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Gintama (2005 - 2018)

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000Jump Festa Anime Tour 2005 (8.8)8.8
001Temêrâ!! Sore de mo gintama tsuiten no kâ! Zenpen (7.1)7.1Everyone Looks a Little Grown Up After Spring Break (8.8)8.8Nobody with Natural Straight Hair Can Be That Bad/Nobody with Straight Blond Hair Can Be That Good (8.8)8.8You Can Never Pause at the Perfect Time (8.7)8.7The Monster and the Monster's Child (9.1)9.1The Stairs to Adulthood May Not Always Lead Up (9)9.0Try As You Might to Make a Natural Perm Go Away, It Will Always Return (9.1)9.1The Evildoers Who Do Good (9.4)9.4Jump Festa Special White Demon's Birth (9.3)9.3
002Temêrâ!! Sore de mo gintama tsuiten no kâ! Kôhen (7)7.0Everyone Looks Pretty Grown Up After Summer Break (9.2)9.2Kintoki and Gintoki (9.1)9.1Even a Matsui Stick Can't Handle Some Kinds of Dirt (9.1)9.1Leave Letter (9.1)9.1My Bald Dad, My Light-Haired Dad, and My Dad's Glasses (8.5)8.5Flavoring Is Best in Small Quantities (9.2)9.2Rabbits Leap Higher on Moonlit Nights (9.2)9.2Jump Festa Special Gintama (8.6)8.6
003Tennen pâma ni warui yatsu ha inai (7.1)7.1Use a Calligraphy Pen for New Year's Cards/The Heart Comes Before Chocolate (9.2)9.2Kin-san's Kintama (9.4)9.4An Inspector's Love Begins with an Inspection (9)9.0The Song of Samurai (9.2)9.2A Bowl of Ramen (8.7)8.7A Delinquent's Kid Has Long Neck Hair (9.3)9.3Making a Dull World Interesting (9.3)9.3Jump Festa Special The Input of This Super Move is Too Hard and I Can't Pull It Off (9.3)9.3
004Janpu ha tokidoki doyô ni deru kara ki wo tsukero (7.4)7.4Meals Should Be Balanced/We Are All Warriors in the Battle Against Fate (9.2)9.2The Meaning of a Main Character (9.2)9.2Forget Dates, Remember People/You Can Hide Your Porn Mags But You Can't Hide Your *** (8.6)8.6Zura (9.2)9.2One Family (8.5)8.5The Line Between Tenacious and Annoying Is Paper-Thin (9.5)9.5Do Something Uncharacteristic, and Something Uncharacteristic Will Happen (9.4)9.4Jump Festa 2005 Special (8.8)8.8
005Jijii ni natte mo namae de yobi aeru tomodachi wo tsukure (7.4)7.4It's Too Confusing When Talking About the Poster Girl for a Poster Store, So Call Her a Sandwich Board (9.1)9.1Courtesan Turns the Tables (9.3)9.3A Mirror Provides a Frozen Reflection of Both Your Beautiful and Ugly Sides/Nobody Likes the Photo on Their License (9)9.0The Two Fools (9.2)9.2Life, Death, and Shades (8.7)8.7Geezers Carve the Things They Shouldn't Forget into Their Wrinkles (9.3)9.3Several Kings (9.4)9.4Jump Festa 2008 Special (9.3)9.3
006Ichido shita yakusoku ha shinde mo mamore (7)7.0Glasses Are Part of the Soul (9)9.0Inside the Palace!! (9.4)9.4Arriving Late to a Reunion Makes It Hard to Enter (9)9.010 Years (9.3)9.33000 Leagues in Search of a Scabbard (8.5)8.5Machines That Pick Up Useless Habits Are Called People (9.3)9.3The Unemployed Cannot Be Stained By Anything (9.3)9.3Jump Festa 2014 Special (9.3)9.3
