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Frankie Drake Mysteries (2017 - )

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Show RatingShow Title
01Mother of Pearl (7)7.0The Old Switcheroo (7.6)7.6No Friends Like Old Friends (7.8)7.8Scavenger Hunt (7.9)7.9
02Ladies in Red (7.1)7.1The Last Dance (7.3)7.3Counterpunch (7.1)7.1Prince in Exile (7.9)7.9
03Summer in the City (7.2)7.2Radio Daze (7.7)7.7School Ties, School Lies (7.9)7.9The Girls Can't Help it (7.6)7.6
04Healing Hands (7.3)7.3Emancipation Day (7.4)7.4A Brother in Arms (7.4)7.4
05Out of Focus (7.6)7.6Dressed to Kill (7.5)7.5Things Better Left Dead (8)8.0
06Whisper Sisters (7.4)7.4Extra Innings (7.2)7.2Life on the Line (7.4)7.4
07Ties That Bind (7.5)7.550 Shades of Greyson (7.6)7.6Out on a Limb (7.4)7.4
08The Pilot (7.7)7.7Diamonds Are a Gal's Best Friend (7.7)7.7Ward of the Roses (7.2)7.2
09Ghosts (7.8)7.8Dealer's Choice (7.7)7.7A History of Violins (7.8)7.8
10Anastasia (7.3)7.3Now You See Her (7.8)7.8A Sunshine State of Mind (7.6)7.6
11Once Burnt Twice Spied (8)8.0


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E11Once Burnt Twice Spied8.095
1S03E05Things Better Left Dead8.061
1S04E02Prince in Exile7.90
1S01E02Ladies in Red7.1144
1S01E01Mother of Pearl7.0186
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