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Ghost Wars (2017 - 2018)

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01Death's Door (6.9)6.9
02The Ghost in the Machine (7.3)7.3
03The Curse of Copperhead Road (7.2)7.2
04The Exorcism of Marcus Moon (7.5)7.5
05Whatever Happened to Maggie Rennie (8)8.0
06We Need to Talk About Abigail (7.8)7.8
07Whistle Past the Graveyard (7.6)7.6
08Two Graves (7.6)7.6
09Post-Apocalypse Now (7.6)7.6
10The Pain Connection (7.5)7.5
11The Feast (7.4)7.4
12There's No More Room in Hell (7.6)7.6
13...My Soul to Keep (7.4)7.4


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E05Whatever Happened to Maggie Rennie8.0170
1S01E06We Need to Talk About Abigail7.8156
1S01E07Whistle Past the Graveyard7.6155
1S01E02The Ghost in the Machine7.3206
1S01E03The Curse of Copperhead Road7.2181
1S01E01Death's Door6.9264
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