007Petto ha kainushi ga sekinin wo motte saigo made mendô wo mimashô (7.1)7.1Glasses Prevent You from Seeing Certain Things (8.7)8.7Five Pinkies (9.6)9.6A Reunion also Brings to the Surface Things You Don't Want to Remember (9.3)9.3Paths (9.3)9.3Total Sadist and Total Sadist (9)9.0Men Must Live Not Long Nor Thick, but Hard (9.2)9.2Always Hold on to Your trumpcard (9.5)9.5Jump Festa 2015 Special (9.2)9.2
008Nebari zuyosa to shitsukosa ha kami hitoe (7.7)7.7Nothing Lasts Forever, Including Parents, Money, Youth, Your Room, Dress Shirts, Me, You, and the Gintama Anime (8.1)8.1Pinky Swear (9.6)9.6When Compared to Time in the Heavens, Fifty Years of Human Life Resembles Naught But Dreams and Lottery Tickets (9.4)9.4The Master of Kouan (9.4)9.4Most Powerful Sword and Worst Dull Blade (8.5)8.5Ogres Are Weak Against Tiny Heroes Like the Inch-High Samurai (9.4)9.4The Creatures Known as Humanity (9.4)9.4
009Kenka ha gû de yarubeshi (7.5)7.5Outrageous Cities Are Full of Gathering Places for Yahoo Type Guys (9.3)9.3Unsetting Moon (9.4)9.4Guys with Big Nostrils also Have Big Imaginations/You Never Accept a New Sentai Series at the Start, But by the Final Episode, You Don't Want It to End (8.5)8.5The Lost Rabbit (9.3)9.3Wash Your Hands Before Handshakes (8.5)8.5Bragging About Your Own Heroic Deeds Will Make People Hate You, so Make Others Do It For You (9.3)9.3Sign (9.2)9.2
010Tsukareta toki ha suppai mono wo (7.6)7.6Ghosts Aren't the Only Ones Who Go Crazy in Graveyards (9.8)9.8Sound of a Beam Can Pierce Every Heart (8.9)8.99 + 1 = Yagyu Jyubei (9.3)9.3Siblings (9.4)9.4Diamonds Cannot be Scratched (8.6)8.6Jump and Power Creep Go Hand-in-Hand (9.5)9.5Specter (9.2)9.2
011Becha becha shita dango nante nâ dango ja nê baka yarô (7.3)7.3Chains of Chivalry (9.4)9.4Two Brothers (9.4)9.4Calories Come Back to Bite You Just When You've Forgotten About Them (9.3)9.3First Student (9.4)9.4The Mettle Of An Idol (8.5)8.5Peace and Destruction Are Two Sides of the Same Coin (9.5)9.5Two in Girl Years is Equal to Ten in Man Years (9.3)9.3
012Daiichi inshô ga ii yatsu ni roku na yatsu ha inai (7.6)7.6Iron Town (9.4)9.4Liquor and Gasoline, Smiles and Tears (9)9.010-1= (9.1)9.1Hope (9.3)9.3The Difference Between Godly Games and Shitty Games is Paper Thin/Glasses are Part of the Heart (8.7)8.7Bushido Is Found One Second Before Death (9.5)9.5Salvation (9.4)9.4
013Kosupure suru nara kokoro made kazare (7.7)7.7'Tis an Honor! (9.5)9.5Dog Food Doesn't Have as Much Flavor as You'd Think (9.1)9.1All Mothers Pack Too Much Food Into a Lunch Box and Ruin the Shape (8.8)8.8Guardian Spirits Are Also a Part of the Soul (8.7)8.7Dun Dun (9.3)9.3
014Otoko ni ha kaeru ni furete ichi nin mae mitai na wake no wakaranai rûru ga aru/Waki dake aratto kya ii n da yo waki dake (7.7)7.7Odds or Even (9.1)9.1The Reaper by Day and the Reaper by Night (9.3)9.3There Are Lines Even Villains Can't Cross (9.1)9.1
015Kainushi to petto ha niru (8)8.0I Can't Remember a Damn Thing About the Factory Tour (9)9.0Human or Demon? (9.3)9.3
016Kangaetara jinsei tte ossan ni natte kara no hô ga nagai n ja nêka! Kowa!! (8.1)8.1What Happens Twice Can Happen Thrice (9.2)9.2Farewell, Reaper (9.4)9.4
017Oyako tte no ha iya na toko bakari niru mon da (8.3)8.3The Claws of a Crab Can Snip Through a Friendship (8.6)8.6A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes Over and Over (9.1)9.1
