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Hardcore Pawn (2009 - 2015)

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01Pilot: Robo Bites (6.6)6.6Crazy Cash (4.8)4.8Hot Rods, Raging Tempers (5.5)5.5Life After Death (4.6)4.6Aftermath (4.9)4.9Rich Returns? (6.2)6.2Frisky Business (5.7)5.7Seth's Return (4.8)4.8Million Dollar Resolve (6.2)6.2
02Pilot: Ashley's Back (6.7)6.7The Big Bet (5.2)5.2Whack Job (5.1)5.1Return of the Queen? (5)5.0Final Decision (4.7)4.7The Shocker (4.6)4.6Short Staffed (5.7)5.7Fishing for Trouble (5.4)5.4High Roller (6.8)6.8
03Dangerous Cash (6)6.0Storm's a-Brewin' (4.9)4.9Acid Test (4.6)4.6Fire Bomb! (4.2)4.2Stolen Gold? (5.3)5.3Million Dollar Story (5)5.0Monster Deals (5.2)5.2Scent of Deception (4.3)4.3The Drag Race (5.8)5.8
04Booze & Guns (6.2)6.2Desperate Pawn (5.4)5.4Gold War (4.6)4.6Les Walks Out (4.6)4.6Banned for Life (5.2)5.2Amy Got Back (4.7)4.7Tipped Off (5.4)5.4Growing Pains (5.2)5.2Lights, Camera, Drama! (6.3)6.3
05Bulletproof Gator (4.8)4.8Skulls & Scoundrels (4.7)4.7Family Feud (4.9)4.9Les' Loses It (4.3)4.3Rematch: Ashley vs. Tressa (5.2)5.2Tripped Out Cash (4.8)4.8Redeem Girl Rumble (5.6)5.6Daddy Daughter Dance (4.5)4.5Karen's Big Idea (5.8)5.8
06Trouble Inside (4.8)4.8The Gambler (5)5.0Bad Blood (4.5)4.5Blood Lines (4.5)4.5More Money. More Problems. (4.8)4.8Motor Mouth (4.9)4.9Busted (5.6)5.6Drama Online, Part 1 (4.7)4.7The Estate Sale (5.9)5.9
07Moving Targets (4.8)4.8Fool's Gold (4.5)4.5Les' Revenge (5)5.0Turf Wars (4.7)4.7Les Hunts a Thief (5.5)5.5Cold-Blooded Robbery (4.8)4.8Watch Your Back (6.1)6.1Drama Online, Part 2 (4.4)4.4Professor Les (6.5)6.5
08Father vs. Son (4.7)4.7Cash Kings (4.8)4.8Gold Hustle (4.6)4.6All in the Family (4.2)4.2Full Metal Panic (4.8)4.8Les' Spending Spree (4.8)4.8American Jewelry & Zoo (5.9)5.9Seth's Soft Side (5.1)5.1War on the Floor (5.1)5.1
09Les' Big Gamble (5.3)5.3Sibling War (5.1)5.1Ashley vs. Rich (4.8)4.8Dirty Tape (4.6)4.6Burmese or Busted? (4.8)4.8Les Sells Out (5.5)5.5Seth's Gamble, Part 1 (5.4)5.4Secret Shopper (6.7)6.7
10Gold at Gunpoint (4.8)4.8Les' Way or the Highway (5.2)5.2New Hire. Now Fire! (4.8)4.8Only in Detroit (4.6)4.6Lawyer Up Son (4.7)4.7You Bet Your Butt (5.2)5.2Seth's Gamble, Part 2 (5.1)5.1Cousin vs. Cousin (6.4)6.4
11Sucker Punch (4.8)4.8Seth vs. Rich (5)5.0Blackout! (4.7)4.7Seth's Big Bet (5.4)5.4Homefront Heat (4.8)4.8Guards Go Home (5.8)5.8Seth's Big Mistake (6.5)6.5
12Melted Gold (4.7)4.7Drop the Bomb (4.6)4.6Gold Battle Begins (4.1)4.1Oh No He Didn't (4.8)4.8Strike Out (4.9)4.9Busted Deal (5.6)5.6Three Ring Circus Part 1 (5.5)5.5
13I Quit! (5)5.0Total Meltdown (4.7)4.7Gold Day in Hell (4.7)4.7Oh Yes He Did (4.8)4.8Les Goes Down (5.2)5.2New Blood (5.6)5.6Three Ring Circus Part 2 (6.4)6.4
14Face Off (4.9)4.9Family Matters (4.7)4.7Bad Trouble Here (5.6)5.6Meet the New Girl (5.5)5.5
15Last Man Standing (5.2)5.2Pay to Play (4.7)4.7The Trouble with Michael (5.5)5.5Fan Favorites (4.9)4.9
16Family Traitor! (4.6)4.6Shell Game (4.9)4.9Seth in Charge (5.8)5.8Cousin Competition (6.1)6.1
17Millionaire Mayhem (4.9)4.9Gold Meltdown (4.9)4.9Back in Action (4.7)4.7Gold vs. Gold (5.2)5.2
18Urban Hillbilly (4.9)4.9Vintage Victory (4.9)4.9Back to the Hustle (5)5.0Karen vs. Ashley (5.9)5.9
19Poachers! (5.1)5.1Ashley's Bad Day (4.6)4.6Seth Snaps (4.8)4.8Buy Baby Buy (5.5)5.5
20Ashley's Breakdown (5.2)5.2Motor City Dream Cruise (5.3)5.3Computer Crash (5.4)5.4Shakedown! (6.1)6.1
21Ashley's Aftermath (4.8)4.8Unforgiven (5.3)5.3All-American Jewelry and Loan (5.8)5.8Along Came a Spider (6.1)6.1
22Devil in Detroit (4.8)4.8Junkyard Intervention (5.3)5.3Breakdown at Tiffany's (5.9)5.9Inside Job (6.7)6.7
23Cash Money Moron (4.7)4.7Watch Out (5.4)5.4Gold Crash (5.1)5.1The Hot Rod (5.8)5.8
24You're Fired. I Quit! (4.8)4.8Les' Mojo (4.9)4.9Harold's Gamble (5.2)5.2Ashley in Charge (6.2)6.2
25Kill Em All (5.2)5.2To Catch a Thief, Part 1 (5.6)5.6The Outsider (5.2)5.2Karen in the Middle (5.3)5.3
26Rich vs. Les (5.6)5.6To Catch a Thief, Part 2 (5.8)5.8Seth's Secret (5.3)5.3Million Dollar Deal, Part 1 (6.5)6.5
27Million Dollar Deal, Part 2 (6.9)6.9


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Rank Ep Episode Name Rating Votes
1S08E27Million Dollar Deal, Part 26.918
1S09E02High Roller6.813
1S09E09Secret Shopper6.711
1S04E08All in the Family4.215
1S04E03Fire Bomb!4.217
1S05E12Gold Battle Begins4.115
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