty Little Secret (8)8.0
48Lights Out (7.5)7.5
49Pet Rock (7.2)7.2
50Best Foot Forward (6.8)6.8


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E12The List Murders8.4108
1S13E47Dirty Little Secret8.078
1S13E25Family Ties7.961
1S07E39Marathon Man6.338
1S07E04A Bite Out of Crime6.328
1S07E33The Sniffing Revenge6.340
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