018Aa yappari wagaya ga ichi ban da wa (8.2)8.2People Forget to Return Stuff All the Time Without Even Realizing It (8.4)8.4Amen (9.2)9.2
019Umi no mizu ga neze shoppai ka da to? Omê ra tokaijin ga oyoginagara yô tashiteru kara darô gâ!! (8.1)8.1The Bathhouse, Where You're Naked in Body and Soul (9.2)9.2Being a Leader Is Tough (9.3)9.3
020Beruto konbea ni ha ki wo tsukero (7.8)7.8Jugem (8.5)8.5Love Is a Roach Motel (9)9.0
021Senpûki tsukeppanashi de nechau to onaka kowashichau kara ki wo tsukete (8)8.0The Name Reveals the Person (7.8)7.8A Sizzle Summer/A Nothing Summer, 2015 (8.8)8.8
022Kekkon to ha kanchigai wo isshô gaishi tsuzukeru koto da (8.3)8.3The Man's Household Situation Is Hard, His Heart Is Soft (8.6)8.6He's the Sweet Tooth, and I'm the Mayo Guy (9.2)9.2
023Komatta toki ha warattoke warattoke (7.8)7.8Blue and Red Ecstasy (8.2)8.2I'm a Failure as a Leader and He's also a Failure as a Leader (9.1)9.1
024Kawaii kao ni ha kanarazu nani ka ga kakureteru (7.8)7.8So in the Second Season of Prison Break, They're Already Broken Out of Prison, But the Name Works Once You Realize That Society Is a Prison (9.1)9.1I'm Odd Jobs, and He's Shinsengumi (9.2)9.2
025Nabe ha jinsei no shukuzu de aru (8.8)8.8Everybody Loves Pajamas (8.9)8.9Always Leave Enough Room for Fifty Million in Your Bag (9.2)9.2
026Kazukashi garazu ni te wo agete ie (7.8)7.8Speaking of Crossovers, Don't Forget About Alien vs. Predator (8.2)8.2Always Leave Enough Room for Pebbles in Your Bag (9)9.0
027Katana ja kirenai mono ga arau (8.1)8.1Love Is Neither Plus Nor Minus (9)9.0Style Goes Out of Fashion the Moment It's Put Into Words/There Are Two Types of People in This World: Those Who Yell Out Their Attack Names, and Those Who Don't (9)9.0
028Ii koto ha renzoku shite okoranai kuse ni warui koto ha renzoku shite okoru mon da (8.3)8.3Making It Through Love (9)9.0The Two Apes (9)9.0
029Awateru na! Kûringu ofu to iu mono ga aru/Terebi toka shinbun toka chan to minai to dame datte (8.1)8.1It Would Take Too Much Effort to Make This Title Sound Like a Text Message Subject (8.6)8.6Afros of Life and Death (9.4)9.4
030Aidoru datte hobo omaera to onaji koto yatten da yo (7.8)7.8When You Go to a Funeral for the First Time, You're Surprised by How Happy the People Are (9.2)9.2Afuro and Wolfro (9.5)9.5
031Dô demo ii koto ni kagitte naka naka wasurenai (8.5)8.5The People You Tend to Forget Tend to Show Up After You Forget About Them (9)9.0Take the Initial Premise Lightly, and It'll Cost You (9.4)9.4
032Jinsei ha beruto konbea no yô ni nagareru (8.5)8.5Space Ururun Homestay (8.9)8.9Keep Your Farewells Short (9.4)9.4
033Hito no namae toka machigaeruno hitsurei da (8.2)8.2Piggy Banks and Trash Cans (8.9)8.9One Editor Is Enough/The G-Pen Is Capricious, and the Maru Pen Is Stubborn (8.7)8.7
034Koi ni manyuaru nante iranai (8.6)8.6Empty Planet (8.6)8.6Strike When the Sword and Overlord Are Hot/Oil Rain (9.2)9.2
035Gaiken dake de hito wo handan shicha dame (8.1)8.1Don't Say Good-bye, Lionel (8.6)8.6Shoguns of Light and Shadow (9.5)9.5
