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Fred (2008 - 2010)

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01Fred: May Day (3)3.0Fred's Grandma Has a Secret (3.1)3.1Fred Rescues the Neighborhood Squirrels (3.3)3.3Fred Works at a Tattoo Shop (4.2)4.2
02Fred Loses His Meds (3.6)3.6Fred Goes Camping (2.7)2.7Fred Cooks for Judy (2.9)2.9Fred's Summer Halloween (2)2.0
03Fred Gets Bullied (3.4)3.4Fred Auditions for a Play (2.8)2.8Fred on April Fools Day (1.7)1.7
04Fred Gets Detention (3.5)3.5Fred's Mom Returns (3.1)3.1Fred Goes to the Doctor (1.8)1.8
05Fred Goes to the Dentist (4)4.0Fred: A Star in His Own Mind (2.7)2.7Fred Throws a Party (1.7)1.7
06Fred Stalks Judy (3.8)3.8Fred Sneaks Into Judy's Party (2.8)2.8Fred Gets Dissed at Bible School (1.8)1.8
07Fred on Father's Day (3.2)3.2Fred Tries to Ride a Bike (3.9)3.9Fred Works Out (1.8)1.8
08Fred Goes Swimming (5.3)5.3Fred Runs for President! (3.1)3.1Fred Tries Dancing (1.8)1.8
09Fred Meets Bertha (2.8)2.8Fred Faces a Dirty Campaign (2.7)2.7Fred Sees a Therapist (1.5)1.5
10Fred's Mom Is Missing (3.1)3.1Fred on Election Day (3.4)3.4Fred Goes on a Date with Judy (2.2)2.2
11FRED on Thanksgiving (2.2)2.2Fred Has a Vocal Lesson (1.8)1.8
12Fred Goes Fundraising (1.7)1.7
13Fred Gives Advice (1.7)1.7
14Fred Finds a Creepy Doll (1.8)1.8
36The Babysitter's a Vampire- Official Music Video (5.1)5.1


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E08Fred Goes Swimming5.327
1S01E36The Babysitter's a Vampire- Official Music Video5.125
1S04E01Fred Works at a Tattoo Shop4.219
1S03E13Fred Gives Advice1.717
1S03E12Fred Goes Fundraising1.712
1S03E09Fred Sees a Therapist1.513
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