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Generator Rex (2010 - 2013)

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01The Day That Everything Changed (8.7)8.7Rampage (8.6)8.6Back in Black (9.6)9.6
02String Theory (8.4)8.4Wasteland (9)9.0Crash & Burn (8.5)8.5
03Beyond the Sea (8.9)8.9Lost Weekend (8.9)8.9Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United (8.6)8.6
04Lockdown (8.6)8.6Alliance (9.1)9.1Phantom of the Soap Opera (9)9.0
05The Architect (8.9)8.9Robo Bobo (8.6)8.6Riddle of the Sphinx (9.2)9.2
06Frostbite (9.1)9.1Divided by Six (8.8)8.8Double Vision (9.1)9.1
07Leader of the Pack (8.8)8.8Mixed Signals (8.9)8.9Guy vs. Guy (9)9.0
08Breach (9.3)9.3Outpost (8.6)8.6Black and White (9.1)9.1
09Dark Passage (8.9)8.9Haunted (8.7)8.7Deadzone (9)9.0
10The Forgotten (9)9.0Moonlighting (9.1)9.1Assault on Abysus (9.5)9.5
11Operation: Wingman (9.1)9.1Without a Paddle (8.8)8.8Remote Control (9)9.0
12Rabble (8.8)8.8Written in Sand (9.2)9.2A Brief History of Time (9.1)9.1
13Gravity (8)8.0Night Falls (9)9.0Mind Games (7.5)7.5
14What Lies Beneath (8.7)8.7Hard Target (9)9.0Hermanos (9.1)9.1
15The Hunter (8.5)8.5A Family Holiday (9.3)9.3Target: Consortium (9)9.0
16The Swarm (8.9)8.9Exposed (8.9)8.9Enemies Mine (9.1)9.1
17Basic (8.6)8.6Grounded (8.5)8.5
18Plague (9.2)9.2Six Minus Six (9)9.0Endgame Part 1 (9.1)9.1
19Promises, Promises (9.2)9.2Lions and Lambs (9.4)9.4End Game: Part 2 (8.1)8.1
20Badlands (9.2)9.2
21Payback (9.1)9.1
26Rock My World (7.8)7.8


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S03E01Back in Black9.6104
1S03E10Assault on Abysus9.5100
1S02E19Lions and Lambs9.4108
1S03E26Rock My World7.8101
1S03E13Mind Games7.5102
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