036Sune ni kizu ga aru yatsu hodo yoku shaberu (7.8)7.8Please Take Me Skiing (9.3)9.3Ninja Village (9.5)9.5
037Santa nante inênda yo tte ii haru yatsu koso honto ha iru tte shinjitainda yo (8)8.0A Vacation in Disorientation (9.1)9.1Ninja Soul (9.4)9.4
038Yuki de hashagu no ha kodomo dake/Fuyu ni taberu aisu mo naka naka otsu na mon da (8.6)8.6You Know Those Year-end Parties Where You Keep Drinking Until You've Forgotten Everything That Happened the Past Year? There Are a Few Things You're Not Supposed to Forget (9.3)9.3And Then There Were Five (9.5)9.5
039Menyû no ôi râmen ya ha tai tei hayatte nai (8.2)8.2People Can Only Live by Forgetting the Bad (9.3)9.3Those Who Protect Against All Odds (9.8)9.8
040Ko zukuri ha keikaku teki ni (8.3)8.3We Are All Hosts, in Capital Letters (9.1)9.1Sworn Enemy (9.8)9.8
041Taitoru dake ja eiga no omoshirosa ha wakannai (8.5)8.5Girls Love Vegeta, Guys Like Piccolo (9.1)9.1The Crows Caw After the Battle Ends (9.5)9.5
042Mimizu ni oshikko kakeru to hareru yo (8.8)8.8Draw Your Life on the Canvas We Call Manga (8.6)8.6Farewell, Buddy (9.7)9.7
043Kyarakutâ ha shiruetto dake de dokusha ni miwake ga tsuku yô ni kaki wakeyô (8.3)8.3Check It Out! (8.9)8.9The Day the Demon Cried (9.3)9.3
044Okâ san datte isogashii n dakara yûhan no menyû ni monku tsukeru no tomenasai (8.4)8.4Thornies and Rosies (9)9.0Heroes Always Arrive Fashionably Late (9.2)9.2
045Aiken no sanpo ha tekido na supîdo de (8.3)8.3Festival of Thornies (9.5)9.5Lost and Found (9)9.0
046Chome chome asobi ha ni ju ssai ni natte kara (8)8.0Letter from Thorny (9.3)9.3Prison Break (9.1)9.1
047Sakuranbo tte are sakura no ki ni naru no? (8.4)8.4Madaodog Madaonaire (9.4)9.4Stray Dogs (9.1)9.1
048Niteru futari ha kenka suru (8.5)8.5Presents Are Meant to Be Given Early (9)9.0Undelivered Mail (9.7)9.7
049Gyanburu no nai jinsei nante wasabi nuki no sushi mitê na mon da (7.7)7.7New Year's Envelopes Are Perfect for Dirty Jokes (8.7)8.7Karma (9.8)9.8
050Mitei ha mitei de atte kettei de ha nai (8.7)8.7When Sleeping Under a Kotatsu, Make Sure You Don't Burn Your Balls (8.9)8.9Nobume (9.6)9.6
051Miruku ha hitohada no ondo de (8.5)8.5We're Sorry (8.8)8.8Farewell Shinsengumi (9.5)9.5
052Hito ni au toki ha mazu apo wo (8.4)8.4
053Stress Makes You Bald, But It's Stressful to Avoid Stress, So You End Up Stressed Out Anyway, So in the End There's Nothing You Can Do (8.3)8.3
054Doko no kâ chan mo daitai onaji (8.2)8.2
055Mono wo taberu toki, kucha kucha oto wo tatenai (8.3)8.3
056Ichinichi kyokuchô ni ki wo tsukerotten maiyâ san (8.2)8.2
057Nakushita mono wo sagasu toki ha sono hi no kôdô wo sakanobore (8)8.0
058Baiten de ha yappa korokkepan ga ichiban ninki (8.8)8.8
059Kasa no oki wasure ni chûi (8.7)8.7
060The Sun Will Rise Again (9.1)9.1
061On a Moonless Night, Insects Are Drawn to the Light (9.2)9.2
062Even Mummy Hunters Sometimes Turn Into Mummys (8.6)8.6
063The Preview Section in JUMP Is Always Unreliable (8.5)8.5
064Eating Nmaibo Can Make You Full in No Time! (8.7)8.7
065Rhinoceros Beetles Teach Boys That Life Is Precious (8.5)8.5
066Dango Over Flowers (8)8.0
