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Gidget (1965 - 1966)

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01Dear Diary - Et Al. (7.2)7.2
02In God, and Nobody Else, We Trust (7.4)7.4
03The Great Kahuna (7)7.0
04Daddy Come Home (7)7.0
05Gidget Gadget (6.2)6.2
06A Hearse, a Hearse, My Kingdom for a Hearse (6.3)6.3
07Gidget Is a Proper Noun (6.9)6.9
08Image Scrimmage (6.6)6.6
09Is It Love or Symbiosis? (6.2)6.2
10All the Best Diseases Are Taken (6.6)6.6
11My Ever Faithful Friend (7.4)7.4
12Chivalry Isn't Dead (7.3)7.3
13The War Between Men, Women and Gidget (7)7.0
14Gidget's Foreign Policy (5.9)5.9
15Now There's a Face (7.2)7.2
16Too Many Cooks (7.1)7.1
17I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Think (7.2)7.2
18Like Voodoo (7.3)7.3
19Gidget's Career (7.4)7.4
20Ego-a-Go-Go (7.4)7.4
21In and Out with the In-Laws (7.5)7.5
22We Got Each Other (7)7.0
23Operation Shaggy Dog (6.8)6.8
24Ring-a-Ding-Dingbat (6.7)6.7
25Love and the Single Gidget (7)7.0
26Take a Lesson (8.1)8.1
27Independence: Gidget Style (7.7)7.7
28One More for the Road (6.9)6.9
29Ask Helpful Hannah (6.7)6.7
30A Hard Night's Night (7.9)7.9
31I Have This Friend Who... (7.4)7.4
32Don't Defrost the Alligator (6.6)6.6


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E26Take a Lesson8.137
1S01E30A Hard Night's Night7.927
1S01E27Independence: Gidget Style7.727
1S01E05Gidget Gadget6.228
1S01E09Is It Love or Symbiosis?6.230
1S01E14Gidget's Foreign Policy5.930
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