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Gimme a Break! (1981 - 1987)

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01Katie the Crook (7.5)7.5Nell Goes to Jail (8)8.0The Groupie (7.4)7.4New Orleans: Part 1 (7.7)7.7Joey's Train (7.5)7.5Sam Goes to College: Part 1 (8.1)8.1
02A Good Man Is Hard to Find (7.2)7.2Brother Ed and the Hooker (6.6)6.6The Way to a Man's Heart (7.1)7.1New Orleans: Part 2 (7.4)7.4Ship of Fools: Part 1 (6.5)6.5Sam Goes to College: Part 2 (8.3)8.3
03The Second Time Around (7)7.0Sam's Imaginary Friend (6.7)6.7Katie's Commitment (6.2)6.2Nell's Birthday (8.1)8.1Ship of Fools: Part 2 (7.1)7.1Below Sea Level (8.2)8.2
04Mom's Birthday (7.3)7.3Grandpa's Visit (6.7)6.7Joey: Part 1 (7.1)7.1Grandpa's Secret Life (7.4)7.4The Man from Zoron (6.5)6.5Joey Meets Matthew (8.4)8.4
05Do or Diet (7.5)7.5Take My Baby, Please (7.6)7.6Joey: Part 2 (7.2)7.2Sam's First Love (7.8)7.8Addy's Goodbye (6.9)6.9Nell Goes Back to New York (8.4)8.4
06A Man in Nell's Room (7.7)7.7Porko's II (7.3)7.3The Mayor (6.7)6.7Who Dunnit? (7.8)7.8So Long, Jonathan (7)7.0The Apartment (8)8.0
07Your Prisoner is Dead (6.7)6.7The Chief's Gay Evening (6.7)6.7Melissa (6.8)6.8Breakdance (7.1)7.1Mama (7.1)7.1I Love New York (7.9)7.9
08Julie's Rejection (6.8)6.8Katie Steals Julie's Jock (7.4)7.4Nell's Friend (7.4)7.4Daddy's Little Girl (7.2)7.2Sam's Little Girl (7.1)7.1Nell, the Boss (7.4)7.4
09Julie's First Love (6.9)6.9Sam Faces Death (7.3)7.3Grandpa's Rebellion (7.1)7.1Carl's Delicate Moment (7.7)7.7The Elevator (7.4)7.4Harry the Hamster (7.3)7.3
10Nell's Ex (6.1)6.1Nell Goes Door to Door (6.2)6.2A Kanisky Christmas (7.3)7.3Julie's Lie (7.8)7.8Nell's New Car (7.4)7.4Joey the Gambler (7.4)7.4
11Katie the Cheat (6.6)6.6Love Thy Neighbor (7.2)7.2Herbie (7.4)7.4Baby of the Family (7.9)7.9Nell's Gifted Child (6.8)6.8The Scam (7.9)7.9
12The Emergency (7.2)7.2Love, Kidney (7)7.0James Returns (7.4)7.4TV or Not TV (7.2)7.2Katie's Apartment (7.6)7.6Christmas in New York (7.6)7.6
13Nell Goes Home (7.5)7.5Julie Smokes (7.3)7.3Samantha's Protest (7)7.0The Spirit of Christmas (7.2)7.2Nell's Secret Admirer (7.9)7.9
14Samantha Steals a Squad Car (7.5)7.5The Centerfold: Part 1 (6.9)6.9Flashback (8.1)8.1Grandpa's Will (7.4)7.4The Loan (7.7)7.7
15Grandma Fools Around (7.2)7.2The Centerfold: Part 2 (6.7)6.7Knock Three Times (7.6)7.6The Answering Machine (6.9)6.9The Window: Part 1 (7.9)7.9
16Hot Muffins (6.7)6.7The Custody Suit (6.8)6.8Valentine (8.2)8.2The Gift (6.8)6.8Bienvenido, Jonathan (7)7.0The Window: Part 2 (7.4)7.4
17Sam's Affair (7.5)7.5The Return of the Doo-Wop Girls (7.8)7.8The Big Apple: Part 1 (6.9)6.9Alabamy Bound: Part 1 (8)8.0The Gun (7.4)7.4Joey's First Crush (7.4)7.4
18The Robbery (7.6)7.6Eddie Gets Married (6.7)6.7The Big Apple: Part 2 (6.8)6.8Alabamy Bound: Part 2 (8)8.0A Lesson for Nell (7.1)7.1Joey's Teacher (7.2)7.2
19An Unmarried Couple (6.5)6.5Grandpa Robs a Bank (6.9)6.9Rodeo (7.6)7.6Earthquake (7.6)7.6Pride and Prejudice (7)7.0Joey's Hero (7.1)7.1
20Glenlawn Street Blues (7.3)7.3Katie's College (7.6)7.6The Lookalike (7.5)7.5Family Reunion (7.7)7.7Joey, the Gigolo (7.8)7.8
21Nell and the Kid (6.9)6.9The Center (6.7)6.7Cat Story (7.9)7.9Getting to Know You (7.9)7.9Parents' Week: Part 1 (7.3)7.3
22Nell Gets Sick (6.9)6.9Class of '84 (5.6)5.6Police Mamas (7.4)7.4Katie's Korner (8.1)8.1Parents' Week: Part 2 (7.4)7.4
23Monkey See, Monkey Do (7.2)7.2Found Money (7.4)7.4Save the Church (7.1)7.1
24Friendship (6.7)6.7The Purse Snatcher (5.8)5.8Someday My Prince... (7.4)7.4
25Julie's Birthday (7)7.0Mama's Date (8)8.0


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S06E04Joey Meets Matthew8.414
1S06E05Nell Goes Back to New York8.412
1S06E02Sam Goes to College: Part 28.312
1S01E10Nell's Ex6.115
1S05E24The Purse Snatcher5.80
1S03E22Class of '845.611
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