067For the Wind Is the Life/The Ideal Girlfriend Is Always Minami (8.3)8.3
068Like a Haunted House, Life Is Filled with Horrors (8)8.0
069Please Help by Separating Your Trash (8.6)8.6
070Too Many Cuties Can Make You Sick (8.4)8.4
071Some Data Cannot Be Erased (9)9.0
072A Dog's Paws Smell Fragrant/Drive with a "Might" Attitude (8.4)8.4
073Think for a Minute Now, Do Matsutake Mushrooms Really Taste All That Good? (8.3)8.3
074The Manga Writer Becomes a Pro, After Doing a Stock of Manuscripts (8.6)8.6
075Don't Complain About Your Job at Home, Do It Somewhere Else (7.5)7.5
076In Those Situations, Keep Quiet and Cook Red Rice with Beans (8.6)8.6
077Yesterday's Enemy, After All Is Said and Done, Is Still the Enemy (9.1)9.1
078People Who Are Picky About Food Are Picky About People, Too (9)9.0
079Four Heads Are Better Than One (9)9.0
080When Someone Who Wears Glasses Takes Them Off, It Looks Like Something's Missing (9.2)9.2
081A Woman's Best Make Up Is Her Smile (8.8)8.8
082You Don't Stand in Line for the Ramen, You Stand in Line for the Self Satisfaction/You Say Kawaii So Often, You Must Really Think You're Cute Stuff (7.9)7.9
083Rank Has Nothing to Do with Luck (8.9)8.9
084Hard-Boiled Egg on a Man's Heart (7)7.0
085Hard-Boiled Eggs Don't Crack (8.3)8.3
086It's Often Difficult to Sleep When You're Engrossed with Counting Sheep (8.9)8.9
087Perform a German Suplex on a Woman Who Asks If She or The Job Is More Important (9.2)9.2
088The Most Exciting Part of a Group Date Is Before It Starts (8.5)8.5
089What Happens Twice, Happens Thrice (8.3)8.3
090The More Delicious the Food, the Nastier It Is When It Goes Bad (8.5)8.5
091If You Want to Lose Weight, Then Stop Eating and Start Moving (8.3)8.3
092Be a Person Who Can See People's Strong Points and Not Their Weak Points (8.4)8.4
093Even a Hero Has Issues (7.7)7.7
094When Riding a Train, Make Sure You Grab the Straps with Both Hands (8.6)8.6
095Men, Be a Madao (8.7)8.7
096If You're a Man, Don't Give Up (8.3)8.3
097Hanaya toka keeki ya no musume ni otoko wa yowai/Mukashi no buyuuden ha sanwarimashi de hanase (8.3)8.3
098Play Video Games for Only an Hour a Day (8.8)8.8
099Life and Video Games Are Full of Bugs (8.7)8.7
100The More Something Is Disliked, the More Lovely It Is (8.4)8.4
101Rules Are Made to Be Broken (8.6)8.6
102Otaku Are Talkative (9)9.0
103There's a Thin Line Between Strengths and Weaknesses (9.1)9.1
104Important Things Are Hard to See (9.1)9.1
105It's All About the Beat and Timing (8.8)8.8
106Love Is Often Played Out in Sudden Death (8.1)8.1
107Kids Don't Understand How Their Parents Feel (8.5)8.5
108Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (8.7)8.7
109Life Is a Test (8.8)8.8
110People Are All Escapees of Their Own Inner Prisons (9)9.0
111Definitely Do Not Let Your Girlfriend See the Things You Use for Cross-Dressing/There's Almost a 100% Chance You'll Forget Your Umbrella and Hate Yourself for It (8.6)8.6
112Birthdays in Your Twenties Don't Have Any Deep Meanings/Lucky Is a Man Who Gets Up and Goes to Work (8.8)8.8
113Cleaning the Toilet Cleanses the Soul (8.8)8.8
