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Growing Up Creepie (2006 - )

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Show RatingShow Title
01The Tell-Tale Poem/Creepie Meets Tarantula Boy (9.1)9.1
02The Scared Twitch Project/Frogenstein (9.6)9.6
03Bug It On/The Case of the Mysterious Moth (9.6)9.6
04Attack of the Wasp Zombies/Legend of the Locker (9.6)9.6
05Bite Nite/Night of Fright (9.6)9.6
06Roaché Motel/Little Greenhouse of Horrors (9.6)9.6
07Field of Screams/Mom Under Glass (9.6)9.6
08Goth to Have Better Friends/Wax Attacks (9.5)9.5
09Headless Roach Man/Invasion of the Locusts (9.6)9.6
10Creepie's Living Doll/Operation Monarch Liberation (9.6)9.6
11Bait and Switch/Shutterbug (9.6)9.6
12Bad Karma Chameleon/Home Is Where the Haunt Is (9.6)9.6
13Creepie Friday/The Final Curtain (9.6)9.6
14Creepie and the Candy Factory/Ice Bug Cometh (9.6)9.6
15Are You Afraid of the Moths/Revenge of the Water Bug (9.6)9.6
16Nightmare on Locust Lane/The Mummy's Curse (9.6)9.6
17Children of the Pumpkin Patch/Night of a Thousand Legs (9.6)9.6
18Lice Lice Baby/Scorpiophobia (9.6)9.6
19On Thin Ice/Toxic Mutant Millipede (9.6)9.6
20I Was a Teenage Wolf Bug/Outta Sight Space Bowl Night (9.6)9.6
21Rockabye Freakie/Creep of the Deep (9.6)9.6
22Going for Brogue/Yellow Jacket Racket (9.6)9.6
23The Return of Tarantula Boy/All the President's Pests (9.6)9.6
24Creep of the Crop/Creepy Cousin (9.6)9.6
25Creepie Crawling/Fashion Victim (9.6)9.6
26Wanna Bee/The Haunting of Tiki Lagoon (9.6)9.6


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S01E26Wanna Bee/The Haunting of Tiki Lagoon9.622
1S01E15Are You Afraid of the Moths/Revenge of the Water Bug9.622
1S01E03Bug It On/The Case of the Mysterious Moth9.622
1S01E21Rockabye Freakie/Creep of the Deep9.623
1S01E08Goth to Have Better Friends/Wax Attacks9.524
1S01E01The Tell-Tale Poem/Creepie Meets Tarantula Boy9.125
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