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Fruits Basket (2019 - )

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01See You After School (8.1)8.1Hello Again (7.8)7.8
02They're All Animals! (8.3)8.3Eat Somen with Your Friends (8.5)8.5
03Let's Play Rich Man-Poor Man! (8.2)8.2Shall We Go and Get You Changed? (7.8)7.8
04What Year Is She? (8.2)8.2I Got Dumped... (8.4)8.4
05I've Been Fooling Myself (9)9.0Wait for Me, Tororo Soba! (8.6)8.6
06Perhaps We Should Invite Ourselves Over (7.9)7.9Are You Really This Stupid? (8.5)8.5
07Spring Comes (8.9)8.9Let's Start the Watermelon Splitting Contest! (9)9.0
08See You When You Get Back (8.8)8.8Well, It's True (8.3)8.3
09Yuki Was My First Love (8.4)8.4My Precious... (9.5)9.5
10It's Valentine's, After All (8.3)8.3Who Are You? (9.3)9.3
11This Is a Wonderful Inn (8.2)8.2All Mine (8.9)8.9
12You Look Like You're Having Fun (8.5)8.5You Cried for Me (8.5)8.5
13How Have You Been, My Brother? (8.2)8.2Sure Thing (8)8.0
14That's a Secret (9.1)9.1I Should Just Die... (8.7)8.7
15I Wouldn't Say That (8.1)8.1See You Later (9)9.0
16She Said Don't Step on Them! (8.4)8.4Ask Him For Me (9.2)9.2
17This Is For Uo-chan! (9.1)9.1You Will, I'm Sure of It (8.6)8.6
18What's Important Is... (8.6)8.6Do You Wanna Kiss? (9.2)9.2
19I'm So Sorry! (7)7.0There's Just No Way! (9)9.0
20I Can't Believe You Picked it Up (7.9)7.9Are You Okay? (8.3)8.3
21I Never Back Down from a Wave Fight (7.3)7.3There Was, Definitely (9.4)9.4
22Because I Was Happy (8.6)8.6That Isn't What I Want (8.5)8.5
23You Look Well... (8.2)8.2It's Cinderella-ish (9.4)9.4
24Let's Go Home (9.5)9.5You're Here, Machi (8.4)8.4
25Summer Will Be Here Soon (9)9.0I'm Different Now (9)9.0


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E24Let's Go Home9.5105
1S02E09My Precious...9.561
1S02E23It's Cinderella-ish9.440
1S02E03Shall We Go and Get You Changed?7.845
1S01E21I Never Back Down from a Wave Fight7.357
1S01E19I'm So Sorry!7.062
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