114They Say Soy Sauce on Pudding Tastes Like Sea Urchin, But Soy Sauce on Pudding Only Tastes Like Pudding and Soy Sauce (8.8)8.8
115Summer Vacation Is the Most Fun Right Before It Begins (9.1)9.1
116The Older, the Wiser (8.6)8.6
117Beauty Is Like a Summer Fruit (8.8)8.8
118Even If Your Back Is Bent, Go Straight Forward (8.6)8.6
119Within Each Box of Cigarettes, Are One or Two Cigarettes That Smell Like Horse Dung (9.1)9.1
120Japanese Restaurants Abroad Taste Pretty Much Like School Cafeteria Lunches/Once You've Taken a Dish, You Can't Put It Back (8.7)8.7
121Novices Only Need a Flathead and a Phillips (8.9)8.9
122Imagination Is Nurtured in the 8th Grade (8.7)8.7
123Always Keep a Screwdriver in Your Heart (8.7)8.7
124When Nagging Goes Too Far It Becomes Intimidating (7.6)7.6
125Entering the Final Chapter!/Even If You Aren't Drunk, Pretend You Are and Steal Your Boss's Toupee (8.4)8.4
126Some Things Can Only Be Conveyed Through the Written Word (8.5)8.5
127Sometimes You Must Meet to Understand (9.1)9.1
128Sometimes You Can't Tell Just by Meeting Someone (9)9.0
129Beware of Food You Pick Up Off the Ground (8.3)8.3
130Cat Lovers and Dog Lovers Are Mutually Exclusive (8.2)8.2
131Fights Often Ensue During Trips (9.1)9.1
132Briefs Will Unavoidably Get Skidmarks (8.9)8.9
133Gin and His Excellency's Good-For-Nothing (9)9.0
134Be Very Careful When Using Ghost Stories (8.7)8.7
135Before Worrying About the Earth, Think About the Even More Endangered Future of 'Gintaman' (8)8.0
136It's Your House, You Build It (7.8)7.8
13799% of Men Are Not Confident in Confessing Their Love/People Who Don't Believe in Santa Are the Very Ones Who Want to Believe, You Contentious Bastard (7.8)7.8
138Let's Talk About the Old Days Once in a While (8)8.0
139Don't Put Your Wallet in Your Back Pocket (9)9.0
140Beware of Those Who Use an Umbrella on a Sunny Day! (9.3)9.3
141Butting Into a Fight Is Dangerous (9.3)9.3
142Life Is a Series of Choices (9.6)9.6
143Those Who Stand on Four Legs Are Beasts. Those Who Stand on Two Legs, Guts, and Glory Are Men (9.4)9.4
144Don't Trust Bedtime Stories (9.3)9.3
145The Color for Each Person's Bond Comes in Various Colors (9.2)9.2
146The Taste of Drinking Under Broad Daylight Is Something Special (9)9.0
147All Adults Are Instructors for All Children (8.2)8.2
148Zip Up Your Fly Nice and Slowly (8.8)8.8
149When Breaking a Chuubert in Half, the End with the Knob Should Be Better. It's also Tasty to Drink from There (8.3)8.3
150If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them (8.3)8.3
151A Conversation with a Barber, During a Haircut, Is the Most Pointless Thing in the World (8.9)8.9
152The Heavens Created Chonmage Above Man Instead of Another Man (8.9)8.9
153Sleep Helps a Child Grow (9.1)9.1
154That Person Looks Different from Usual During a Birthday Party (8.9)8.9
155The Other Side of the Other Side of the Other Side Would Be the Other Side (8.1)8.1
156It Takes a Bit of Courage to Enter a Street Vendor's Stand (8.6)8.6
157Any Place with a Bunch of Men Gathered Around Will Turn Into a Battlefield (8)8.0
158If a Friend Gets Injured, Take Him to the Hospital, Stat! (8.3)8.3
