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Gigolos (2011 - )

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01Date Night (6.3)6.3Gigo-loan (6.1)6.1The Steven Clown Affair (5)5.0Thank the Lords (6.2)6.2Creative Outlet (6.6)6.6I Popped Your Nervous Cherry (6.2)6.2
02All 4 One (5.4)5.4Get Down on the Strip (6)6.0Searching for a Fire Power (6.5)6.5Bro Choice (5.8)5.8Centaur (5.8)5.8Double Date (6.2)6.2
03Release the Kraken! (6.3)6.3The Boyfriend Experience (6.4)6.4Ride Her, Cowboy (5.6)5.6The Spurt Locker (7.2)7.2Officer Nick Hawk (6.4)6.4Brace's Nephews (6.7)6.7
04Three Gigolos and a Baby (5.5)5.5Really Smooth Operators (6.5)6.5Grin & Bear It (7.1)7.1Make Mine a Double (7.1)7.1Rap Battle (6.6)6.6The Ringmaster (5.9)5.9
05Dance Dance Gigoloution (6.3)6.3Poker? Heck, Yeah I'll Poker (5.8)5.8Courtesan Session (6.8)6.8Don't Judge a Gigolo by His Cover (7.1)7.1RIP Zeus (5.1)5.1Monkey Business (5.2)5.2
06Birthday Sex (5.9)5.9An Ex Marks the Spot (6.3)6.3Spanks a Lot (6)6.0Just for Licks (7.1)7.1Buff Bagwell (5.8)5.8A Little Country in You (4.3)4.3
07One Shot, One Opportunity (5.6)5.6Giggle-O's (6.2)6.2Black Cock Down (6.8)6.8And the Winner Is (6.4)6.4Pole a Palooza (5.5)5.5Ultimate Warrior (5.2)5.2
08The Ties That Unbind (4.9)4.9Brotherly Love (5.9)5.9A Decent Proposal (6.2)6.2Smell of Success (6.4)6.4Professor Brace (6)6.0Brace Tries Pulling Out (3.4)3.4
09Lock, Stock & Two Swollen Testicles (6.7)6.7Smile for the Camera (6.4)6.4Top Gun (5.9)5.9
10The Porn Ultimatum (6)6.0Reverend Brace (6.3)6.3Vin Learns to Swim (5.6)5.6


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S04E03The Spurt Locker7.212
1S03E04Grin & Bear It7.112
1S04E04Make Mine a Double7.111
1S01E08The Ties That Unbind4.912
1S06E06A Little Country in You4.312
1S06E08Brace Tries Pulling Out3.40
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