159If One Orange in the Box Is Rotten, the Rest of Them Will Become Rotten Before You Realize It (8.5)8.5
160From a Foreigner's Perspective, You're the Foreigner. From an Alien's Perspective, You're the Alien (8.7)8.7
161Laputa's Still Good After Seeing It So Many Times (8.6)8.6
162Love Is Unconditional (8.5)8.5
163The Black Ships Even Make a Scene When They Sink (8.4)8.4
164That Matsutake Soup Stuff Tastes Better Than the Real Deal/If a Person Is Dead They Can't Come Back to Life (7.6)7.6
165If It Works Once, It'll Work Over and Over Again (8.5)8.5
166Two Is Better Than One. Two People Are Better Than One (8.6)8.6
167Smooth Polygons Smooth Men's Hearts Too (8.6)8.6
168The Human Body Is Like a Little Universe (8.9)8.9
169The Chosen Idiots (8.8)8.8
170And Into the Legend... (8.8)8.8
171If You Keep Copying They Will Retaliate/A Loss Opens Your Eyes Tothe Love You Have (8.1)8.1
172Using the Carrot and the Stick Method Depends on the Situation (8.1)8.1
173Daiji nano wa mitame de wa naku nakami/Mitame yori nakami to itte mo gendo ga aru (8.6)8.6
174Are There Still People Who Go to the Ocean and Yell Out 'Bakayaro'?/When a Person Is Trapped, Their Inner Door Opens (8.1)8.1
175People of All Ages Hate the Dentist! (8.6)8.6
176Countdown Begins (7.8)7.8
177It's Bad Luck to See a Spider at Night (9.1)9.1
178Once You're Entangled in a Spiderweb, It's Hard to Get It Off (9.2)9.2
179It's the Irresponsible One Who's Scary When Pissed (9.2)9.2
180The More Precious the Burden, the Heavier and More Difficult It Is to Shoulder It (9.2)9.2
181Watch Out for a Set of Women and a Drink (9.2)9.2
182Screw Popularity Polls (9)9.0
183Popularity Polls Can Burn in Hell (9.1)9.1
184Popularity Polls Can... (9.1)9.1
185Hometowns and Boobs Are Best Thought from Afar/The Whole Peeing on a Bee Sting Is a Myth. You'll Get Germs, So Don't Do It!! (8.4)8.4
186Beware of Foreshadows (8.5)8.5
187It's Goodbye Once a Flag Is Set (9)9.0
188An Observation Journal Should Be Seen Through to the Very End (9.3)9.3
189It's Better to Take Care of This Year's Business Within the Year, But Once the Year Is About to End, You Figure That You Might as Well Put It Off Till Next Year for a Fresh Start. That's How the End of the Year Goes (9.2)9.2
190When Looking for Something, Try Using Its Perspective (9.2)9.2
191Freedom Means to Live True to Yourself, Not Without Law! (8.8)8.8
192Kabukicho Stray Cat Blues (9.1)9.1
193Cooking Is About Guts (7.9)7.9
194Whenever I Hear Leviathan, I Think of Sazae-san. Stupid Me!! (8)8.0
195Not Losing to the Rain (8.5)8.5
196Not Losing to the Wind (8.8)8.8
197Not Losing to the Storm (9.2)9.2
198Never Losing That Smile (9)9.0
199That's How I Wish to Be, Beautiful and Strong (9)9.0
200Santa Claus Red Is Blood Red (8.5)8.5
201Everybody's a Santa (8.8)8.8


Watch Time

Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S02E010Ghosts Aren't the Only Ones Who Go Crazy in Graveyards9.8214
1S04E040Sworn Enemy9.8180
1S01E002Temêrâ!! Sore de mo gintama tsuiten no kâ! Kôhen7.0146
1S01E006Ichido shita yakusoku ha shinde mo mamore7.0112
1S01E084Hard-Boiled Egg on a Man's Heart7.073
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